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Suspect in deaths of 4 men at NC store in U.S. illegally

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MOUNT AIRY, N.C. (AP) - Authorities say the suspect in the killing of four men outside a North Carolina store was in the U.S. illegally and had been deported before. He shot the four victims using a high-powered assault rifle in the parking lot of two Worth Street businesses, Wood's TV Inc. and Chilton Insurance Group Inc.

Those killed Sunday included brothers Javier Manuel Martinez, 21, and Juan Manuel Martinez, 26; their cousin, Victor Alfonso Martinez-Jimemiz, 22; and Marcos Oviedo Aguilar, 22, a friend of the three. All lived in the Mount Airy-Surry County area.

Federal immigration officials told The Mount Airy News that 26-year-old Marcos Gonzalez was sent out of the county in 2007 after serving a prison sentence for kidnapping. In reacting to this disclosure Friday afternoon, Mount Airy Police Chief Dale Watson indicated that it makes the circumstances behind Sunday's fatal shootings all the more disturbing.

"It's just very troublesome that he was deported at one point and then did get access back into our country," Watson said of the alleged murderer and his illegal immigration status. The police chief added that the ability of such individuals to re-enter the U.S. is a major problem for law enforcement in trying to keep communities safe.

Now the absurd: officials that have refused to secure our borders claim he will be deported by ICE after hew serves his sentence! Barbara Gonzalez, who handles ICE activities in North Carolina, said that Marcos Gonzalez was in fact deported after his release from prison, only to illegally re-enter the country.

"ICE has lodged a detainer against Mr. Gonzalez" for immigration violations, she added Friday of his present status. If the illegal immigrant were to receive a prison sentence in North Carolina for the latest crime, under the new detainer "we will reinstate his prior removal once he is transferred into our custody," the ICE official said. Assuming such an incarceration occurs, "he will be turned over to ICE custody upon the completion of his prison term," she added.

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