Deist' Examination of Islam

by Lewis Loflin

Date: August 2016. Islam is at war with the world even if the West wants to deny this. Nonsense terms such as "radical" Islam are deceiving - Muslims in general have the same goal to spread Islam and impose Sharia Law - Sharia is what Islam is. One group works within society to undermine the system, while the other lashes out in open violence.

I'm not here to rehash the daily news, but to set the record straight on both Islam and Deism. Islam which means "submission" and is a "religion of peace" only when Kafirs (non-Muslims) convert to Islam and/or accept Sharia. Kafir doesn't mean just "non-believer" a benign term, but if Islam was a race (which it isn't), Kafir would be the religious equivalent of Nig**r.

Kafir is the Arabic word used in the Koran and Sharia for non-Muslims. That means Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, pagans, People of the Book (Christians, Jews), etc. are all Kafirs.

Many liberals try to pretend Sufism is Islam - that is false. See Sufism Deviated Muslim Path. Wahhabism and the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. doesn't accept Sufism as Islam and I agree it isn't Islam.

Deism is not this silly Watchmaker god of Voltaire that made the world and went away. This was concocted as a way to de-Christianize France during the French Revolution. Some were hoping that Islam would evolve into a benign form of Deism understood neither Deism or Islam. Turkey was the closest this dream came to and has now fallen to Muslim Brotherhood Islamic fundamentalism.

Trying to understand Islam as religious fundamentalism is deceptive according to Bernard Lewis. We make the mistake again of applying a European idea to something totally non-Western. All believing Muslims are fundamentalist, including those that reject modern civilization and blame that for their cultural and economic failures. They are acting out the general Muslim belief that a return to pure Islam will solve their collective problems.

Ref. Crisis of Islam by Bernard Lewis P134.

Of the three Abrahamic revealed religions only Islam has never had a reformation and I don't believe that is possible. Deism was a product of a Christian reformation with origins in the scientific revolution and liberal Christianity in particular in England under Unitarian influences. In particular the rejection of religious dogma, government separation from religion, and emphasis of freedom of conscience and Natural Law, and the application of reason and science. In other words rejection of Christian politics.

I'm coming at this from the view of classical Deism which posits the following:

1. belief in the existence of a single supreme (transcendent) God
2. humanity's duty to revere God
3. linkage of worship with practical morality
4. God will forgive us if we repent and abandon our sins
5. good works will be rewarded (and punishment for evil) both in life and after death.

Notice no politics. No reliance on holy books or the opinions of men claiming to represent God.

Now all three of the Abrahamic religions would agree with this and if that was their main emphasis we have no problems. When their human Prophets and their politics become the central focus we have big problems.

All three of the religions can be very dangerous, both internally and externally. Their followers all believe they are the chosen of God and their early victories are proof of it. Yet, when the real world moves in and they face defeat or more often major change, it leads to a reformation, violence, or often both.

Their adherents often blame someone else or internal traitors believing if they go back to a more "pure" uncorrupted religious system those blessings will return. This is how many Muslims view world today, which is why we have so much violence. Christianity and Judaism went through this in the past, Islam is now.

We will take a factual look at Islam in a way Kafirs can understand as an ideology. This is about Islam, not individual Muslims.

Islamic Trinity

The Islamic trinity consists of the Koran and the Sunna, composed of the Sira or Mohammed's biography, and the Hadiths, stories and sayings. There were many Hadiths the most common is Bukhari.

Islam is mostly ideology with a smattering of religion - 16% Allah, 84% Mohammed - Mohammed is politics.

64% of the Koran, 81% of the Sira, and 32% of the Hadiths with 60% overall concern the Kafir mainly as a target of abuse and conquest. Typical is Kafirs can be mocked (83:34), can be beheaded (47:4), plotted against (86:15), terrorized (8:12), because they are evil (23:97), disgraced (37:18), and cursed (33:60).

Kafirs must never be taken as friends (3:28) and certainly Muslims have nothing to do with their religion. But what about "People of the Book" Christians and Jews? Isn't that tolerance? No it isn't.

Jews are tolerated only if they believe Mohammed is the last Prophet and Christians only if they believe Jesus was a prophet and not divine or any Trinity. (Koran 9:29) True Muslims still can't be a friend because Muslims are considered above all Kafirs, but can pretend in order to deceive. A wealthy Christian or Jew or still lower than the poorest Muslim. Muslims must at all times dominate Kafirs religiously and politically - when they have the power to do so.

The Koran makes this clear with the humiliating poll tax (jizya) levied on Jews and Christians as a form of humiliation. (Koran 9:29) This is extortion money if not paid will result in violence from Muslims. When the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt with help from President Obama they attacked the Coptic Christian community for not paying the jizya or poll tax.

Muslim terrorism against Kafirs is right out of Koran 8:12 including "cut off their hands and even the tips of their fingers" or blow them up with pressure cooker bombs, truck bombs, etc. Koran 1:7 is part of the Muslim prayers five times a day: "Not the path of those that anger You (Jews), nor the path of those that go astray (Christians).

Threats, intimidation, bullying, etc. are not religion, this is politics. Violence and killing over cartoons (Danish cartoons, Charlie Hebdo) is politics. Demanding people not criticize or question Islam or Mohammed is politics. In one case a Muslim community center located next to pig farm and they demanded the farm move or be shut down - that is not only politics, but a violation of the man's property and civil rights. Instead he held pig races when the center was open!

He was attacked as "insensitive".

Demands for banning pork in school lunch rooms is politics, not religion. Don't eat the pork and if you are offended go eat in the parking lot.

Under the US Constitution religion is protected, politics is not. Religion and state are separate under the Constitution, under Islam they are the same. Believing Muslims must place the Koran and Sharia over the Constitution, or else they are not Muslims.

The Islamic Trinity of the Koran, Sira, and Hadiths is 84% politics and 16% religion. "Political Islam's relationship to Kafir cannot be religious since a Muslim is strictly forbidden to have any religious interaction." Criticism of its politics is not criticism of religion.

At its core Islam is almost Deism, but its politics are to be totally rejected as fascism. They must not be allowed to use religion to shield their fascist politics. Deism doesn't object as such to Christianity or Judaism, but we do reject their politics when forced on others. To attack others because they reject the "prophet-hood" of Mohammed is politics.

Case in point was the case of the slaughter of the Jews of Medina for rejecting the absurd claim of Mohammed as the last Prophet. 800 Jews were beheaded as Mohammed with his child bride at his side sat watching the butchery. Muslims believe this as "necessary" for denying their political position of Mohammed's status - just as the murder of the journalists as Charlie Hebdo was "necessary" for violating their political position forbidding the mocking of Mohammed.

Liberals (the modern type better known as regressive leftists) are a problem in two ways. First they see Muslims as a political partner to bring down the system. But due to irrational political correctness that borders on a fanatical religion they simply can't bring themselves to see anyone except whites, Christians and Western Civilization as evil. 800 beheaded Jews is simply history, not murder.

Take the executions by a Muslim of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Liberal attacks on "homophobia" were aimed at Christians and not the Muslim perpetrator or Islamic politics that sanctions the "necessary" murder of homosexuals because Mohammed says so.

Leonard Pitts, a black racist from the Miami Herald that appears regularly in my local newspaper editorial section, blamed it on Donald Trump for bigotry against Muslims! I kid you not!

Rejection of Islamic politics is not religious bigotry!

Criticism of Islamic politics is treated as a racist hate crime by liberals. They will bring up the Crusades (a justified counter attack to Islamic violence), bring up the extermination of the American Indians (which weren't exterminated as shown by their almost 6 million descendants), etc. They are so blinded by self-hate they are indoctrinated into at college they have lost all contact with reason.

So what is it that attracts secular Leftism so strongly to Islam? Why are they so protective? The reasons are many:

Islam is hostile, anti-Western world view they both share.

Islam is anti-Christian which Leftism utterly hates including any institutions or cultural aspects influenced by it.

Islam like post-modernism in general rejects reason for blind belief.

Islam like Leftism is universalist rejecting any notion of the nation state, with the Left believing it to be multicultural, which it isn't. There is only one culture under Islam and that is Islamic culture.

Leftism sees Islam as egalitarian in that all people are equal. That is true if we exclude Kafirs, women, and slaves. But like all "egalitarian" systems Muslim nations are impoverished, backward, and mostly failures.

Leftism is attracted to Islam it seems longing for a universalist' world state.

But mentally they ignore the fact there's no such thing as secularism under Islam. They ignore the fact that this universal, egalitarian world is based on the opinions and life of a figure that violates everything they claim to stand for and attack Christians for.

As a Deist this complete disconnect from reason and cult like thinking should concern anyone. In addition we now have leftist' academics claiming reason itself is a white male social construct and is thus racist! The person spouting this nonsense is white.

As a Deist I have no problem with the Islamic religion, but strongly and totally reject their politics which is Mohammed. We have every right to protect ourselves from fascist' politics, violence, and tyranny, and claiming religion is no excuse.

Islam is the ultimate, irrational belief system today and I don't believe it can be reformed. Reform means to reject the politics of its prophets and founders, but without Mohammed there is no Islam - Islam is ideology and Mohammed is that ideology. That leave little choice other than continued strife or isolation of Islam from the non-Muslim world.

Ref. A Self Study Course on Political Islam by Bill Warner.

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