Southwest Virginia Population decline 2010-2018.

Viewpoint from Bristol, Virginia

by Lewis Loflin


In 1997 I launched this website to protest the appalling job and labor climate in Tri-Cities. As long as one has outside income this place is great. For earlier material see Bristol Virginia Tri-Cities a Great Place to Retire 2018-19.

To keep this short I've decided in 2020 to no longer cover jobs or political issues. Southwest Virginia, etc. has been written off and marginalized for the same reasons as Baltimore - ruling class doesn't care.

I have documented extensively how government economic development programs never work. Their programs do not work with poor blacks in Baltimore. Their programs do not work with poor whites here. Enough said.

The Republican Party is hostile with American labor. They hate us and can't get enough foreign replacement workers to once again drive down pay scales. Both retiring Congressman Phil Roe and my Congressman Morgan Griffith voted to import millions more tech workers from India.

Below is more proof and the last I'll write on this subject. Morgan Griffith is my congressman VA 9th. Phil Roe represents East Tennessee 1st and is retiring. They are worthless.

Ruling Class Racism

The Democratic Party is so racist and obsessed by identity politics they are indifferent even to non-white workers. Due to intra-racial loathing they hate the white working class even when most of they themselves are white. Race now trumps class. They take out their "white guilt" (which is nothing but talk) to attack normal, traditional white people.

Under Trump the working class for the first time in my life made gains against business. Real income growth and a halt to massive waves of third-world serf labor. In particular Hispanics (many I consider white and who identify white) also made real gains. We must combine our numbers and fight for traditional values and jobs for Americans.

Since May 2020 America has suffered over 550 race riots from BLM, ANTIFA, and Democratic Party voters in general. Their claims of "systemic racism" is based on lies.

Update 1-21-2020: DNC riots by Antifa, BLM, etc. continue. VP Kamala Harris insisted the riots continue even after Beijing Joe took office. And yes they are. In Portland, Seattle, Denver, etc. DNC storm troopers are not attacking DNC offices! Buildings trashed, windows broken, etc. while our incompetent affirmative action VP refuses to renounce the violence.

Don't give me this "fact check" crap I watched her say it on video. When she renounces BLM, Antifa, and other racists and communists hate groups that would be a start. Some generic call to end violence without naming those engaged in open violence amounts to a lie. Sure, mostly peaceful riots.

Chicago ended the year 2020 with 4,174 people shot and 719 killed - up 58% from 2019. As DNC shock troops looted and burned their communities, thousands more blacks got shot by non-whites and hundreds dead. Nearly all at the hands of fellow Democratic voters. That's your damn social justice.

In the first two weeks of 2021 Chicago has already seen 157 shootings and 33 deaths. Would one like to guess the race of victims-shooters? This is done by illegal handguns not AR-15s liberal racists are so obsessed with.

Chicago is black ruled by Democratic Party racists and blacks.

Update 1-21-2020: DNC racists and fools in the Illinois. WIFR Channel 23 has this headline: "Illinois House approves Criminal Justice Reform bill, awaits Pritzker signature".

This Bill ends cash bail and prevents police from doing anything to quell diversity violence and lawlessness in cities such as Chicago.

To quote one opponent:

"I voted on behalf of our men and women in law enforcement against this dangerous legislation that will unfortunately make our communities less safe. This bill threatens cuts in funding for public safety budgets; allows officers to be punished or fired based on anonymous and unsubstantiated or unverifiable complaints; lets politicians dictate police training; allows dangerous offenders to more easily go back on the streets prior to trial; and plays election politics by taking funds from communities with prisons. This legislation was rushed through without input from law enforcement at literally the 11th hour with short debate..."

Unnamed sources from the Ku Klux Klan support this legislation as it will lead to more dead Blacks and Hispanics. In the past Democrats were the party of racial identity politics racism with the KKK, today they are still the party of racial identity politics. So were the Nazis for that matter.

Gun Crime in New York City

In Southwest Virginia we have more guns per capita than people. Yet with so many guns shootings are rare with white people. New York or Chicago get more shootings in a single weekend than all whites in this region in five years.

New York City is also Democratic Party ruled cesspool with an outright communist mayor. Comrade Bill de Blasio too is obsessed by race to the point police won't arrest or detain violent looters, rioters, and street criminals in the cause of social justice racism.

I even witnessed a video where a black male openly raped a women on a subway platform. Nobody tried to do a damn thing to help her. Defund the police really benefits some people of color.

Yet the report "Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City" (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2018) tells the real truth and no amount of Black Lies Matter nonsense changes anything. The killers are Black and Hispanic, not the police.

Shootings have exploded since 2018 in particular in 2020 with the DNC race riots. In 2018:

Blacks (73.3%) and Hispanics (22.4%) accounted for 95.7% of the victims.

Shooting suspects as reported by witnesses are Black (72.6%) and Hispanic (24.1%) for a total of 96.7%. Everyone else about 3%.

Shooting arrest population is Black (68.3%) and Hispanic (28.2%) for a total of 96.5%. Whites-Asians about 3%.

That is proof there is no targeting of feral minorities who kill their own people and others.

But what about guns? Won't banning AR-15s owned by rural white people stop the killing in NYC? No and that was never the goal to begin with.

The report defines gun arrests as,

Firearm arrests ... consists of arrests in which at least one firearm is recovered and the arrestee is charged with a Dangerous Weapons Felony charge.

The Firearm Arrest population is Black (69.0%) or Hispanic (23.9%) for a total 92.9%. Everyone else, Asians, whites, Muslims about 7%.

The population demographics for NYC in 2019 Census is 32% white, 24.3% Black, 14.1% Asian, and 29.1% Hispanic. A pattern across the nation is when the population of a city drops below 40% white the downward spiral explodes. In 2020-21 thousands are fleeing DNC ruined cities for Florida and Texas. I hope they don't ruin those states.

Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter:

The race/ethnicity of known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects mirrors the victim population with Black (61.9%) and Hispanic (31.0%) suspects accounting for the majority of suspects. White suspects account for (5.4%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects while Asian/Pacific Islanders accounted for (1.7%)...

Note that "white" includes those Middle East and North African immigrants and their families. Actual European whites are about the same as Asians. Easily 95% of the murders, etc. are at the hands of Blacks, Hispanics.

The Census use of "Hispanic" and "white alone" creates more confusion. The reality is whites make up 42.7% of the City and account for 5% of the violent crime.

Rape - about 88% of the suspects are non-white, non-Asian.

Other Felony Sex Crimes - Suspects about 84% non-white, non-Asian


Robbery - Black (65.8%). Hispanic (27.1%) total 93%. Asians and European whites about 5%.

Felonious Assault - suspects Black (52.4%). Hispanic (33.5%). European whites and Asians about 10%


Hate crimes a real shocker: Hate crime victims include Whites/Jews (46.1%). Blacks (24.7%). Hispanics (20.1%). Asians (9.1%).

More of a shock: Hate crime suspects Black (55.0%). White (23.6%). Hispanic (20.0%). Asian (1.4%).

Thus 76.4% of hate crime suspects are NON-WHITE. Yet arrests are another issue:

The hate crime arrest Whites (51.3%). Black (44.7%). Asian (2.7%). Hispanic (1.3%).

There is some serious racism going on here. Whites at the nearly same suspect rate as Hispanics are 45 times more likely to be arrested for hate crimes. Hispanic hate crimes are virtually ignored.

Black suspects outnumber whites by more than 2 to 1, yet whites are more likely to be arrested. That is apparent police policy in New York City.

New York City is socialist-Democrat ruled. They claim non-whites shouldn't be held to the same standards as whites, so they try to let them off or ignore the damage. What you will hear is most hate crime arrests are whites, non-whites likely ignored.

Mass shooting are also mostly carried out by Blacks, Hispanics. Chicago alone as of 1-19-2021 has suffered 18 mass shootings of 2 or victims.

Blacks are shot and/or killed by the thousands by Blacks not whites or police. Nobody cares.

Slavery was a world-wide institution practiced by Free Blacks, American Indians, Black Africans, Muslims, and Hispanics.

Almost 95% of blacks were sold into slavery by African Blacks never came to the U.S.

This lynching hysteria with Blacks is unfounded today. In the past most lynchings including whites was a response to violent crime. Lynchings were not based on race in most cases.

See Faces of Norfolk Gun Crime 1 and Faces of Norfolk Gun Crime 2.

From my other website:

Taxpayer waste $8 million Bristol Virginia Energy Research Center another empty building producing nothing. See Green Energy Boondoggle in Bristol Virginia and Biofuel Scams Wastes Millions in Virginia.

Update December 2019: One of the worst child abuse cases in Sullivan County is in the news again. See Baptist Preacher-Wife Sentenced to 179 Years

Also see 2007 Christian-Newsom Race Murders Rock Knoxville.


The following are how history was altered by climate.

The video above is from my alternate YouTube channel. It is more oriented at general science. See Science and More.

The following links are how I built my own Geiger counter plus more earth science. My home state of Virginia has some of the largest uranium reserves in the United States.

Electronics and Technology Built at Home

I have for years dealt in electronics and technology starting far back with vacuum tubes.

I design and build circuits for hobbyists and students and taught electricity, etc. in a local community college.

This was an outgrowth of my interest in applied science. When I say "applied" I mean real world not hypothetical computer modeling.

Over the years I have repaired, salvaged, and repurposed thousands of consumer products, circuit boards, computer gear/scrap, etc. I'm a master scrounger and proud of it.

Here is a list of my recent videos. I have 252. Some sample videos shown above.

See You Tube Channel for more on electronics construction projects. Also see my website Electronics Hobby Projects.

Issues on Connecting MOSFETs in Parallel
Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller Switching Circuit
Design 10-Amp 2N3055 Based Power Switch
H-Bridge Motor Control with Power MOSFETS

Quick navigation of my homepage:

Update July 2017: I warned about Nulife Glass and predicted it was a scam. In June they fired the few people they hired and left Bristol with between 20-30 million pounds of CRT glass - glass loaded with lead. Press reports claim Bristol is trying to sue the company but likely will get stuck with disposal. They sold a $1.3 million building for less than $200,000 and half of that was payed for by grants.

A gang of Blacks in Knoxville kidnapped, raped, and murdered a young white couple after a carjacking. The press was more interested in the Duke-Lacrosse hoax - the black whore that lied about the young men later went to prison for murder.

See 2007 Christian-Newsom Race Murders Rock Knoxville.

Kelli O'Laughlin of Chicago.

Another victim of a black criminal on parole. Yes - white lives matter too!

Female victims of black violence.

Nickolus Johnson of Bristol is a prime example of everything wrong in violent black communities. Multiple offences and fathering multiple children from multiple stupid women.

He executes a police officer to avoid a return prison for statutory rape. The 17-year-old later popped three more kids in addition to others earlier on.

How many will follow daddy?

Murder victims in Washington DC.

Blacks Killing Blacks in Washington D.C. reports July 6, 2020:

An 11-year-old boy was shot and killed when a group of men (black) began shooting in a Southeast D.C. neighborhood Saturday night, police say. His grandfather is active in anti-violence efforts.

Davon McNeal was on his way to a Fourth of July cookout when his family stopped at his aunt's house to pick up a phone charger..

Four black males are wanted in connection with the killing. Two have been arrested, two still being sought as 7/11/2020. All four have long criminal histories. One suspect was arrested earlier for gun crimes.

While rioters and looters paint "Black Lives Matter" on every outhouse the community is awash in black gun violence.

Religious Traditions

My interest in this subject is from a historical and philosophical viewpoint. This came from a controversy over the Ten Commandments being placed in local courthouses.

For the record I'm not a Christian or Jew but hold them no ill will. I believe in fact based science, not consensus based science.

There is a great deal of material on this site in regards to religion, in particular subjects related to rational monotheism and the Bible. Because Christianity was a product of the Hellenism Alexander the Great would be a good place to start taking another look. The later Roman Empire as such never "fell" in 479 AD, it merely changed form, a process going back a few centuries.

"We can not command religion, for no man can be compelled to believe anything against his will."

Why study the historical Jesus?

To quote a Christian:

Because our faith is based upon a historical figure for whom more evidence exists than for Julius Caesar. Christians, Jews, journalists, theologians, historians and skeptics all take an active interest in every archaeological or manuscript discovery that might shed light or doubt on the origins of our faith. We, too, must be armed with these facts to confirm our faith and equip ourselves with reasons for the faith we hold in order to answer enquirers (1 Peter 3.15). Jonathan Went

"We can not command religion, for no man can be compelled to believe anything against his will."

Western concepts of God have ranged from the detached transcendent demiurge of Aristotle to the pantheism of Spinoza. Nevertheless, much of western thought about God has fallen within some broad form of theism. Theism is the view that there is a God which is the creator and sustainer of the universe and is unlimited with regard to knowledge (omniscience), power (omnipotence), extension (omnipresence), and moral perfection. Though regarded as sexless, God has traditionally been referred to by the masculine pronoun.

Concepts of God in philosophy are entwined with concepts of God in religion. This is most obvious in figures like Augustine and Aquinas, who sought to bring more rigor and consistency to concepts found in religion. Others, like Leibniz and Hegel, interacted constructively and deeply with religious concepts. Even those like Hume and Nietzsche, who criticized the concept of God, dealt with religious concepts. While Western philosophy has interfaced most obviously with Christianity, Judaism and Islam have had some influence.

The orthodox forms of all three religions have embraced theism, though each religion has also yielded a wide array of other views. Philosophy has shown a similar variety. For example, with regard to the initiating cause of the world, Plato and Aristotle held God to be the crafter of uncreated matter. Plotinus regarded matter as emanating from God. Spinoza, departing from his judaistic roots, held God to be identical with the universe, while Hegel came to a similar view by reinterpreting Christianity.

Issues related to Western concepts of God include the nature of divine attributes and how they can be known, if or how that knowledge can be communicated, the relation between such knowledge and logic, the nature of divine causality, and the relation between the divine and the human will.

Extract from God, Western Concepts of | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.