Blacks killed by Blacks Washington, DC.

Virginia Crime Roundup 2012

by Lewis Loflin

In 2014 I pulled the incidents from the Roanoke police for January to the first week of June. I was surprised by the number of blacks - Roanoke is about 26% black.

In the ones where race was identified as 14 black, 4 white, 4 unknown. When I used the 2012 State Police crime report they revealed there's no criminal category for Hispanics so their high crime rates inflate the white rate because they are counted as white - so white here is white/Hispanic and really everyone else. Asians by far have the LOWEST crime rates.

Blacks are about 20% of the Virginia population, Hispanics about 8%.

Blacks per capita commit 10.3 times the murders of whites in Virginia.

Blacks per capita commit 3.45 times the rapes of whites. There were 231 more white victims of rape than white offenders but 184 more black offenders than black victims. National stats show white on black sexual assaults are virtually zero. Do the math.

Blacks per capita commit 15 times the robberies of whites in Virginia.

Blacks per capita commit 4.6 times the assaults of whites in Virginia.

Blacks per capita commit 3.6 times the burglaries of whites in Virginia.

Conclusions: while the above figures are rough they correspond closely with arrests and subjects in Roanoke. Likely the 4 unknowns are also black.

In 2012 there were 20,277 victims. White victims 11,314; Black victims 8,311. 41% of victims were black. 59% of the victims are non-black.

In 2012 there were 19,954 offenders. White offenders 8,070; Black offenders 11,347. 56% of violent offenders are blacks while 44% of the offenders are non-black.

Interracial violence and crime are over whelming Black on White, Asian, and Hispanic. If interracial crime were elevated as it should to hate crimes blacks would be the main offenders by far.

Offences per 100,000:

Bristol Va 8654 Pop. 17,702; 6440 in 2015
Charlottesville 7949 Pop. 45,073; 6349 in 2015
Danville 12,313 Pop. 43,400; 11,800 in 2015
Emporia 11,564 Pop. 5932; 12,512 in 2015
Franklin 11,041 Pop. 8839; 10,568 in 2015
Fredericksburg 9995 Pop. 26,024; 10,812 in 2015
Galax 9810 Pop. 7176; 9470 in 2015
Richmond 10,454 Pop. 208,834; 9600 in 2015
Roanoke 13,750 Pop. 98,641; 10,776 in 2015

Virginia Beach 5803 Pop. 447,489; 5108 in 2015

Virginia Beach has one of the lowest crime rates with the largest population. Roanoke has the highest crime rates in Virginia in 2012.

Forcible rape total offenders 1526.

Forcible rape victims white 978 or 64%; Black 447 or 29%; the rest Asian/unknown.

Forcible rape offenders white 747 or 49%; Black 638 or 41%.

White/Hispanics are 75% of the population and commit 49% of the rapes. 49 / 75 = 0.65.

Blacks at 19.6% of the population committed 41% of the forcible rapes. 41 / 19.6 = 2.1.

Summary Virginia crime for 2015: Black males ~7% of the population commit over half of all the violent crime in Virginia including the majority of murders, three-fourths of the robberies, over half the assaults, and almost half the burglaries.

In Norfolk the press even tried to cover up a violent racial attack on their own reporters! The attitude of the police was appalling. Another man was nearly killed in DC for asking a black male to not litter in front of his apartment. Murder victims includes a black kid, a teenage white girl, a pizza shop worker, another man beat nearly to death by black gang. Now the same black on black killing and violence has come to Bristol as I will be reporting.

The idea is not to deride anyone but force the Press to stop hiding the facts so we can address the problem.