Innovation, Technology Not Earth-Centered Religion Part 1

by Lewis Loflin

So-called Deists are supposed to be champions of reason and separation of religion and state. Technology, industry, etc. are the direct result of reason and science, yet far too many fall back into mysticism and spiritual speculation, conflating the Deity with matter, and seem to have no problem dragging this into science. The decline of reason is undoing and supplanting Deism with pantheistic and New Age rubbish.

As Deists we must insist ALL religion be separated from state politics. We face a danger as environmental zealots essentially religious fundamentalists carry religious thinking and nonsense into government policy in our growing fascist nanny state. So-called Deists opposed bringing Christianity into politics, but many sure have no problem with religion and state as long as it isn't theism.

Science is pure materialism. Deism served as a way to demystify Nature making science possible. Science is not about our feelings, though it may be used to determine the chemical reactions that control your emotions. My main concern with science is in the fields of innovation and technology. Without freedom and a society affluent enough to be stable and where we can afford to innovate advancement grinds to a halt.

Too much theoretical science while it's possible may have some practical use in future, seems more concerned with esoteric ideas such as "why am I here?" Ideas such as the origin of the universe are interesting, but why not build advanced rocket engines, which will require nuclear power, and explore the universe? No, NASA wastes its time trying to prove humans are causing the slight warming that zealots are hijacking to justify agendas or fill their bank accounts. Ditto nuclear power anything.

Far too many have little interest in how the real world works at the technical level. Chemistry and physics are not popular subjects because they take a lot of work to learn. Ecology has far too often become completely nonscientific. How one feels about wide open spaces for nature has nothing to do with photosynthesis. Quantum mysticism sounds interesting, covalent bonding isn't.

Many have "faith" in science but are too lazy to learn how it works or the mathematics behind it. Religion is about faith.

The Paul Ehrlich's of the world told us that carbon dioxide was going to poison all the plants. Wrong again, environmentalists are finally forced to admit that the Earth is significantly greening, which they are trying to attack even that. They told us in 2005 that Hurricane Katrina was the beginning of massive numbers of destructive hurricanes driven by man induced climate change and global warming. As of 2017 we have had a record drop in the number of hurricanes since then.

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I could fill volumes with failed apocalyptic visions from environmentalists. There's a reason they no longer call it global warming, but the vague term climate change - that's an ongoing natural process now a cause for panic.

Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow Dr. Leslie Woodcock calls the international climate activists a "do-good" industry that's very expensive. In Britain's Yorkshire Post he says:

"If you talk to real scientists who have no political interests, they will tell you there is nothing in global warming. It's an industry which creates vast amounts of money for some people. ... you can't blame people with no science education for wanting to be seen to be good citizens who care about their grandchildren's future and the environment."

Ref. Larry Bell October 3, 2016 Newsmax. Science is not about do-goodism.

I can promise all of you dear readers, that climate change is indeed true and is occurring as I write this. The only problem being is that most of it is natural and has occurred in the past. Geological studies show that when the planet is warmer life is much more abundant and widespread. Imagine states like Nebraska and the Dakotas covered with vast forests like we have here in Appalachia.

They once did when the climate was far warmer. When the climate and other environmental factors change life will change with it. It's called EVOLUTION. The only time people care about evolution is to attack theism.

Imagine vast tropical forest that once covered what is deserts today in Australia, but when Australia and South America separated themselves from Antarctica (continental drift) millions of years ago, the world's climate significantly cooled and many species went extinct. Many of the forests that covered vast areas of N. America, Europe, and Asia died out due to prolonged drying as vast amounts of moisture was drawn into Antarctica and cold waters circulating around the continent dropped global temperatures.

As the forests died out they further created arid conditions because the water vapor they emit into the atmosphere declined - water vapor and not CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas. Antarctica that is the main climate control mechanism on the planet and ice is expanding there as it should. 90% of the worlds ice is in Antarctica. For more on this subject read "Earth System History" by Steven M. Stanley pages 444-5.

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Sea ice is melting in the Arctic" hysterical alarmists cry. Yes it is and this will be the fourth time in the last 10,000 years. Why is this bad? The open cold water will dissolve a lot of carbon dioxide and sunlight will explode plankton and algae populations the basis of the region's food chain. That means more fish, that means more food for seals and other animals, and of course more lunch for polar bears. Polar bears like any other bear can hunt and live on the land.

Yes as ice melts the open water will absorb heat as opposed to being reflected off of white ice. This creates a positive feedback mechanism for more warming, but higher water evaporation creating clouds creates a negative feedback mechanism that counters this. Don't forget Antarctica cools the planet as well.

oxygen 18 temperature

Several factors are driving this and change is constant and normal. First of all the Earth's orbit around the sun oscillates from circular to elliptical about every 100,000 years. Scientists refer to this as be the eccentricity cycle. This causes slight changes in how solar radiation is absorbed into the environment.

The next factor is the tilt of the Earth's axis relative to the sun is constantly changing. This varies from 22.1 degrees to 24.5 degrees about every 41,000 years. Our prayers and axial tilt is 23.5 degrees. Scientists refer to this the obliquity cycle.

This goes through a complete cycle about every 20,000 years. At present time, earth's axis points towards the North Star, but 10,000 years from now, it will be going in the opposite direction towards a star named Vega. The rotation of the Earth's axis is termed the precession cycle.

This is known as Milankovitch cycles while small added in with other variations can cause major climate change. In the late 1990s for example a series of explosive volcanic eruptions and sea floor changes in the Arctic while minor in the scheme of things when combined with other changes they all add up.

Warming conditions in the Arctic are simply not the catastrophe the environmental fear-mongers claim that it is. This has gone on for millions of years and the earth has been in a prolonged cooling cycle for the last 3 million years that continues today. But what if man is causing some of it, so the hell what? Sea level has been rising for thousands of years and will continue to do so.

This is why hypothetical computer models never work and have to be constantly revised and should be banned for use in determining public policy.

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