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Just some of the 15 black teenagers attacking whites in Chicago.
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Facts on Black Crime in Connecticut

by Lewis Loflin

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About New London, Connecticut. The City has become a third-world crime zone. According to the 2006-2008 American Community Survey, non-Hispanic whites made up 54.6% of New London's population. Non-Hispanic blacks made up 14.0% of the population. Asians of non-Hispanic origin made up 4.6% of the city's population. The state population in general is 82% white.

To quote "New London's property crime levels tend to be higher than Connecticut's average level. The same data shows violent crime levels in New London tend to be much higher than Connecticut's average level."

In 2010 Connecticut had a black population of 9.1 percent and a white population of about 81.6%.

Murders by race Connecticut

In the table above blacks at less than 10% of the population commit over half the murders in Connecticut. In other words blacks commit murder at a ratio of over 10 times whites. It is odd why there are so many unknowns except in 2001. Much of this is mainly black males at about 4.5% of the population.

Robbery by race Connecticut

In the above table blacks (the ones they caught) commit robbery at a rate of ten times whites and commit over half of all robberies in Connecticut by 2003. *For 2001 and 2000 the statistics were reported as White, Black, and "Other Race"

Rapes by race in Connecticut

The above table produces an even more troubling statistic. Assuming nearly all rapes are committed by males and a black population of about 9%, black males about 4.5%, then 4.5% of the population commits one-third of the rapes in Connecticut. This is even worse than here in Virginia where black males at 10% of the population commits 37% of the rapes.

Aggravated assault by race in Connecticut

This final table is arrests for aggravated assault. Most of this again is black males (4.5% of the population) are arrested for almost 38% of the assaults. In conclusion one-third to one-half the violent crime in Connecticut is committed by black males at 4.5% of the population.

By: George Coppolo, Chief Attorney, Kevin McCarthy, Principal Analyst.

To quote:

Offender Rate: Based on information contained in the Uniform Crime Reports from 2000 to 2004, and in the U. S. Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program (1/4/08), we were able to prepare estimates on the arrest rates for certain crimes broken down by race. This data indicates that the arrest rate for blacks for murder was 10 to 15 times as high as for whites, five to six times the rate for whites for sexual assault, eight to nine times as high for robbery, four to five times as high for aggravated assault, and between two to three times as high for burglary.

Facts are not racism, go argue with the liberal state of Connecticut.