Elex Levell Murphy
Elex Levell Murphy

Black Teenager Beats Elderly Immigrant to Death

by Lewis Loflin

The Trayvon Martin uproar in the press continues unabated. President Obama says, "If I Had A Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon." More likely that "Son" would look like 18-year-old Elex Levell Murphy. Murphy was charged with one count each of first-degree murder and first-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action.

Murphy and three other feral black teens were out roaming the streets of St Louis looking for a little fun. He and his friends were playing a deadly game called "knockout king" where blacks pick out random non-black victims and violently assault them. The "unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders" is simply youthful expression I suppose to animals like this.

Update May 2, 2013:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) - It's life plus 25 years for Elex Murphy, the man who beat a Vietnamese immigrant to death in April 2011 as part of the so called 'knock out game'. The jury recommended Elex Murphy get up 82 years for second degree murder, first degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action...The others involved have not been charged.

Vietnamese immigrants Hoang Nguyen 72, and his wife Yen Nguyen, 59, left their apartment to walk to a nearby Vietnamese grocery store on this fateful day April 2011. They survived the horrors of communism and arrived in America in 2008 to join their children. Taking a shortcut through an alley, a nearby security camera caught the elderly couple being confronted by the four feral black teenagers. Mr. Nguyen would never see his children again.

The story went as follows: "Yen Nguyen told authorities that Murphy walked up to her husband, grabbed his jacket and punched him in the head, causing him to fall to the ground, court records say. Murphy then punched Yen Nguyen in the eye, causing severe bruises and an eye socket fracture. A second man kicked Hoang Nguyen in the abdomen, injuring his ribs. Hoang Nguyen died later Saturday of his injuries at St. Louis University Hospital."

What would cause people to act like this? A "gang expert" from the University California at Santa Barbara has the answers as to why this gang of four feral blacks attacked this innocent Vietnamese couple. Sociologist (and former gang banger) Victor Rios "shared" his so-called research:

(Which)...all seemed to suggest that the justice system, as it currently stands, is training urban youth to have a destructive relationship with authority...

Rios went on to share the details of what he calls the "systematic stripping of dignity" that youths, specifically African Americans and Latinos, endure on multiple fronts. The projection of stereotypes in the media and the reinforcement of those stereotypes in the news put the youth at dramatic disadvantages.

More significant to Rios, though, is law enforcement's treatment of the youth. From a very young age, the police seem inclined to establish themselves as adversaries. They stop, handcuff, and frisk kids, intimidating them and threatening them with physical violence...

Total rubbish. Police records show that Murphy was arrested twice the very month of this murder on suspicion of larceny and trespassing and was released from City Jail on April 14, just two days before the elderly Nguyens were attacked. So it must be the police that drove Murphy and the other "teenagers" to beat an old man to death.

City Alderwoman Jennifer Florida says, "I have learned in the last few days that there is a group of kids that randomly pick victims and prey on the vulnerable, and this is happening all over the city..." Police claim this wasn't a hate crime (the perpetrators weren't white) and deny this is "happening all over the city." They are still hunting for the other three "teenagers". If it was white teens doing this there would be a national outcry.

"We have many of the Vietnamese elders living here," Florida said. "Their children live in the county and are going to swoop them out of here." That's what Lan Nguyen (their daughter) did Sunday. She packed her mom's belongings and moved them to her south St. Louis County apartment.

White liberal Matthew Yglesias on May 14, 2011 was also attacked by two feral black males for fun:

So . . . I was walking back from the home of Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman and instead of doing the normal thing and taking Q Street west to 5th and then walking south, I wanted to take a shortcut by walking south on North Capitol to then cut southwest on New York. But then lo and behold right by Catania Bakery a couple of dudes ran up from behind, punched me in the head, then kicked me a couple of times before running off.

Once, years ago, in Amsterdam a guy threatened me with a knife and took my money. These guys took nothing, and just inflicted a bit of pain. All things considered the threaten/rob model of crime seems a lot more beneficial to both parties than the punch-and-run model. But I guess it takes all kinds...

Let me guess the thug in Amsterdam wasn't white either. "Immigrants" from Africa and the Middle East are doing to Europe what blacks and Hispanics are doing here. Besides not wanting to admit the scum that knocked him senseless were black and he was attacked for being white, he came up with the perfect solution to the problem:

To offer a policy observation, higher density helps reduce street crime in an urban environment in two ways. One is that in a higher density city, any given street is less likely to be empty of passersby at any given time. The other is that if a given patch of land has more citizens, that means it can also support a larger base of police officers. And for policing efficacy both the ratio of cops to citizens and of cops to land matters. Therefore, all else being equal a denser city will be a better policed city...

Oh good grief what an idiot. But according to Professor Rios the presence of police in dealing with criminal minority "teenagers" is what makes them attack people like Mr. Yglesias to begin with. Both of these people are simply more useful idiots.

The causes of this present day black culture of violence and their innate tendencies towards self-destructive behavior has several sources, and as a white person I'll say it's because the policies of the white elite. Those policies in reality hurt most Americans, just blacks more so than others. As long as the elite can make this a race issue, they can deflect the discussion to a racial spoils system instead of dealing with the real problems.

Posted March 28, 2012.

Read more: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/article_b5af427f-f999-5ede-94be-a05ddd7ab59e.html#ixzz1qIJspNqF

Ref Justice System vs. Urban Youth November 25, 2011

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