Making Fun of Islam is Not a Hate Crime

by Lewis Loflin

Making fun of religion is not hate speech. Christianity and Judaism are under constant attack by atheists and leftists.

Sorry, criticism of any religion or philosophy, even as jokes, is a constitutionally protected right.

Apply the same standards to Islam; screams of racism fill the air. Islam is not a race.

After a Muslim fundamentalist murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, both President Obama and the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) evaded the fact Islamic Sharia Law justifies the killing of homosexuals. Both denied Islam was even involved.

This was a hate crime of the worst sort, yet Obama and CAIR refused to acknowledge even that.

Yet when it comes to non-crimes, such as criticism of Islam or bacon, that sends CAIR into a rage. A "shocking sight" for Muslims is when some prankster left bacon and pork products at an Austin, Texas, mosque parking lot and on a door knob.

Nobody was harmed, and no property was damaged, outraged Muslim fundamentalists that won't renounce the Muslim tradition of killing homosexuals called this a "hate crime."

The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations was hysterical, saying, "Somebody left bacon and pork products in front of the mosque. Someone would have to know that and go out of their way to put that there in hopes of offending or sending some hateful message.

It's really sad that a place that where we feel safe and feel peace, something like this would happen?" So says Adam Soltani, Executive Director of CAIR-OK.

There is not right not to be offended.

CAIR is an Islamic supremacist hate group with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas terrorist groups.

There have been efforts to redesignate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization that CAIR has fought hard to oppose. They have infected the Obama White House.

Under Sharia, it's illegal to criticize or offend a Muslim. In many countries in Europe, they continue to pander to Muslims to keep their violence under control.

Police sweeps of mosques in Germany and France have turned up massive amounts of weapons and explosives - so much for gun-free zones. Sweden has suffered over 100 explosions- bombings in 2019 alone at the hands of Muslim gangs.

CAIR wants the same type of government Sharia compliance in America, criminalizing free speech.

Quoting Austin Prickette April 13, 2015, "Cair Oklahoma is asking any community members who witness or are victim to hate crimes or hate speech against Muslims to call police and CAIR's civil rights department."

This was not a hate crime or hate speech, unlike the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi hate peddled in many American mosques.

Soltani continues the myth Islam is a religion of peace. Most Muslims reject Sufism as non-Islamic, and it is not Islamic.

My response is simple: You come to my country and demand we accommodate you and your ideology?

Bacon is not hate; Muslim ideology under Sharia is pure hate and has no place in America. I'll take four strips of bacon, thank you.

Posted August 15, 2016

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