Samuel P Eanes
Samuel P Eanes

Wanted felon smashes cruiser window gets tasered

Wanted Felon captured during traffic stop, smashes window out of cruiser in attempt to escape, Recaptured by utilizing Taser.

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, Investigators arrested: Samuel P Eanes, age 37, 158 Oak Grove Rd #5, Gray; following traffic stop for a minor traffic infraction. During the traffic stop Eanes represented himself as another person in an attempt to fool the Investigator.

Eanes true identity was quickly verified and so were numerous outstanding Felony and misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. Eanes was handcuffed and placed in the back seat of the Investigators cruiser. While the Investigator continued processing the other occupants of the vehicle Eanes slipped his cuffed hands around to his front and smashed out the driver's side rear window, escaping the vehicle by sliding out through the window opening.

Eanes attempted to flee on foot, but tripped falling across the centerline of Old Gray Station Road nearly being struck by a passing vehicle. The Investigator quickly caught up to Eanes, issued commands which Eanes failed to follow, and he was tased. Eanes became cooperative offering no further resistance to the Investigators. He was transported to Washington County Detention center, where he was treated for minor injuries sustained from glass cuts, falling on asphalt and a Taser deployment.

Eanes was charged with Driving on a Suspended License, Financial Responsibility, Vandalism, Escape, and Criminal Impersonation; along with being served with outstanding warrants for: Violation of Probation, Violation of Order of Protection, Evading Arrest, Driving on Suspended License and Aggravated Burglary.

Eanes' total bond was set at $86,000. His initial appearance was this morning in Sessions Court. His court date for Criminal Court is scheduled for the Next Term. December 12, 2012