Southwest Virginia Population decline 2010-2018.

Viewpoint from Bristol, Virginia

by Lewis Loflin

In 1997 I launched this website to protest the appalling job and labor climate in Tri-Cities. As long as one has outside income this place is great. For earlier material see Bristol Virginia Tri-Cities a Great Place to Retire 2018-19.

To keep this short I've decided in 2020 to no longer cover jobs or political issues. Southwest Virginia, etc. has been written off and marginalized for the same reasons as Baltimore - ruling class doesn't care.

I have documented extensively how government economic development programs never work. Their programs do not work with poor blacks in Baltimore. Their programs do not work with poor whites here. Enough said.

Majority of Poor are White

Who is in poverty?

One in four blacks, one in four Native Americans and one in five Hispanics are classified as poor. By contrast, only 1 in 10 whites and 1 in 10 Asians are poor. The authors note that whites make up most of the nation's poor, but that is because there are more whites in the total population.


Population 328 million (Est.) 2019 US Census:

White 76.5% includes Arabs/Muslins, etc. that are not white.
~251 million white X 10% = 25.1 million whites in poverty.
Black 13.4%. ~42 million X 25% = 10.5 million in poverty.
Asian 5.9%. ~19.4 million X 10% = 1.94 million in poverty.
Hispanic 18.3% ~60 million X 20% = 12 million in poverty.

Total 24.44 million non-whites in poverty.

There are more non-Hispanic whites in poverty than Blacks, all Hispanics, and Asians combined! Yet The New York Times admits most high-scoring students in poverty are White or Asian (90% plus).

They in fact outscore middle and upper class Blacks and most Hispanics. Yet they are ignored in efforts to boost performance of lower-achieving non-whites.

Poor whites are locked out of many elite colleges in favor of lower scoring non-whites and non-citizens (with big money) to promote diversity racism.

The New York Times derides going by mere income with merit in college admissions is racist because it favors poor Whites over rich, lower scoring, non-whites benefiting under affirmative action racism.

Merit Based Immigration Needed

What is PISA?

SOURCE: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), 2018.

PISA test scores are allotted in roughly the same fashion as for the SAT.

Immigration should be restricted along the OECD average.

As of 2010, 50.5 million or 16.3% of Americans identified as Hispanic or Latino. Of those, 26.7 million, or 53%, also self-identified as white.


So out of 60 million "Hispanics" at least 20 million are as white as I am. A rich "White" Hispanic receives special treatment over poor non-Spanish whites in Appalachia. On average Hispanic nations even if mostly white far under perform on test scores - even in Spanish.

U.S. Hispanics outscore all Latin America nations but not European Spain. U.S. Whites far outscore OECD average edging out even Finland, Japan, and Korea! U.S. Hispanics score far below OECD average. American Blacks fall into the bottom third but score better than all Latino nations except Chile.

U.S. whites score 33 points above OECD average, Hispanics 18 points below. But even "white" Hispanic nations fall below U.S. Hispanics.

Education system Mean Reading Math Science
U.S. Asians 549 556 539 551
U.S. Whites 521 531 503 529
United States 495 505 478 502
U.S. two or more races 492 501 474 502
OECD average 488 487 489 489
Spain NA NA 481 483
U.S. Hispanics 470 481 452 478
Chile 438 452 417 444
U.S. blacks 436 448 419 440
Uruguay 424 427 418 426
Mexico¹ 416 420 409 419
Costa Rica¹ 415 426 402 416
Colombia¹ 405 412 391 413
Peru¹ 402 401 400 404
Brazil¹ 400 413 384 404
Argentina 395 402 379 404
Panama¹ 365 377 353 365
Dominican Republic¹ 334 342 325 336

Also note allowing Muslims/Arabs from the Middle East and North Africa to identify as White plunges the white average.

This is illustrated by failing Muslim schools in Dearborn Michigan. Dearborn identifies as 89% white but is little better than the failing third-world school system of nearby Detroit.

The Detroit metropolitan area is home to the largest concentration of Arab Americans (403,445).

Source: Public education crisis felt in Dearborn schools 01/05/2017

Dearborn is no stranger to such issues in public education. Like neighboring Detroit, a city plagued by the failure of its public school system, Dearborn faces risks as a school district a sliver away from priority status, referring to the lowest achieving 5 percent of all public schools in the state.

But their schools do adhere to Islamic culture and that is the problem. The press proudly proclaims of failing school systems: "Dearborn Schools leading the way in accommodating immigrants"

Ref. 9/19/2016.

PISA illustrates once again just how poorly even rich Islamic nations/cultures are on education. Even Muslim nations in Europe do very poorly.

Shocking is how poorly Israel scores, but no surprise to me. Most of their population is Middle Eastern or North African in origin regardless of religion.

U.S. whites score 33 points above the OECD average, the highest scoring Muslim nation (Turkey) 25 points below. Wealthy Saudi Arabia 102 points below.

Education system Mean Reading Math Science
U.S. Asians 549 556 539 551
U.S. Whites 521 531 503 529
United States 495 505 478 502
U.S. two or more races 492 501 474 502
OECD average 488 487 489 489
U.S. Hispanics 470 481 452 478
Israel 465 470 463 462
Turkey¹ 463 466 454 468
U.S. blacks 436 448 419 440
United Arab Emirates 434 432 435 434
Malaysia¹ 431 415 440 438
Brunei Darussalam 423 408 430 431
Albania 420 405 437 417
Jordan¹ 416 419 400 429
Qatar 413 407 414 419
Bosnia and Herzegovina 402 403 406 398
Kazakhstan 402 387 423 397
Baku (Azerbaijan)² 402 389 420 398
Saudi Arabia 386 399 373 386
Indonesia 382 371 379 396
Lebanon 377 353 393 384
Morocco¹ 368 359 368 377
Kosovo 361 353 366 365

Update December 2019: One of the worst child abuse cases in Sullivan County is in the news again. See Baptist Preacher-Wife Sentenced to 179 Years

Also see 2007 Christian-Newsom Race Murders Rock Knoxville.

Update July 2017: I warned about Nulife Glass and predicted it was a scam. In June they fired the few people they hired and left Bristol with between 20-30 million pounds of CRT glass - glass loaded with lead. Press reports claim Bristol is trying to sue the company but likely will get stuck with disposal. They sold a $1.3 million building for less than $200,000 and half of that was payed for by grants.

Below is more proof and the last I'll write on this subject. Morgan Griffith is my congressman VA 9th. Phil Roe represents East Tennessee 1st and is retiring. They are worthless.


The following are how history was altered by climate.

The video above is from my alternate YouTube channel. It is more oriented at general science. See Science and More.

The following links are how I built my own Geiger counter plus more earth science. My home state of Virginia has some of the largest uranium reserves in the United States.

Electronics and Technology Built at Home

I have for years dealt in electronics and technology starting far back with vacuum tubes.

I design and build circuits for hobbyists and students and taught electricity, etc. in a local community college.

This was an outgrowth of my interest in applied science. When I say "applied" I mean real world not hypothetical computer modeling.

Over the years I have repaired, salvaged, and repurposed thousands of consumer products, circuit boards, computer gear/scrap, etc. I'm a master scrounger and proud of it.

Here is a list of my recent videos. I have 252. Some sample videos shown above.

See You Tube Channel for more on electronics construction projects. Also see my website Electronics Hobby Projects.

Issues on Connecting MOSFETs in Parallel
Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller Switching Circuit
Design 10-Amp 2N3055 Based Power Switch
H-Bridge Motor Control with Power MOSFETS

See Bristol Herald Courier Now a Victim

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Concepts of God in philosophy are entwined with concepts of God in religion. This is most obvious in figures like Augustine and Aquinas, who sought to bring more rigor and consistency to concepts found in religion. Others, like Leibniz and Hegel, interacted constructively and deeply with religious concepts. Even those like Hume and Nietzsche, who criticized the concept of God, dealt with religious concepts. While Western philosophy has interfaced most obviously with Christianity, Judaism and Islam have had some influence.

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There is a great deal of material on this site in regards to religion, in particular subjects related to rational monotheism and the Bible. Because Christianity was a product of the Hellenism Alexander the Great would be a good place to start taking another look. The later Roman Empire as such never "fell" in 479 AD, it merely changed form, a process going back a few centuries.

"We can not command religion, for no man can be compelled to believe anything against his will."

Why study the historical Jesus?

To quote a Christian:

Because our faith is based upon a historical figure for whom more evidence exists than for Julius Caesar. Christians, Jews, journalists, theologians, historians and skeptics all take an active interest in every archaeological or manuscript discovery that might shed light or doubt on the origins of our faith. We, too, must be armed with these facts to confirm our faith and equip ourselves with reasons for the faith we hold in order to answer enquirers (1 Peter 3.15). Jonathan Went

From my other website:

I'll be doing a big update in education failure in Michigan. They claimed many white students were also failing. That is not true and I'll show why.

Detroit Free Press notes in 2018:

Every demographic of students has seen a slide in third-grade literacy. White students, for instance, saw a 6.5 percentage point drop, from 58.2% proficient in 2014 to 51.7% in 2016. That compares with black students, who declined 3.3 percentage points, from 23.2% to 19.9%; Hispanic students, who declined 5.2 percentage points, from 37.2% to 32%, and Asian students, who declined 6.3 percentage points, from 69.7% to 63.4%. Meanwhile, low-income students (those eligible for free or reduced price lunch), declined 6.2 percentage points, from 35.3% to 29.1%; while higher-income students declined 6.4 percentage points, from 66.8% to 60.4%.


Just 23% of Michigan's students graduate prepared for college or careers. And the state ranked 46th in fourth-grade reading and 37th in eighth-grade math on a rigorous national exam.