Illegal alien attacks pregnant girlfriend in Kingsport and more

The Kingsport Times-News (December 8th, 2008) reports Kingsport police arrested 27 year-old Feliciano Morales Flores, an apparent illegal alien. He beat up his pregnant girlfriend, Alicia Faye Byington of Rogersville. He "grabbed Byington by the arm, punched her in the mouth, threw her on a couch, hit her in the abdomen and threatened her with a large (6-8 inch) kitchen knife. She is four months pregnant.

According to reports police they found a permanent resident card and a Social Security card in Flores' possession that appeared to be fakes. Flores told police he's been here illegally for the past five years and that he bought the cards for $2 apiece in Morristown. Police took Flores to jail on one count of aggravated assault and two counts of criminal simulation."

Heated opinions on illegal immigration at the Bradley County (TN) courthouse. According to,

The meeting of concerned citizens was organized by Bradley County resident Noella Oberlin who is herself an immigrant. Oberlin says there is a right way and a wrong way to come to the United States. She says those who don't go through the immigration process shouldn't be here and many in attendance agree.

"(Mike Cecil - Concerned Citizen) People are just tired of it, and they're tired of them getting a free ride and us who've been here and paid our taxes, paid our dues to this country can't even get it." Cecil says he was recently forced to move because of the violent activity of illegal aliens in his neighborhood.

Bradley County as of 2000, the population was 87,965. The 2005 Census Estimate placed the population at 92,092. Its county seat is Cleveland. It sits on the Georgia border south of Knoxville.

Who is Noella?

According to, Noella Oberlin, an immigrant from New Zealand, has emerged as one of the leaders of the immigration reform movement in her adopted state of Tennessee. Noella has recently formed Tennessee Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (TFIRE), inspired by her own immigrant experience and her anger over millions of illegal aliens demanding to be rewarded for breaking the law.

But even before founding TFIRE, Noella waged a sometimes lonely campaign to ensure that the immigration laws that she - and millions of other proud Americans followed in order to become citizens of this country - were upheld by federal, state and local government officials.

Noella has fought hard in Tennessee to win approval of tough state enforcement measures, similar to those passed in other states, by meeting with lawmakers in Nashville, the state capital. Twice, the Tennessee legislature passed state-based enforcement measures, only to see them vetoed by Gov. Phil Bredeson. Undeterred, Noella and TFIRE will be back this year to rally public support for a state bill modeled after Arizona's Proposition 200.

Noella came to the United States in 1971. A U.S. Air Force veteran, she proudly wore her uniform as she became a citizen in 1975. Like millions of other Americans native born and legal immigrants she watched in dismay as law-abiding, hard-working people lost jobs as a result of illegal immigration while government officials turned a blind eye to countless abuses of our immigration system.

As for our good Gov. Phil Bredeson, he's stuck with as much as a $1 billion budget shortfall for 2008. Illegal aliens cost Tennessee over $300 million in service alone, not counting depressed wages and dislocation of legal residents. This is according to News Chanel 5 in Nashville. To quote,

It is close to $300 million every year, according to the study conducted the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a nonprofit research group. It contradicts a report by the state comptroller's office released in August that indicated undocumented immigrants boosted the economy and did not take jobs from any Tennessee workers...The cost is $255 million each year for education from kindergarten through the twelfth grade and ESL programs. Martin estimates an additional $30 million is spent on healthcare and incarceration, bringing the total to $285 million.

How does this report differ from the state comptroller's report? "One of the main differences the comptroller's report was also trying to calculate the value of goods and services provided by the illegal immigrants," Martin said. "And that doesn't really make any sense unless you're working on the assumption that those jobs wouldn't be done by Americans if the illegal immigrants were not taking those jobs." Martin doesn't believe the immigrants are doing jobs Americans workers would not do. "There's no job in the United States being done only by illegal aliens, so you know there are Americans working alongside illegal aliens," he said.

It's everywhere

(New York) Since 2000, the Dominican Republic, China and Mexico have sent the most people to New York: 81,000, 77,000 and 69,000. There were also large influxes of immigrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan, and from Ghana and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. (First-and second-generation Africans and Caribbean immigrants now account for about 4 in 10 of the city's black residents.) In the Bronx, the flow of Dominicans and Mexicans helped push the Hispanic population past 51 percent.

Over all, the proportion of New Yorkers born abroad remained around 37 percent, the same as in 2000. But the proportion of foreign born who are American citizens passed a tipping point, to 50.8 percent in 2007 from 45 percent in 2000. Ref. New York Times December 9, 2008.

They never separate illegal aliens from legal immigrants. This also reflects the fact most of this immigrants are illiterate, unskilled, third-world types. But also according to the New York Times (July 14, 2008) "Under the new model, announced by Linda I. Gibbs, the city's deputy mayor for health and human services, at the N.A.A.C.P.'s annual convention in Cincinnati, the poverty rate in New York City would increase to 23 percent of the population, compared with the official level of roughly 19 percent." So why with almost one-fourth of the population in poverty, do they keep allowing in more poor people?

To quote, "Under the new calculus, the poverty threshold for a family of two adults and two children in New York City would be a $26,138 annual income compared with the official level of $20,444." Who could live on that in any large urban area? We really couldn't live on that in Appalachia. Choking off massive immigration would raise the living standards of many of the poor in New York City and America in general.