William Raynard Newkirk Jr.

Black-on-Black Violence in Tri-Cities Virginia-Tennessee

by Lewis Loflin

Black-on-black violence is not just Chicago. We have this in Tri-Cities too.

On Monday, August 6, 2018 a drive by shooting at Johnson Court (public housing) left bullet holes in cars, etc. 5 shell casings were found believed to have come from a handgun. Possible gang activity is believed to be involved. The shooters were reported as black. A black-on-black killing in Kingsport may have led to a women being shot in Bristol in possible retaliation.

African American armed teenager William Raynard Newkirk Jr., 16 of Bristol Virginia was arrested for the murder Brett Rogers, 20 years old, in Kingsport. He was shot in the chest. Rogers was from Bristol and they likely knew each other before the incident.

Both are black. Newkirk was arrested at his home on Russell Ave. Bristol Virginia. Another man Tony Nguyen was also wounded. Rogers was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Some kind of altercation occurred inside the now shut down Hog Wild Saloon. The African American teenager shot up the parking lot outside the business. But that not the only fun on a typical night for African American teenagers.

To quote,

"Bristol, Virginia police believe a shooting at the Eastridge Apartments only a couple hours later was in retaliation to the shooting at Hog Wild Saloon, though they haven't been able to figure out who pulled the trigger. A woman was hospitalized with serious injuries but is recovering well, according to police."

She should recover. The woman was shot at Eastridge Apartments housing project - Russell Street is in the middle of public housing. No description of the woman is available.

African American teenager William Newkirk was denied bond. He is charged with murder and is being held at a Johnson City juvenile detention center.

Typical black-on-black killing ignored by the press.

Another black on black killing in Johnson City took the life of a Bristol basketball player, while four blacks laughed at a judge as they were being processed on gang rape charges. One black male was killed by three others over a drug deal, two more blacks were executed in a Kingsport candle shop by another gang of blacks. That was also over drug dealing.

In 2017 African American male Jamarcus Lavelle Jackson was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the 2nd degree murder of "DeShaun Wesley Greer, 24, 1412 E. Cedar St., Bristol, Va., and trying to kill Jamison Lewis Greer, 20, same address."

This is another typical black-on-black killing nobody wants to address.

Jackson had six previous felonies, a model citizen that if he was in jail where he belonged this wouldn't have occurred.

Greer was a basketball player with King University.

Some sources quote Jackson saying his criminal record kept him from getting a job... Read more.

Summary Virginia crime for 2015: Blacks commit over half of all the violent crime in Virginia including the majority of murders, three-fourths of the robberies, over half the assaults, and almost half the burglaries.

In Norfolk the press even tried to cover up a violent racial attack on their own reporters! The attitude of the police was appalling. Another man was nearly killed in DC for asking a black male to not litter in front of his apartment. Murder victims includes a black kid, a teenage white girl, a pizza shop worker, another man beat nearly to death by black gang. Now the same black on black killing and violence has come to Bristol as I will be reporting.

The idea is not to deride anyone but force the Press to stop hiding the facts so we can address the problem.

Chicago Racial Violence Update

Ref. Aug. 4-5 weekend 71 shot 11-12 dead. 12,601 shot since 2012. Ref. Conservative Tribune Aug. 9, 2018.

US dead in Afghanistan: 2016 - 14; 2017 - 15; 2018 - 2?

In Chicago, 1,876 people have been shot this year. That is 473 fewer than 2017. Data through Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

Since 2001, Chicago has experienced 7,916 murders (as of September 06, 2016). The number of Americans killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was 2,384 and 4,504 respectively since 2001.

Source: www.forbes.com as of Sep. 8, 2016

Female victims of black violence.

Summary Virginia crime for 2015: Black males ~7% of the population commit over half of all the violent crime in Virginia including the majority of murders, three-fourths of the robberies, over half the assaults, and almost half the burglaries.