Let the Phony Deists Eat Cake

by Lewis Loflin

A Christian baker doesn't want to bake a cake, etc. for a homosexual wedding.

The owner claims her religious rights enable her to refuse the service that's freely available elsewhere and has nothing to do with saving a life such as a medical emergency or refusing to render aid.

She gets fined over $135,000, is ruined, and could face possible prison. This tactic is never used against Muslims, but is targeted at Christians.

Yet liberal/DNC affiliated groups committed over 650 violent riots causing billions in damage and dozens killed - they walk free.

What outraged me was the attack on this woman's constitutional rights was cheered on and she was slimed on a so-called "Deist" Facebook group dominated by secular Humanists and New Age gnostics and mystics. This is my response.

There are so many violations of the Constitution and individual rights I could write a book. This is clearly an attack on the rights of the bakery owner because she is Christian.

She has every right to refuse any non-vital service to anyone for any reason including religious beliefs.

The State acted in a fascist manner to force the personal culture and beliefs of one hostile party onto another.

We have an absolute constitutional right to freedom of association. That also includes the right not to associate with others in particular those hostile to ones beliefs and culture.

Homosexuals or any other consenting adults have the right to engage in most forms of "sex" in private - the state has no business in ones bedroom unless children are involved - children are considered not able to consent to such actions.

Yet today even this is violated as government institutions such as schools, etc. "groom" children into homosexuality and promote gender confusion.

Those who assault and beat up homosexuals for any reason committed a crime and should face jail. They should face jail based on their action, not the "identity" of the victim.

A man in Iowa that burned a gay pride flag got 15 years in prison. (Note there were other minor charges included.)

A gang of black teenagers executed (shot to death) a 12-year-old white girl during a home invasion in North Carolina. None got anywhere near 15 year sentences, most went free or served a few years.

Hate crime laws create an unconstitutional two-tier legal system where separate victims of the very same crime have differing standards.

We have perpetrators face unequal and differing legal standards based on race, sexual identity, etc. That is a violation of equal treatment under the law and is a dangerous foray into thought crimes.

There's no constitutional right for homosexuals to demand special accommodation, to be pandered to, etc. They have no right to force others or get the state to participate in what many consider a chosen lifestyle.

Others have a right, be it childish and immature, to call them names, but that doesn't include inciting violence.

The same thing about forcing communities to allow the sexually confused and sexual perverts access to the bathrooms of the opposite gender.

Gender is strictly a product of biology, not mental state or what they feel they are.

Transgenderism is total nonsense, a cover for homosexuality and mental illness. We have the right to reject it and there's no constitutional right to force others to pander to or humor you. There's no right not to have your feelings hurt.

This is another example of irrationalism run amok - children can't consent to sex with adults (yet and they are working on it), but can claim a gender opposite of their proven biology. Show me a transgender man that claims to be a woman having a baby.

Post-modernist nutjobs claim gender is a "social construct", which is utter irrational nonsense. They have no right to demand others pander to or go along with this insanity. Again prove a man has the same DNA as a women.

All of this was designed as an attack on liberty, culture, and traditions by non-liberal Liberals and we have every right to resist. Never would I have believed people can go to prison and be denied their most basic constitutional rights over a damned cake. It's called fascism and to quote Tammy Bruce herself gay,

"The Left in the last 8 years we have learned they are fascists...the election is a message of us rejecting political correctness and the culture of intimidation...Americans are saying enough is enough with the culture of intimidation. Enough of attacking individuals because of their faith especially coming from the gay community.

As a gay women I find it outrageous that we are attacking people simply because of who they are...as a gay person, as an American, it's about individual liberty and personal freedom and that is what this election was about. I hope Americans are standing up against bullies...we have to stand up against the American Left."

As Deists we must go back to supporting and protecting individual liberty and an end to thought crimes. Differing legal standards for different people turns the legal system into chaos and is often used as weapon of intimidation and outright legal terror. This robs citizens of their actual constitutional right of living in peace.

Manufactured special "rights" or "identity" for the sole use of attacking the liberties of others are to be strongly opposed. Keep your sexual habits in your damn bedroom and we will keep the government out of that bedroom. Homosexuality is a behavior, not a race. Believing oneself to be a cat doesn't make one a cat, just crazy.

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