$30,000 Public Funds Wasted in Washington County Virginia

by Lewis Loflin


Tax dollars squandered again on feel-good nonsense touted as business development. Damascus resident Katie Lamb will get $15,000 to help her open something called "Me and the Little Tree Studio and Boutique. She said she was "floored" with the gift. The idiots behind this include the Chamber of Commerce, the failed Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator, and the nonsense Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity.

I kid you not the Dept. of Supplier Diversity! Who pays the bills? Washington County IDA, Town of Abingdon, and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. Nobody could make this up.

While I'm sure Ms. Lamb is happy we just lost another 200 good paying jobs as Ball Corp. shutters its Bristol facility. These were good jobs not low-end retail jobs or stupid boutique type crap jobs we usually get.

You just can't fix stupid. Ref. BHC March 18, 2016.

TVA and Stupid Political Correctness

AP May 1, 2016: and ex-TVA manager confessed to passing nuclear secrets to China. China operates a vast espionage campaign though it citizens and businesses that operate in the U.S. The information went to state-controlled Chinese companies that build reactors.

Several Chinese nuclear engineers that should never has gotten a security clearance have been arrested. Ching Ning Guey who was born and Taiwan and became a US citizen. Also nailed was Szuhsiung Ho and other helped China construct nuclear reactors. We have an insane program "for authorized persons to help develop nuclear materials outside the U.S." but these people weren't authorized.

This had been going on since 2004. In 2013 in a trip paid for by China Guey carried classified reports to China. He was paid over $15,000. With a surplus of native born American engineers why were these people hired at all?