Media Truth

Money and the Environmental-Government Complex

by Lewis Loflin

What does Al Gore say about the 'science' behind global warming?

As it happens, the idea of social justice is inextricably linked in the Scriptures with ecology.

See Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, and the Rejection of Reason

These words from Mr. Gore puts the real agenda of political environmentalism in clear perspective. Here is a man of zero scientific credentials leading a movement that has nothing to do with science, rejects the scientific method. This has become a de-facto religious crusade that is close to becoming the national religion of the United States.

Only 36 percent of science research money comes from government (link), but private research pays for research and development that will pay off, not for abstract or politically driven causes. So research into global warming, etc must depend on government money- and politicians seeking justification for their agendas control that money.

For many scientists "Green" has become the buzz word for government money. I've watched this in my community as the corrupt and pork-ridden Virginia Tobacco Commission is wasting $120 million on energy research centers that have so far produced nothing. They argue spending the money will attract private sector high-tech and scientific research firms to backwoods Appalachia. $750 million and 13 years later I'm still waiting.

It's about the money and for others political agendas and power grabs. If it's news it's more likely to get funding.

See Exide Dumps Bristol Workers after Receiving $34 million in Stimulus Funds This produced nothing.

The site reports that $85 million (January 15, 2010) is being given away by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to 69 scientists to develop "Green" talent. As a jobs program that's $1.23 million per job. Nothing has come of this as of January 2014.

They also reported an "announced $187 million in grants that would help employ 500 skilled researchers and engineers in the advanced vehicle industry." It's a jobs program for scientists. Government money is big business in the government-science-academic complex as President Obama seeks to spend $85 billion over the next five years. President Obama claims the government employs over 200,000 scientists everywhere from universities to national labs.

The reality is whole legions of well paid scientists have spent entire careers being employed by the taxpayers and to pretend politics doesn't play into this would be absurd.

The question is with billions in grants and trillions in economic/environmental legislation dependant on some of this research, does this undermine the scientific method and objectivity? This goes far beyond just political pork in its ramifications.

The John William Pope Center notes in their article The Academic-Governmental Complex that government funding of research tends to "distort scientific priorities" and to quote,

Federal funding can actually pervert the direction and outcome of scientific research. Federal funding agents are careful not to make awards that stray from existing research some cases they want to see successful results even before making the grant. That is destructive of genuine research, in which the outcome isn't known when the scientist starts out... 1930 the entire research budget of all American universities totaled $51 million, federal grants represented 10 percent of the total. In 2008, federal funds represent about 60 percent out of a total of $51.9 billion.

The entire article can be read at With funding often tied to outcome, where does an individual scientist draw the line between scientific facts and self-interest? Worse yet those not displaying "Green correctness" are certain to be denied any funding under such a politicized system. This is further compounded by the radical leftist' political culture that dominates major American universities.

The critical question becomes does massive government funding determine the outcomes and results of scientific research? The answer is a certainly yes. With so much public policy riding on this, it's prudent and vital to examine all aspects of this issue.

Spending for research by government topped $133 billion in 2010 with $68 billion going to defence. That's $7.6 billion in Federal money in my state of Virginia.