Killers of Matthew Chew, Idris Elahi, Rahshad Perry, Matias Perry, Brian Rabell, and Tyree Bundy.
Killers of Matthew Chew, Idris Elahi, Rahshad Perry, Matias Perry, Brian Rabell, and Tyree Bundy.

6 Black Teenagers Murder Pizza Shop Worker

by Lewis Loflin

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24-year-old Tyree Bundy is expected to be released around Sept. 18 2017. after being granted parole. Brian Rabell and Marquis Singleton were denied parole.

"Why? Why is this happening to me?" These were the last dying words of Matthew Chew as he bleed to death after being stabbed multiple times in the abdomen by a gang of black teenagers. The murder weapon has never been recovered.

19-year-old Idris Elahi was sentenced in New London Superior Court to 35 years in prison for Matthew's murder. He was 17 at the time and it's likely the other six thugs will get plea bargains.

How did this come about? The gang was at Elahi's house and got "hyped" up over some TV program. Another defendant Rahshad Perry dared Elahi to kill somebody so the gang went hunting for a victim.

25-year-old Matthew Chew had just left his job at Two Wives Brick Oven Pizza October 29th, 2010 in New London, Connecticut. He would never make it home as a gang of six black teenagers attacked him. Stabbed multiple times, he tried to crawl to his place of employment and died on the street.

His black co-worker Kenny Mitchell said, "The mood's been really somber around here." Matthew's picture still hangs at the Two Wives restaurant and his pear and gorgonzola pizza still tops the specials menu. Kenny says Matthew was "a musician, an artist, and a friend."

A month later six teens were arrested in connection with the Chew murder. Two 17-year-olds are believed to be the ones that were armed with knives and are charged with murder while their four buddies are charged with accessory to murder.

But the police wanted the issue swept under the racial rug. They claim they can't find a motive and the poor kids were just "bored." They shrug off as just another everyday event. Perhaps it is. Demands for hate crime charges would be ignored anyway. Oddly, or perhaps not, Al Sharpton is nowhere to be found.

After all he flew to Jena, Louisiana to defend the notorious 'Jena Six' a group of six young black males that attacked, beat, and tried to kill a young white boy. The six blacks, most with prior criminal records, were treated as victims in the press and by civil rights advocates. But only silence for Matthew Chew.

So what is the problem with Matthew Chew? Matthew is white and like the 'Jena Six' the thugs were black. But unlike the Jena attack there were no school officials or police around to stop the "bored" youth. The New London Six succeeded in their goal to kill a white.

If this really had been six whites murdering a lone black for whatever reason, Al Sharpton and the race baiting liberal press would be camping out at the local courthouse.

Matthew Chew
Matthew Chew

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010 police made the arrests. Seventeen-year-old Idris Elahi was arrested and charged in the murder of 25-year-old Matthew Chew of New London. He is being held on $1.5 million bond. He was later sentenced to 35 years.

Police later announced the arrest of four other suspects, all from New London, for accessory to murder. All four are being held on $500,000 bond. They are: 17-year-old Matias Perry of New London, 18-year-old Brian Rabell, 17-year-old Rashad Perry and 18-year-old Tyree Bundy. Later Tuesday evening, 17-year-old Marquis Singleton surrendered to police.

Update: 12/21/2012 - Rahshad Perry and Matias Perry, both 19, have pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and will be sentenced to 15-year prison sentences. Brian Rabell and Tyree Bundy, cooperating defendants, also pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and will be sentenced to eight years in prison. The 6th defendant Marquis Singleton has refused the plea deal. He is charged with murder and facing up to 60 years in prison. The judge urged him to reconsider.

To quote on the attack,

During a probable cause hearing for Elahi, Singleton testified that he participated in the assault. (New London Superior Court Judge Susan) Handy said that the testimony could be used against him at trial.
According to court testimony, the six teens gathered at the home of Elahi, where they decided to go out and jump somebody at random. Two of the teens then decided that they would do something more serious.
The group headed downtown in search of a victim. The teens spotted Chew and then split up "in case he tried to run" when they attacked him, Singleton testified. Matias Perry asked Chew if he had a lighter and then hit him on the left side of the face when Chew reached into his pocket. Singleton said he then hit Chew on the right side of the face. Then the rest of the teens joined in on the attack.
Singleton testified that he went home and started crying because "somebody got hurt." He said he was unaware that Chew had died until Matias Perry called him the next morning and said, "We caught a body."

Singleton Goes to Prison

Marquis Singleton, 19, will serve 16 years in prison, suspended after eight years, with five years of probation. As with the other defendants sentenced this week, Singleton must obey the law, have no contact with Chew's family or his co-defendants, pay the Chew family $4,200 in restitution, not possess any weapons, undergo psychiatric and substance abuse evaluation and treatment if necessary, pursue his education, complete at least 15 hours of community service each week if not employed, and have no contact with drug users, drug dealers, gang members, of convicted felons.

A Talent show?

Instead of addressing violent minority crime across Connecticut, activists started a talent show for the typical "healing" of the community. To quote,

In the fall of 2010, the murder of Matthew Chew – committed by six teenagers – sowed anger, division and fear in New London. While residents argued how to respond to the tragedy, a group came together to stage a talent show at the Garde Arts Center. Over the next ten years, the annual New London Talent Show provided an outlet for young people in New London and the surrounding communities to express themselves, overcome obstacles and bridge divides.

Ref. banner.

All of the excuses about poverty, white racism, etc. causing these savages to act like this isn't worth my time.

Female victims of black violence.

The press has created a hysterical circus when three white men were wrongly accused of raping a black prostitute. Yet virtually nothing on the brutal Knoxville carjacking, rape, and murder of two white kids. Even my local paper the Bristol Herald Courier wouldn't cover the killings 90 miles away while running reports on nonsense across the country. They were angry when I called them on it. They started carrying the reports.

Regardless of the level of violence inflicted on the white victims the five gang members dodged the death penalty they deserved.

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