Johnson City Plagued by Illegal Alien Crime

by Lewis Loflin

The problem with illegal immigration is all the other crime it causes. Everything from drug running to identity theft. While the political left expands the low achieving welfare class (thus their voting power), business is able to destroy wages and drive down the living standards of those without advanced four-year degrees. This is a further example of the typical crime wave in this region from mainly Mexicans and Central Americans.

On July 5, 2011, officers of the Johnson City Police Department arrested Cuautemoc Castro Martinez, 32 yoa, 1001 East Watauga Avenue, Johnson City, Tennessee. Mr. Martinez was charged with Identity Theft. The arrest was the result of an investigation where Mr. Jesus Gomez, Nampa, Idaho filed a report with the Johnson City Police Department that his name and personal identifiers were being used in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The investigation found Mr. Cuautemoc Martinez had used the information to obtain employment and created false income tax returns for Mr. Gomez. Mr. Martinez is currently being held in the Washington County Detention Center in lieu of a $10,000.00 bond. He is scheduled to appear in the Washington County General Sessions Court on July 6, 2011 for an arraignment. Ref. Johnson City Police

While this judge threw the book at the two people below, nothing was done about the illegal aliens using their services and very little with the Garcia Labor Company of Morristown that finally got nailed in Wilmington, Ohio for supplying over 1000 illegal aliens to cargo firm DHS. They also flooded this area with illegal aliens that have displaced scores of local workers and driven down our already depressed wage scales.

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Judge detains two arrested for scam targeting (illegal) immigrants

Published: October 07, 2010 Johnson City, Tenn.

UPDATE: A Federal Court judge ruled Thursday to keep Debra Lynn Gouge and Jawad Lashin in jail until their trial on February 22 of next year (2011).

The two appeared for a detention hearing Wednesday where prosecutors tried to convince the judge both were a flight risk and a danger to the community. The judge told the court he needed the night to decide, and issued his decision Thursday morning. In his decision, he wrote both were at serious risk for not appearing at their trial and both were a serious risk to the safety of another person and the community.

U.S. Marshals arrested the pair after a grand jury indicted them on 36 counts of wire fraud and aiding and abetting wire fraud in Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. According to the indictment, Gouge operated a business called DG Enterprises between 2006 and 2008. She allegedly devised and ran the scheme with the help of Lashin.

The two would allegedly solicit business from Spanish-speaking undocumented immigrants and their employers. Those clients would hand over thousands of dollars in exchange for help gaining lawful resident status for themselves or their employees. But, according to the indictment, Gouge and Lashin had no intention of completing the work orders.

Update July 06, 2011 Greeneville: U.S. District Court Judge Ronnie Greer issued the 57-month term against 53-year-old Gouge.

Prosecutors said Debra Lynn Gouge created elaborate scams. Her victims were (illegal) immigrants in the Tri-Cities and the Social Security Administration because she received disability benefits to which she was not entitled.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Helen Smith pushed for the maximum sentence. She said Gouge defrauded (illegal) immigrants and the government in a series of scams where she posed as an immigration specialist.

Greer also sentenced 32-year-old Jawad Lashin to 32 months in prison and deportation to Israel. Prosecutors described Lashin as Gouge's bodyguard and heavily involved in the immigration scheme.

In her sentence memorandum, Smith wrote "Gouge's last record of legitimate gainful employment was more than 20 years ago; since that time, she has relied on deceit, her family, and her disabilities to provide her livelihood. Her major life activity is fraud." Smith went on to say that Gouge can afford to pay more than $150,000 dollars in restitution. Judge Greer ruled that Gouge will have to pay that money to the court.