Bristol Washington County loses 422 Jobs 2016

by Lewis Loflin

Update 2018: Bristol Compressors Fiasco - Plant Closing

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Update May 20, 2016 - 12 workers fired at Emory & Henry College due to "restructuring". This comes after weeks of hysterical hell raising by the poor little cupcakes (students) over "safe spaces" and demands for more "diversity" racism.

Bristol Compressors has announced the layoff of another 120 workers. Update July 2016: make that another 60 layoffs totaling 180. Last year Bristol Compressors was whining about the shortage of workers in the community. As usual the corporate hacks complaining about labor shortages then turn around and fire workers. Often the community comes back a short while later, with the company demanding corporate welfare and handouts, claiming new jobs for what in fact our rehires.

Bristol Compressors has a long history of hire and fire and has collected around $2.6 million in corporate welfare and kickbacks from local government. Located in the Bristol Washington County Industrial Park the company will now employ about 540 workers down from 2400 it used to employ.

Rick Nunley executive director of human resources claims this is only temporary because of softening market conditions in the Middle East. That's what they said before they fired the other 1800 workers. They call this latest layoff "restructuring". Reference Bristol Herald Courier May 17, 2016.

Update July 2016: Here we go again another 180 layoffs May-July 2016. See the following:

Many of the employees are planning to leave the area because the chance of getting any kind of decent job is remote. This layoff comes on the heels of the loss of 230 jobs at the Ball Company closure. While Bristol Compressors is a low-wage bottom feeder employer, the jobs at Ball were good paying union wage jobs. Bristol and Southwest Virginia is extremely hostile to unions. But even being mainly nonunion doesn't seem to help to stem the layoffs and downsizing. Many of the communities have given up trying to even recruit middle-class jobs, but instead concentrate on retail, tourism, and call centers. Posted May 18, 2016.