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Gender Apartheid at Virginia Tech, Six Flags, and Honor Killings

What is it Muslims don't understand? If one wants to enjoy the advantage of living in a free nation, they must accept what makes that nation successful and reject the very things that make nearly every Muslim nation a failure. What is not acceptable is pandering to Muslim (or any other culture) in violation of our own laws.

Nothing illustrates this more than what is going on at Virginia Tech. Vile Saudi Islamists are demanding segregated male/female classes and the school is accommodating them. Other attempts include "Muslim only" days at amusement parks such as Six Flags. In no manner should the west pander to Islamist' religious or social apartheid.

Gender-Split Saudi Faculty Roils Va. Tech

The Associated Press
August 10, 2005

RICHMOND, Va. -- The creation of gender-segregated classes at Virginia Tech for visiting faculty from Saudi Arabia is drawing complaints from professors, who say a state-supported school shouldn't promote discrimination. King Abdulaziz University paid Virginia Tech $246,000 to design and operate the faculty development program this summer. The courses include topics such as Web site development and online instruction, but in keeping with the preferences of the Saudi university, the university created separate classes for the approximately 30 male and 30 female faculty members.

Eloise Coupey, an associate professor of marketing at the Virginia Tech, filed a complaint with the school Tuesday alleging the single-sex classes created a hostile environment for women."The presence of these segregated classes on campus indicates to me that the university doesn't place a strong enough value on women's rights," Coupey said Wednesday. "This makes me feel that the university holds me in less regard than my male counterparts."

A message left for university spokesman Larry Hincker seeking comment wasn't immediately returned. Provost Mark McNamee has said that the gender segregation isn't compatible with Virginia Tech's practices and called the controversy "a learning moment" that will help guide the university's future contracts with foreign universities."We regret that our internal review process did not anticipate this situation and develop a reasonable alternative in partnership with our visitors," McNamee said in a statement Tuesday to deans and department heads. The university, in Blacksburg, has allowed the classes to continue but has made the course segregation optional.

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Muslims Only???

by Daniel Pipes

"Muslims Only!" at the Six Flags Adventure Park The New Jersey branch of the Islamic Circle of North America ("The organization of Islamic Workers!") announces that Sept. 17 will be "The Great Muslim Adventure Day" at the local Six Flags Great Adventure Park. Not only is "This event is designed to provide entertainment for the entire family!" not only will Imam Zaid Shakir lead the Friday prayers at 2 p.m., and not only will the comedy routine "Allah Made Me Funny" show twice, but "Alhamdulillah, the entire park is reserved for Muslims only!"

If that message is not clear enough, the advertisement also states "First Time Ever! Entire park exclusively for Muslims!" One wonders how the organizers know who is a Muslim or not. Need one recite the shahada to enter the fairgrounds? It is scandalous that Six Flags - a publicly held corporation whose stock trades on the NYSE - allows such a restriction for access to its property. Oh, and will the employees also have to be Muslim? (September 10, 2004)

Sept. 15, 2004 update: Aaron Klein wrote about the "Muslims only!" policy at Six Flags Great Adventure on Sept. 13 and included a statement from a Six Flags executive stating that the park would be reserved for "Muslims and their friends" (a very different and quite acceptable formulation); Klein also quotes comments by Beila Rabinowitz (who first raised alarms about this issue) and myself disapproving of the ICNA statement.

Within hours of his article appearing, Klein today reports, "the ICNA website removed all references to exclusive use of the park," and indeed that is what one finds at its overhauled website. So, good news: entrants to the park will not have to establish their Muslim identities to enter the property.

Sept. 18, 2004 update: Not surprisingly, ICNA misstated what had happened at Six Flags. Here is the New York Times account:
Earlier this week, the words "for Muslims only" were removed from the sponsor's Internet advertisement for the event. Adem Carroll, a relief coordinator and spokesman for Islamic Circle of North America, said the event was never intended to exclude others, particularly because many of its members are in mixed families, with Muslims and non-Muslims. The intent instead was to provide a protected environment for those seeking to relax.

This is obviously self-contradictory. More dismaying yet is that Kristin Siebeneicher, Six Flags' spokeswoman, also distorted what happened. Here again is the Times account:

Siebeneicher said she spent the week in interviews with radio performers from New Jersey, California, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma who wanted to know why the park was turning its rides over to Muslims and shutting everyone else out for the day. "The concerns are that they believe the event is exclusionary," Ms. Siebeneicher said. "I don't think most people understood it was a day we're closed anyway, and we were not taking something away from the public to give to a private group."

This misstates the issue. It was not that the general public was excluded but that ICNA was imposing a "Muslims only!" policy. Why does a publicly held corporation dissemble like this? Surely, that cannot help a company already losing attendance and in financial trouble.

July 22, 2005 update: Here we go again. The Islamic Circle of North America's New Jersey branch announces:
Insha Allah, on September 16, 2005, the New Jersey theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure, is set to be transformed as 'The Great Muslim Adventure Day', an event organized by ICNA. This event is designed to provide entertainment for the entire family! Alhamdulillah, the entire park is reserved for Muslims!

I also have in my possession a paper flyer that uses similar words: "ALL DAY! ENTIRE PARK! RESERVED FOR MUSLIMS!"

Comment: When this formulation was exposed a year ago (see above entries), ICNA cancelled the "Muslims only" restriction and its spokesman reassuringly stated that the event was never intended to exclude others. So, why is it again "reserved for Muslims!" and what does Six Flags, Inc.have to say about this illegal restriction? Permalink

Outrage in Berlin

Berlin Germany is the home of 200,000 Muslims, mainly Turks. Berlin has been plagued by "honour killings" of women and girls at the hands of relatives. The reasons vary from opposing arranged marriages with relatives to leaving Islam or dating a non-Muslim boy.

Yet the Muslim authorities go to great pains to claim it's not Islam, but refuse to denounce it or stop it. The worst outrage is the refusal of German, Dutch, etc. authorities to equally enforce civil laws against Muslims. Muslim women don't deserve the same treatment of non-Muslim women. All of this is in the name of "multiculturalism. When the victims seek help from authorities, a Berlin social worker put it this way,

"It's natural that when something happens, people think we should respond. But it's not always the right thing to hold special events at these times, and then for it all to stop again. Our job is to explain Islam...

Excuse me??? Why is it a Muslim women isn't worth protection from violent Muslim culture? If we continue to allow these people to immigrate into the West, it's our way or the highway. That means they live under western laws and that the west equally enforces them.

Also see Turkey, Ataturk, and My Views, go down and see the section on the abuse of Turkish women.

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