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Media Political Establishment take one on the chin By Gavin H Kanowitz If the Trump Election win has taught us anything it is a realization that the dynamic of news flow will require an immediate rethink in the collective analysis. Mainstream news houses may or may not be moving towards oblivion but the paradigm of information delivery through the internet has changed with such rapidity that the ability to discern the inane from the substantial is all the more critical. Little guys using sniper fire can take down behemoths. Populism can spread ideas across unlikely domains cementing them in backwaters where they can both grow and spread even further. On the surface there is an apparent unhealthy taste of anti-intellectualism in the air with many fearing that the mega hordes of the unwashed have finally stormed the great citadels to take root in a terrain that was once reserved for a few. In Election 2016, Breitbart punched above its weight on the Right as did Vox on the left. CNN stumbled time and time again as did FOX with each struggling to make sense of a playing field that had deviated radically from the mainstays of yesteryear taking with it many a reliable assumption. Mcluhan's 'Media is the Message' is more poignant now then it has been in some time. The parallelism of the unconventional media taking the spotlight reflected the emergence of an enthusiastic populace driven to the fore by the outsider campaigns of both Messrs. Trump and Sanders. While the former succeeded it is not too far a stretch of thought to think that the latter could have as well. However, while 2016 may have signaled a systemic revolt against the elites from both sides of the political spectrum viz. the media and electoral fronts, there is at play a greater factor – Market Demand. Trump was one response to the need for fresh ideas from a party establishment duality that had been deaf to earlier requests. The media revolution in favor of the internet's mini-men was the will to power of the market acting against an old order that had failed as an instrument of even-handedness. This does not mean that the change is for the better (only time will tell) but markets aren’t there to serve an ideal but rather to act as a conduit to meet the demands of that which is lacking. Like it or hate it. This is the overall message of 2016. It is time to realize that a 'workable' equilibrium is nothing more than an illusion if it fails to meet a growth swell of alienation that can in even in a democracy find multiple vectors of action through the market. Such intensive recourse will cut through many a pillar altering the makeup of cherished institutions and incumbent orders. Nothing is sacred.

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