Violent Crime in Virginia and New Jersey

complied by Lewis Loflin

According to my local sheriff 90 percent of the crime in this area is related to drug and alcohol abuse. This means everything from home meth labs to outside gangs from large urban areas coming into the area to supply the demand. We have few options for treatment with the determined effort by many communities to keep out treatment centers. There is little hope for solving the problem anytime soon.

Yet most of the arrests are white in Appalachia but little violent crime or gang shootings.

White victims of black violence, no hate crime charges.

Female victims of black violence.

Violent Black-on-Black Crime

Summary Virginia crime for 2015: Black males ~10% of the population commit over half of all the violent crime in Virginia including the majority of murders, three-fourths of the robberies, over half the assaults, and almost half the burglaries.

In Norfolk the press even tried to cover up a violent racial attack on their own reporters! The attitude of the police was appalling. Another man was nearly killed in DC for asking a black male to not litter in front of his apartment. Murder victims includes a black kid, a teenage white girl, a pizza shop worker, another man beat nearly to death by black gang. Now the same black on black killing and violence has come to Bristol as I will be reporting.

The idea is not to deride anyone but force the Press to stop hiding the facts so we can address the problem.

Crime and Race in New Jersey

Compiled by Lewis Loflin

The Uniform Crime Report for New Jersey (2009) shows that every 24 hours there are 1 murder, three rapes, 32 robberies, and 39 aggravated assaults. As usual blacks and Hispanics account for much of the violent crime.

Murder: There were 320 murders in 2009 and a total of 229 persons were arrested. 72 percent were black, 16 percent Hispanic, 11 percent white. 65 percent of the victims were black and 31.9 percent white/Hispanic. Blacks are the primary victims of black murderers and cross-racial murders are nearly 100 percent black on white.

Rape: There were 1,041 reported rapes in 2009 and 365 persons arrested. 38 percent were black, 36 percent white, and 30 percent Hispanic. The race of the victims wasn't given. 68 percent of the rapists were non-white.

A study Dean G. Kilpatrick, Ph.D. and Kenneth J. Ruggiero, Ph.D. in 2003 notes that:

Racial/ethnic background also was related to whether a woman reported having ever been raped. For example, less than 6% of Asian American women were raped at least once during their life, whereas nearly 24 percent of Native American women have been raped...

See Crime-Violence on Indian Reservations

Most rapes are intra-racial in particular with minority women. This is because minority women (except Asians) are in close contact to feral black-Hispanic males. In interracial rapes thousands white women are the victims of non-whites by the thousands while Asian/white rape of blacks/Hispanics are so few they don't register as a percentage.

Carjackings: The most frequent victim age group was 20-24, which accounted for 22 percent (60) of the victim total (268). Seventy-five percent (202) of all victims were male. Fifty-one percent (137) of all victims were black.

The total number of offenders was 452. Insufficient analysis information was supplied on 36% (164) of the offenders. Of all known offenders (288), 20-24 was the most frequent offender age group and accounted for 61% (177). Ninety-eight percent (283) of all known offenders were male. Eighty-six percent (248) of all known offenders were black.

Robbery: There were 11,637 robbery offenses in 2009 and total of 4,423 persons were arrested. 63 percent of all persons arrested for robbery were black, 20 percent Hispanic, 15 percent white, 1 percent other. In other words 85 percent of those arrested for robbery were non-white.

Aggravated assault: There were 14,110 reported aggravated assaults in 2009 with 8814 arrests. 45 percent were black, 29 percent white, 24 percent Hispanic, 2 percent others. Non-whites committed 71 percent of assaults.

Burglary: There were 36,928 reported burglary offenses in 2009 with 6177 arrests. 48 percent white, 34 percent black, 17 percent Hispanic. Minorities even here still outnumber whites.

The Sentencing Project (2007) notes that New Jersey has a very low white incarceration rate per 100,000 people at 190 while 2362 blacks per 100,000 and 630 Hispanics per 100,000 are in prison.

In summery most of the violent crime is non-white and the more violent the crime the higher the percentage of non-whites. Stated another way crime rates are directly proportional to the percentage of non-Asian minorities in a community.

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