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Bristol, Virginia Tri-Cities Revealed

by Lewis Loflin

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In 2011 Bristol-Tri-Cities was ranked number 5 in the 10 poorest cities in America by

Taxpayer waste $8 million Bristol Virginia Energy Research Center another empty building producing nothing. See Green Energy Boondoggle in Bristol Virginia and Biofuel Scams Wastes Millions in Virginia.

Welcome to my website as 2017 makes this my 19th year on the web and have lived in Tri-Cities Bristol since 1984. Oddly this website was started to protest political corruption and poverty in the community, but most of the visitors prefer the religious-historical material over politics.

Update: It has been just announced a company will create 40 jobs in Lebanon, Virginia (Russell County) to manufacture belts, etc. for the mining industry. They will locate in the empty Teleflex building. Due to Donald Trump reigning in the destructive EPA-Obama war on affordable energy and blue collar jobs coal production has surged 25% from January-July 2017. These are the kinds of jobs we really need not green energy nonsense. July 27, 2017.

The 2011 Blue Ribbon Audit of the Virginia Tobacco Commission revealed 89 percent of their grants have never been accounted for. None of the recommended reforms have been implemented and nothing has changed in 2017. Their conclusion:

Grants Have Provided Benefits But Revitalization Remains Elusive;
TICR Has Made Grants With Limited Potential for Revitalization;
Well-Defined Revitalization Strategy Needed;
More Effective Governance Model Should Be Considered;
Most Awards Not Paired With Relevant Metrics.

Employment gap less than high school vs. college.

Fake News

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read it, you're misinformed...Just say it, sell it. Anything you practice you'll get good at - including BS. -- Denzel Washington"

The "Press" today doesn't represent facts or truth as such, but reality filtered through "eyes" of the elite and ruling class. The "Press" presents an unrealistic and distorted view of reality - reality as it exists in Manhattan, Malibu, and Martha's Vineyard from gated neighborhoods.

The elite have no more contact with Red State American whites than they do with poor inner city blacks. One is held in hostility while the latter are treated as stupid little children.

That distorted reality is what we call "fake news" outside New York and San Francisco. They push politics and culture - theirs - not facts most of the time. A typical example is the New York Times I often use as a source.

On August 3, 2018 they led with the headline, "Workers Hardest Hit by Recession are Joining in Recovery." That includes this community. The poorest, least skilled Americans are "a striking symbol of a strong economy". We never saw anything like this during Mr. Bush or Mr. Obama. This is the best economy for the working class in 40 years, my focus on this website.

Today there's less than a 3% employment gap between less than high school and a bachelor's degree. This comes about because many bachelors degrees are worthless and President Trump, screwed up as he is, has put blue collar workers over open borders mass immigration globalism, China, etc.

No wonder so many college graduates are angry and rioting. To quote Dr. Walter E. Williams on the problem of education fraud,

How necessary is college anyway? One estimate is that 1 in 3 college graduates have a job historically performed by those with a high school diploma. According to Richard Vedder, distinguished emeritus professor of economics at Ohio University and the director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, in 2012 there were 115,000 janitors, 16,000 parking lot attendants, 83,000 bartenders and about 35,000 taxi drivers with a bachelor's degree.

Note "intelligence" doesn't always have much to do with a college degree today.

Many of us on the bottom see things through economics, the elite see through ideology that has replaced traditional religion - they are religious fanatics.

This economy for the first time in my adult life has helped working poor in Appalachia and even poor blacks. Yet the New York Times, etc. still promotes policies that kept poor people poor. They are completely blind to the destructive effects of mass immigration legal and illegal has on poor people. Guess their editors need maids and servants.

This blindness has also led to decades of government waste. fraud, and corruption that I document on this website. Government grants are thrown at anything some isolated college think tanks, such as the Weldon-Cooper Center in Wise, Virginia, believe might work. Who in their right mind would spend tens of thousands in subsidies and corporate welfare on a single $8 an hour call center job?

This is real issue with the race baiting elite willing to shut down entire blue collar industries in the name of climate change then flood the economy with millions of low-achieving third world peasants to take what is left. The NYT writes about technological changes have destroyed many jobs and that is true, but millions of lower paying jobs have been created and the floods of low skill peasants has knocked the bottom out of that very labor market.

Thus the "Press" is a mouthpiece for the ruling class that have nothing to do with the rest of us. Their policies have all but destroyed the black family and 30% of the white community as well. I was told by one smart ass government hack, "If you don't like the system then work to change it." Here is that effort.

Sent to the Bristol Herald Courier 8/17/2018.

Press is not a Victim - Including the Herald Courier

Date: 8/16/2018.

Re: "We've Been Complacent". The "Press" has no right not to to be called out or questioned. Questioning the "Press" isn't un-American, but American.

Mr. Trump has not eroded public confidence in the "Press": political correctness, bias, and identity politics has.

The Bristol Herald Courier openly participated in this coordinated effort to attack Mr. Trump today. That doesn't include informal collusion we've dealt with since 2016 holding millions of "deplorable" Americans in contempt. Stop whining when called on it.

The "Press" behaving as a Pravda arm of the DNC is no victim. Bias, censorship, and propaganda go beyond the editorial page. I'll cite examples of fake news this very "newspaper".

Let's put aside hysterical national reporting of the shooting of "unarmed" black men which in nearly every case was justified. The "Press" censors and covers up the culture of violence and criminality within minority communities. That censors the real reason for massive confrontations with police. Insinuating disproportionate numbers of non-whites, etc. are in prison over racism is a damn lie.

During the August 4-5 weekend 70 people shot, 12 died in Chicago at the hands of blacks. "We know who they are" says the community, yet the "Press" censored the identity of those creating this carnage. Almost as many blacks died in 1 weekend by blacks in just Chicago than unarmed blacks by police (about 17) in all 2017.

Yet "fake news" is quick to name the cause as guns, poverty, gangs, etc. without proof. Surprised they didn't include Confederate statues, Trump hats, or the KKK which is a joke with near zero support. They inflate these KKK numbers far out of proportion for shock value. That's fake news too.

Another Muslim fundamentalist terror attack took place in London while the details of the attacker were hidden or played down. (Page A4 August 15.) Described only as "a British citizen from another country" hid both his identity and his almost certain religious motive. Does this really help Muslims?

Over 100 cars were burned in Sweden yet a check of foreign/domestic news sources save one hid the identity of this coordinated attack. We get the usual "poor neighborhoods" canard while only the Israeli press identified the Muslims behind this. Censorship, creating a false narrative, is "fake news".

Bristol Herald Courier August 12, "Over the Top" page A4. Starting off, "white supremacist violence..." was a lie - it was leftwing violence when police WERE ORDERED to stand down allowing ANTIFA, BLM, etc. and other DNC shock troops to attack KKK scumbags. I know police that were there and this came from them.

If the police were not allowed to do their jobs like last year violence would have occurred as 200 DNC storm troopers (excuse me peaceful protesters) would have attacked the two dozen Neo-Nazis. They verbally abused the police instead.

Slanting the news as this report did is fake news - the bias in this report can't be denied. Playing up white racism while censoring or covering up minority criminality, leftwing racism, and violence is fake news.

President Trump spoke not against the "Press", but fake news, bias, and propaganda. The Bristol Herald Courier is fake news as I went through 2 months of newspapers before the election in 2016 and the attacks on Mr. Trump was running 30-40 to 1. Letters to the editor virtually banned - bias is fake news - knowingly reprinting bias makes a newspaper fake news.

Reprinting hysterical, inaccurate news reports could have incited violent black male Lakeem Scott to murder a white mother of 2 on Volunteer Parkway. He wanted to kill white people for revenge based on faulty "fake news" reporting. That doesn't count attacks and murders of police caused by "fake news".

I'm calling this "newspaper" out for fake news and it is no victim - the dead mother of 2 on Volunteer Parkway was. Nobody is stopping the Bristol Herald Courier from printing anything it wants or censoring what it wants. Worse, you are racist because racism is treating people differently based on race.

If you want to peddle Blue State DNC liberal fascism and racial socialism then don't whine about criticism or that we don't trust you. You take sides then live with it snowflakes.

Ref. Aug. 4-5 weekend 71 shot 11-12 dead. 12,601 shot since 2012. Ref. Conservative Tribune Aug. 9, 2018.

US dead in Afghanistan: 2016 - 14; 2017 - 15; 2018 - 2?

In Chicago, 1,876 people have been shot this year. That is 473 fewer than 2017. Data through Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

Since 2001, Chicago has experienced 7,916 murders (as of September 06, 2016). The number of Americans killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was 2,384 and 4,504 respectively since 2001.

Source: as of Sep. 8, 2016

Lakeem Scott and Press Incitement to Murder

"Progressives must become liberal fascists and enlightened Nazis."

H.G. Wells, Oxford, 1932.

If the press isn't pushing censorship and bias then the tech tyrants will. I was informed many of the below articles are somehow "Dangerous and Derogatory". Oddly the information was derived from mainstream press sources, another outright historical document.

On Monday, August 6, 2018 a drive by shooting at Johnson Court (public housing) left bullet holes in cars, etc. 5 shell casings were found believed to have come from a handgun. Possible gang activity is believed to be involved. The shooters were reported as black. A black on black killing in Kingsport led to a women being shot in Bristol in possible retaliation.

A black on black killing in Johnson City took the life of a Bristol basketball player, while four blacks laughed at a judge as they were being processed on gang rape charges. One black male was killed by three others over a drug deal, two more blacks executed in a Kingsport candle shop by other blacks.

More on crime local later.

Summary Virginia crime for 2015: Blacks commit over half of all the violent crime in Virginia including the majority of murders, three-fourths of the robberies, over half the assaults, and almost half the burglaries.

In Norfolk the press even tried to cover up a violent racial attack on their own reporters! The attitude of the police was appalling. Another man was nearly killed in DC for asking a black male to not litter in front of his apartment. Murder victims includes a black kid, a teenage white girl, a pizza shop worker, another man beat nearly to death by black gang. Now the same black on black killing and violence has come to Bristol as I will be reporting.

The idea is not to deride anyone but force the Press to stop hiding the facts so we can address the problem.

Update August 2018

Hobby Lobby has opened at The Falls, a $50 million taxpayer funded shopping center, at the end of August. Leaving the City of Bristol Virginia millions in debt they lost between $500,000 to $750,000 on The Falls in 2018 depends on who one asks. This comes as Bristol struggles to keep teachers and police on the payroll.

More than a dozen stores, etc. have backed out of locating at The Falls. The entire fiasco was cooked up behind closed doors with zero public input - most of those behind this scam soon left the local government.

While no surprise to me, the Community was rocked when on August 1st Bristol Compressors announced they will close. Their last 470 workers will be fired in the next 60 days. This comes after Bristol Compressors received between $5-$6 million in incentives, corporate welfare, and tax breaks.

The promises of new jobs was a complete lie and government agencies refused to enforce the agreements. In fact they handed out more money after one default after another. Corruption 101. I warned this was going to happen.

The company was bought in 2012, fired workers, got another $1 million handout. The company's sub-standard product couldn't pass US efficiency standards so they were sold mainly in the Middle East. Those sales have fallen.

Bristol and Washington County were caught by surprise as usual. Bristol Compressors has a bad reputation among some as a low-pay and abusive employer. But it isn't just their workers getting a hit.

Another local company Air Gas a welding supply company will likely take a hit. Bristol Virginia Utilities went into a panic as well. Bristol Compressors is among their largest electric customer and officials are scrambling to figure out what to do next.

Could the public be there for these meetings? Not a chance.

BVU-Optinet has finally been sold after a year of bickering to Sunset Digital for $50 million. The fiber-optic system was mainly funded with public money on the promise of zillions of new high tech jobs - didn't happen.

The $50 million will pay off Optinet debt much of it to the electricity side of Bristol Virginia Utilities. I warned they were robbing the electric company to fund Optinet.

According to press reports (BHC July 28, 2018) $8 million to the Tobacco Commission. $21.9 million for the purchase of Optinet, $13.9 million to pay back the electric company, another $2.49 million to the water company.

They borrowed millions from the electric and water divisions who then went out and borrowed elsewhere to cover their infrastructure needs. This helped hide the true cost from the public. 10 officials and contractors at Bristol Virginia Utilities were sent to Federal prison for scores charges.

They got away with this massive fraud for over a decade (I kept warning about this) because the public has no access to the inner workings of public agencies of all kinds.

More from the Bristol Compressor Fiasco

This was reported in January:

New deal "game changer" for Bristol Compressors Jan 18, 2018 Bristol Herald Courier and is still on the Company website!

BRISTOL, Va . — Bristol Compressors on Thursday signed an exclusive development contract that could prove a “game changer” for the local firm, according to Kevin Mumpower, Bristol Compressors vice president of product engineering.

The Washington County-based manufacturer has an exclusive global partnership with DHX Electric Machines to develop new high efficiency compressors and systems.

"This agreement means nobody else can use this technology but Bristol Compressors," Mumpower said. "That is huge. A current motor we use weighs 25 pounds. This one weighs seven pounds. It's more efficient, lighter weight, lower cost and it's allowing us to change the industry with this motor. It’s hard to explain how much of a game changer this is. We've never had the opportunity to use a motor like this in a compressor."

The DwHX patented motor technology will allow Bristol to develop compressors that are shorter, lighter and more efficient than anything on the market today, Mumpower said.

(This is what was hidden from the public.)

The motor development is supported by a previously confidential $1 million, three-year research grant from the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission that was matched by $1 million from the company, Mumpower said. The company is about six months into that development program...

Where is the new compressor? Where the hell is that $1 million research grant? What a rip-off in my opinion.

The Company website says nothing about closure of the Bristol plant. I have a feeling they are relocating with the technology the public paid for if they developed it.

More from the Company website:

Technology Grants Support Product Development and Training at Bristol Compressors

Bristol Compressors International, Inc. (BCI) is developing some of the latest energy-efficient compressor technologies for the air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration industries; and recent grants and funding in excess of $300,000 will support and accelerate this important work.

GENEDGE ALLIANCE, in cooperation with the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, has awarded BCI a $225,000 grant for an Innovation Commercialization Project that will accelerate high-technology economic growth. New technology being developed at BCI focuses on increasing energy efficiency levels while also raising compressor reliability performance to meet new customer demands in hot climates.

In addition, BCI has received $113,000 from the VDBA (Virginia Department of Business Assistance) through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program. This grant will help offset the costs associated with training employees in lean methodology and process improvements.

"We developed our Benchmark X14 14 SEER compressor to meet new federal energy efficiency regulations well ahead of a 2015 mandate, and we have a new single-cylinder compressor that is raising the bar on reliability in very hot tropical conditions," says Ed Gniewek, CEO of Bristol Compressors. "These are new technologies that we believe will help us gain more market share while at the same time making more environmentally friendly solutions available to our customers."

"We are retraining employees throughout our organization," adds Rick Nunley, director of human resources at BCI. These funds assist and help to offset training expenses in our lean manufacturing transformation.

"We very much appreciate GENEDGE ALLIANCE, the Virginia Tobacco Commission and VDBA for supporting our new technologies and training initiatives."

Where are those grants?

Also note "Bristol Compressors Receives Manufacturer of the Year Award from the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing" as they continued to fire workers and waste government grants that went nowhere.

103, 200, or 400 new jobs?

In 2016 Ball Corporation closed its 260,000-square-foot plant. This cost 230 high paying union jobs. Bristol government hates unions and good jobs competing with minimum wage jobs, they simply shrugged. They manufactured can lids.

Now the plant which is in great shape will get a new owner. To quote the State of Virginia:

"The Bristol plant now is owned by American Merchant, a newly formed company that is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Merchant House International Ltd. Merchant House makes home textiles, seasonal décor products and leather shoes.

American Merchant is investing $19.9 million to convert the plant for the production of embroidered hand and bath towels."

I saw this on local television where a Chinese lady seemed unsure of what her company was really going to be doing. They said 200 jobs there I think.

To further quote,

"During the site selection process, Bristol competed with sites in Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Rhode Island and South Carolina. Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe approved a $300,000 grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund to assist the city with the project. The Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission also approved $590,000 in Tobacco Region Opportunity funds.

American Merchant also is eligible to receive additional grants and state benefits from the Virginia Enterprise Zone Program and Appalachian Regional Commission, both administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development."

In other words more corruption and waste, no public input.

So the company really didn't invest $19.9 million already being awarded almost $1 million from public coffers. What else are they hiding? Is this another Bristol Compressors scam? These are the same scammers that gave millions away to Bristol Compressors, then refused to enforce the agreements.

There is also no public oversight of this agreement. One problem I've had is their refusal to honor the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Public handouts going to private business is banned from the public view, and the awarding agencies charge insane research fees for information if they release it at all.

After being burned with The Falls fiasco, Bristol Virginia is trying to evade responsibility for a $500,000 grant from the corrupt Appalachian Regional Commission. Decades and billions of dollars later the ARC has achieved few of its goals while engaging in an orgy of political pork and corporate welfare.

The $500,000 is to be used to build a "state of the art" water treatment plant for the American Merchant facility at the old Ball plant. Makes that $1.5 million so far. This puts the other job claims in question.

The City would be responsible if AM doesn't open or hire at least 103 by a certain deadline. If this is such a great deal that will hire 400 people, then why is Bristol balking at being responsible if they don't hire 103 people? What is really going on here? Again no public access to all the closed door wheeling and dealing with public assets.

We will have to wait and see. The company is not scheduled to even install equipment until sometime this fall.

Update July 2017: I warned about Nulife Glass and predicted it was a scam. In June they fired the few people they hired and left Bristol with between 20-30 million pounds of CRT glass - glass loaded with lead. Press reports claim Bristol is trying to sue the company but likely will get stuck with disposal. They sold a $1.3 million building for less than $200,000 and half of that was payed for by grants.

This is directly across the street from the empty Bristol Virginia Mall and on three sides are residential neighborhoods that objected to this nonsense.


The "fake news" Bristol Herald Courier attempts to paint a false narrative of a gender pay gap in Abingdon, Virginia. This is in fact a skills and occupation pay gap. See There's No Gender Pay Gap in Abingdon, Virginia

Immigration Victory in East Tennessee ICE Does Its Job

by Lewis Loflin

Summary: high child poverty levels have plagued this region for generations. Some job poor communities working with business to import more poverty aka cheap labor. This mafia nonsense might be coming to an end.

After years of open criminal activity aided and abetted by local governments ICE is starting to do its job.

This supposedly started when a local business was withdrawing millions in cash over the last ten years from a Morristown bank. The bank reported them. This started what open-borders advocates claim is the biggest raids in the nation. Actually it isn't and a lot more than 90 people need to be arrested.

They documented the typical labor abuse - not paid overtime, no workman's comp, etc. These people didn't bother to use fake social security numbers like the other corporate criminals in Morristown. The IRS knows exactly where the 3 million illegal aliens are working but under orders from the Obama administration refuses to disclose where the fake IDs are being used.

In Hamblen County in particular Morristown, Tennessee has been swamped by between 6000-10,000 illegal aliens and their families over the last 20 years. This occurred as a conspiracy between the defunct Garcia Labor Company and local business leaders brought in thousands of illegal aliens mostly Mexicans.

Read the full story Immigration Victory in East Tennessee ICE Does Its Job

Illegal alien criminals turned loose on I-81 in East Tennessee

ERWIN, Tenn. (AP) -- "Two Latino men being deported from Erwin were, instead, turned loose along Interstate 81. Unicoi County Sheriff Kent Harris told the Johnson City Press that Gregorio Estala Rodriguez and Primitivo Estala Rodriguez had been picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Tuesday and were being taken to a federal center in New Orleans.

Harris said the agents called the jail later and said superiors had told them to release the men because the center in New Orleans was temporarily closed after Hurricane Gustav blew though the city. Harris said Gregorio Rodriguez had pleaded guilty to drug and weapons charges and Primitivo Rodriguez pleaded guilty to not having a driver's license or car insurance. The newspaper reported it's efforts to obtain comment from ICE were unsuccessful." Ref. AP Sep. 5, 2008.

On the Bottom Again

Poverty is hard to define in some ways. $25,000 a year in Bristol is not the same as $25,000 a year in Northern Virginia. The high cost of heatlh care and access to doctors can be a big problem. Many poor people already get Medicaid, but few doctors in particular specialists accept Medicaid. This came about about 10 years ago when Virginia simply refused to pay them.

The list below is the bottom communities on health outcomes. The list is dominated by black inner cities and poor rural communities.

Source: County Health Rankings 2017.

100 Norfolk City (NO)
101 Cumberland (CM)
102 Smyth (SM)
103 Accomack (AC)
104 Roanoke City (RO)
105 Nottoway (NW)
106 Prince Edward (PE)
107 Mecklenburg (ME)
108 Richmond (RC)
109 Brunswick (BR)
110 Charlotte (CH)
111 Lunenburg (LN)
112 Patrick (PT)
113 Russell (RU)
114 Richmond City (RI)
115 Halifax (HL)
116 Henry (HY)
117 Northampton (NT)
118 Tazewell (TA)
119 Lee (LE)
120 Portsmouth City (PM)
121 Greensville (GV)
122 Buchanan (BU)
123 Danville City (DA)
124 Wise (WI)
125 Dickenson (DI)
126 Hopewell City (HO)
127 Franklin City (FR)
128 Bristol City (BS)
129 Covington City (CI)
130 Galax City (GA)
131 Emporia City (EM)
132 Martinsville City (MV)
133 Petersburg City (PB)

From the past to present:

Bristol Southwest Virginia Article Archive

Quoting futurist Ed Barlow before the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce:

"Seniors create low-wage service jobs. They tend to withdraw from working, and they generally don't create new wealth. A retirement community strategy has long-term negative economic consequences unless there is a diverse economic base of other employees around it...A significant component of your economic future in Sullivan County is recruiting Hispanics, making sure they get highly educated and integrated into the community."

See Bristol Herald Courier Now a Victim

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What is Fake News?

Allcott and Gentzkow define "fake news" to be "news articles that are intentionally and verifiably false, and could mislead readers." They attempt to exclude disreputable media practices and bias from the definition. 62 percent of US adults get news on social media, while 65% distrust the mainstream media and that concerns me. Print media influence in the 2016 election was down to 8%.

I define "fake news" as articles designed to create false, biased, narratives with partial facts filtered through a Progressive filter, censor pertinent facts by omission, block discussion through editorial censorship, that is ideologically slanted, and designed not to give facts, but stoke emotion and sway public opinion. This skirts the fringes of propaganda and yellow journalism.

Ref. Journal of Economic Perspectives Volume 31, Number 2 Spring 2017 Pages 211-236, Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election by Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow

Sources of 2016 Election News:
Radio: 6.2%
Print: 8%
Social Media: 13.8%

Gallup polls reveal a continuing decline of "trust and confidence" in the mass media "when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately, and fairly."

Trust in Mainstream media: Democrats 52%, Republicans ~18%, overall ~35%. 65% of the public doesn't trust the mainstream media. 62 percent of US adults get news on social media.