Mohammed the Man as Islamic Ideology

by Lewis Loflin

Note: this is about Islam and not individual Muslims or those from Muslim backgrounds.

In my earlier essay Deist Examination of Islamic Trinity I discussed briefly a Deist' view of the structure of Islam. Now we take a Deist' view of the basis of Islam as an ideology and not a religion.

Before Mohammed Arabia was very religiously tolerant - Mecca alone had 360 religions and Medina was half Jewish. Mohammed was extremely intolerant and under Islam Arabia became the most intolerant place in the world. Islam is Mohammed and his biography and life the Sunna was to be followed as closely as any religious text.

Today no Christians or Jews survive in Arabia. So intolerant is Islam aka Mohammed that in Pakistan and other Muslim countries it's a death penalty to even make a joke about Mohammed.

When Mohammed took Mecca by armed force he set the pattern for Islam to this day. He destroyed all traces of other religions and cultures including Christianity and Judaism. To this day in Saudi Arabia with Wahhabism and with ISIS in Syria-Iraq they continue to destroy archeological and religious works wherever they can find them. The same thing for Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt advocates destroying the Pyramids.

For Islam the world began when Mohammed was driven out of Mecca and went to Medina. Anything cultural or religious before that was to be wiped out. Anything non-Islamic was to meet the same fate.

Islam aka Mohammed the man never forgave any slight or insult. It wasn't just religious and cultural symbols he wanted destroyed, people were also on the hit list. Death warrants were issued for five people in Mecca, not worriers, but intellectuals and two dancing girls that participated in a skit ridiculing him. This goes on today, think of Salman Rushdie. (p13)

Even Osama bin Laden after the World Trade Center attack sent politicians scrambling to figure out his complaints were: everything from the overthrow of the Ottoman Caliphate by Kemal Ataturk in the 1920s to the loss of Spain and south eastern Europe. The idea non-Muslims would dare set foot in Arabia is a direct violation of Islamic Law decreed by Mohammed was part of the problem. In the Muslim view anything once Muslim is always Muslim. No amount of pandering by Jews will ever bring peace with Israel other than mass conversion to Islam.

Ataturk founded the Turkish Republic he abolished the Sultanate in 1922. He later abolished the Caliph March 1924. He became for many Muslims the most hated man in history. This set Sunni Islam adrift because before that the Islamic world had a central focus through the Sultan as "leader of the faithful", but not today.

In addition Islam has no priest caste like Christianity does. Imams are sort of teachers that aren't even supposed to bear weapons according to a Shiite friend. The idea of a Mufti was an Ottoman innovation. Islam is completely divided today with no central authority as such and plenty of people seeking that role.

Islam is not a religion in my view, but a personality cult and an ideology built around Mohammed. Mohammed was the perfect man and over 90 verses in the Koran alone exalt Muslims (submitters) to perfectly imitate the Prophet. Mohammed is not a religion, he is politics and politics is ideology. To worship Allah won't cut it, you must also imitate and follow Mohammed in every way.

We know of the Five Pillars of Islam, these are indeed religious, but the Sixth Piller is Jihad. This isn't just open violence such as suicide bombings, but also can include financial and moral support (peaceful Jihad) of those waging outright war on Kafirs or non-Muslims. Take CAIR or the Council of American Islamic Relations a defacto part of the Democrat Party, an alliance of convenience for both sides.

It can also be peacefully converting others to Islam, or, can be forcing the Kafirs to conform to Islamic sensitivities. Through money and intimidation they have become masters at shoving Islamic political correctness down out throats.

Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as CAIR never renounce the cause or perpetrator in a violent Islamic attack, but like the Left in general blame it on everyone and everything else making Muslims out to be the victims. They were driven to commit the evil acts thus it isn't their fault.

Take again the Orlando gay nightclub slaughter - from President Obama to CAIR they claimed Islam wasn't involved and refused to denounce or even address the Sharia call to murder homosexuals.

In places where Muslims have total power such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, ISIS, etc. homosexuals are openly murdered - well not murdered according to Islam, but a "necessary" political act dictated by Mohammed.

This should be no surprise as the Koran is only 36% concerned with Muslims and religion and 64% focused on Kafirs. Also notable that unlike Christianity and Judaism, Islam has no Golden Rule. The world is not about humanity, but a duality - Muslims vs. Kafirs. (P15-16) This makes any universal Golden Rule impossible because under Mohammed, the Kafir must be subjugated or destroyed. Islam again means submission, and submission is politics.

It's time to get around this nonsense term "radical" Islam and call it what it really is - political Islam is an ideology seeking to subjugate the world. A Muslim must follow the example set by Mohammed in Arabia and do to the world what he did in Medina and Mecca.

Political Islam over 1400 years has killed 270 million people. This includes 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists, and 120 million Africans. Take a look at Turkey and Egypt today that were once almost totally Christian. Look at Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan that were once Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Buddhist - all nearly gone. Jews have been all but wiped out in these lands outside Israel.

Like Mohammed, whom this cult is patterned after, that means cultural, religious, and social extermination such as that we see by done ISIS in Syria and Iraq and by the Saudi across Arabia.

Nobody wants to discuss these facts and those that do are ostracized for it. Reformers within Islam face danger not only from fellow Muslims, but are marginalized and ignored by the Western civil rights industry obsessed with the Palestinians. Muslims know just how to play the victim card. As Palestinian leaders have made clear the only way to peace with Israel is mass conversion to Islam. Even most Jews refuse to discuss these facts.

Many of the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, etc. is against what are seen as apostates influenced by outside ideas within their own nations. This is compounded by sectarian fighting between Sunni and Shiite, and ethic fighting between Kurds, Turks, and Arabs.

All non-Muslims are Kafers be it Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc. Only Christians and Jews, while still Kafirs, are also infidels. Infidels is a religious term, Kafir is a political term. (P16) (Kafir is a very derisive term.)

Why in the hell are we so scared of these 7th Century throwbacks? That fear and pandering is seen as victory of or submission to political Islam, which incites more efforts at Jihad against the Kafir.

Most Jihad against the West isn't suicide bombing, stabbings, or crushing children under trucks. It's money, and oil is money. It floods Washington with billions of dollars to buy influence and protection for the Saudi Arabia. Saudi and Gulf States billions buys military protection from America, while they build Mosques and Islamic centers across the world to spread not just Islam, but exporting a violent and hyper-fundamentalist' brand of Wahhabism. That too, is Jihad.

Jihad is also deception to spread Islam. College campuses are flooded with Islamic centers spreading Islamic political propaganda protected by political correctness. Here Jihad wears a suit and tie in a campus culture where anti-Western hate including Islamic hate is welcomed, while the jackboot of political correctness assures Sharia compliance to Muslim sensitivities. All of that too, is Jihad.

We can't fight what we refuse to recognize as war both open and subversive. Political Islam enjoys protection through both money and an alliance with the regressive Left. I in no way advocate any form of religious attacks or persecution of Muslims, but at the same time no special privileges or forcing people to pander to them.

Mohammed is Islam, and his actions, life, social views, and methodology is the basis of Islamic Law and is to be imitated. He was ruthless to the extreme and won mainly by violating every honor code and rule of war followed in Arabia.

There must be no tolerance of political Islam when it conflicts with our basic rights and undermines our freedoms. There will be no tolerance of political Islam ideology or Sharia. Mohammed was a thug and to make this man the basis of a religion is idolatry, and we Deists don't engage in idolatry.

Ref. A Self Study Course on Political Islam by Bill Warner.

Posted August 15, 2016

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