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How White Elite Betrays Black America

by Lewis Loflin

The causes of the present day black culture of violence and their innate tendencies towards self-destructive behavior has several sources. As a white person I'll say it's because of the policies of the white elite makes the situation worse than it should be.

Those policies in reality hurt most Americans, just blacks more so than others. As long as the elite can make this a race issue, they can deflect the discussion away from our racial spoils system, change in family structure, and labor destructive economic policies.

Our racial spoils system deflects blame away from real issues by inciting minority racial hatred towards the majority of whites that are powerless on these issues as they are. Then it sets up a system of quotas and rewards to buy off the votes of minority voter blocks they later ignore.

This white elite comprises perhaps 15 percent of the white population and is at total odds with the other 85 percent of whites. They are the leaders of education, academia, government, and business. They are often secular (atheist, agnostic, Humanist) whose income derives largely from advanced degrees and investment. They are overwhelmingly liberal Protestant and Jewish. In many ways they are racist and intolerant even of other whites they often hold in contempt.

Their policies have led to the destruction of the black family that's the primary cause of the self-destructive black (and most minority and lower-class white as well) behavior. There's simply no doubt the dysfunction of any community regardless of race is due to single parent homes. With a functioning family headed by a firm-handed father, this would provide the structure and discipline any child needs.

According to almost 73 percent of black children and 53 percent of Hispanic children are born to or raised in single parent homes. The 29 percent of white single parent homes are loaded towards the white lower class. This is the main factor for crime and further economic failure along with a job poor economy.

Intact homes for low-income families of any race are far more vital than for affluent families. Poor people of any color can't financially or otherwise survive irresponsible behavior the affluent can simply buy their way out of. In addition, single parent homes (the result of misbehavior and stupid decisions), for the most part are economically non-viable even with large government subsidies for child care and Medicaid.

Liberal-left policy has sought to undermine tradition and religious faith at every opportunity. Destroying the very values of God, community and family that in particular for blacks (and poor whites) was their key to surviving adversity leaves them helpless position. Private charity simple can't handle the numbers of dysfunctional people we have today. This leaves a bloated welfare state as the main alternative, a state whose power is in few hands.

Under full scale assault in the education system, popular culture, and the media, the stoic black culture once longing for liberty would be replaced by a culture of sloth, victimization, and, sexual promiscuity/perversion peddled by white Leftists. Self-reliance and personal responsibility detracts from Leftist' control and power over others they often see as inferior and needing their guidance and control.

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Economic Isolation and Marginalization

The black community, it's foundations replaced by Leftism, now falls prey to economic dislocation once again. Government economic policies and structural changes over the last 40 years have destroyed any hope of gainful employment for those without advanced degrees or political connections. This comes from two general economic trends:

1. Automation is normal and is driven by technological advancements that impact the whole population equally for good or bad. But the biggest impact had been on blue-collar workers in manufacturing which provided a middle-class income to most Americans.

During this decline blacks were hit first and hardest. The loss of these kinds of jobs makes single parent homes even more non-viable than before. Blacks had made inroads into real jobs during and after 1940, only to see it slip away.

Technology has also enabled business to outsource millions of white collar jobs to third world slums and rural backwaters across America further displacing millions of workers and driving down pay scales. While displacing and destroying jobs of mainly white workers, it has cut off most blacks from ever getting the jobs to begin with.

2. Mass displacement of workers through mass third-world immigration. What manufacturing that couldn't be automated or sent overseas (along with many "service" jobs), business simply fired and replaced their workforce with legal/illegal immigrants.

History has simply repeated itself much to the pain of black Americans. Entire industries once dominated by blacks now lock them out. A good example is meat packing that once paid decent wages and employed many black workers are now dominated by Hispanics (many illegal) at lower pay.

After the outlawing of slavery with the blood of 600,000 whites in the Civil War, blacks found the shackles of slavery removed only to be replaced with the shackles of economic isolation due to mass immigration.

Instead of blacks getting jobs in the booming manufacturing and other industries in the coming decades, the millions of new jobs went to immigrants pouring in from Europe. This deluge continued until about the 1920s.

The rise of unions, mostly the creations of Marxist and leftist types, banned blacks in most cases from joining. With mass immigration cut off, business now used the threat of poor blacks replacing poor whites as a potent formula to intimidate their white workers and slow union growth. (I always thought poor whites fighting in the Confederate army as fools fighting for a system that stabbed them in the back as much as blacks.)

During this period the huge growth in vile groups such as the KKK was one outcome and it's membership peaked during this time. To quote, "At its peak in the mid-1920s, the organization claimed to include about 15% of the nation's eligible population, approximately 4-5 million men." (WIKI) What in reality was economic disparity now became racial hatred and blacks were the big losers.

Move ahead to the 1960s when once again (at least on paper) social and legal disadvantages ended, mass immigration marginalized them once again. In the 1960s the floodgates of immigration was opened once again and has swamped the country with millions of mostly low-skilled poor people whose presence keeps native born poor people poor.

A coalition of liberal Leftists and Wall Street Republicans while differing on motives, are united in their desire for open borders. Leftists see blacks as a captive voting block that can be ignored because they will never vote Republican anyway. They wish to build new special interest voting blocks to expand their political base and care nothing about the cost to others from their actions. They see third world immigration as key to this dream.

Since 1972 and due mainly to immigration, the US population has exploded 50 percent in 40 years while millions of jobs have been automated or shipped overseas. Latinos, which white Leftists are hoping to build into new captive voting blocks, have displaced blacks from entire industries and have driven pay scales through the floor for everyone. With millions more jobs rendered economically non-viable and Latino family breakdown over 50 percent, it seems they have succeeded.

As for the Wall Street Republicans, mass immigration means destroying labor and driving down pay and benefits. It's simply plain old greed. Leftists demanding "diversity" racism to divide people into warring special groups care noting about the economic devastation to blue-collar white union workers or blacks even though they are (in the case of blue collar whites were) part of the Democratic Party machine. These wealthy white Leftists only seek their own power and control.

The reality is the Leftist' elites and the Wall Street elites come from the same universities and attend the same social clubs. They bicker publicly over fringe social issues, but they agree on the real issues and fight each other for power catching the general public in the crossfire. Blacks are simply the biggest losers.

In addition mass immigration and this kind of population explosion has driven inflation through the roof. This has put tremendous inflationary pressure on infrastructure, medical and educational costs, and bloated government at all levels to handle it. Wall Street Republicans love government contracts, restrictive economic regulation, and government partnerships to benefit themselves while all the while publicly demanding "smaller government."

The dollar through planned inflation has lost about 85 percent of its value since 1972 while mass immigration, causing massive inflation, has been used to keep inflation in check by driving pay scales through the floor. In other words deliberate and panned wage suppression. The benefits of "growth" went to the elite, while the cost hit the poor, whom the Left wants to grow anyway in the hopes of gaining their votes by reducing them to dependency creating captive voting blocks. Most whites won't go along, minorities have little choice.

So this is my brief view of the complex issues that face Americans of all colors. Family breakdown and irresponsible behavior by the underclass combined with a corrupt economic system manipulated by the elites in both political parties seem to be the main causes. More silly scams at socialist' style 'redistribution' won't work either leading to further tyranny through government economic control and handouts that benefits those that control the government.

The real solution is to restore the family as the central unit of life and simple old-fashioned ethics and integrity. Working though ones family, church, and community must replace government bean counters looking out for their interests and not the general public.


Finally it's time to stop allowing the elite to derail the conversation off into divisive and phony race issues. We must end political correctness and address the problems as they really are.