Train station project
This "Train Station" got $500,000 in 2001,
another $300,000 in 2002 while schools are being closed for lack of funding.

Bristol Trainstation Finally Opens Producing Nothing

by Lewis Loflin

On September 18, 2008 the local press reports that the Bristol Trainstation, a project taking ten years at an ultimate cost to taxpayers of $6 million, will finally open. (Page A1.) On page A2 we have "Nightmare on Wall Street" as the stock market continues to crash and McCain/Obama continue their childish finger pointing.

For years projects such as this have been touted as "economic development" have wasted billions of tax dollars and produce nothing. The Trainstation Foundation (the pseudo non-profit that owns this thing) claims to be talking to lots of people interested in renting this its 3000 square foot hall (or 1600 square foot second floor) for parties, weddings, and mud wrestling contests.

It seems they don't expect much business as the press reports they have set aside $400,000 to cover operating costs. They claim to have 20 events booked for the coming months.

One event sure to fire Bristol up is the "Return to Roots" gala on September 19 feathering Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. This is an "invitation only" party and common white-trash residents and the folks in the nearby public housing project are barred from the event.

Return to Roots is another taxpayer funded pseudo-agency that encourages the thousands of the regions former residents to return and take our many high paying jobs in the region. The only problem is their website only lists what the Employment Commission lists such as local school systems that aren't hiring.

There is an effort to force the taxpayers to fund passenger rail to Bristol, but lack of funds and no demand make this unlikely. But if they ever do, Bristol stands ready.

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