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Republish the Danish Cartoons with No Apologies

Update by Lewis Loflin

Muslims are at it again in Denmark. "Danish newspapers republish Prophet cartoon" (Feb 13, 2008) according to Reuters. To quote, "The newspapers said they were republishing the drawing (above) in protest over a plot to murder the cartoonist." These pictures included the Prophet with a bomb in his turban -- drew attacks from Danish Islamists. "A Danish citizen of Moroccan descent and two Tunisians were arrested on Tuesday for planning to murder 73-year-old Kurt Westergaard, a cartoonist at Jyllands-Posten, the Danish paper that originally published the drawings in September 2005."

15 large and small Danish daily newspapers and a Swedish daily reprinted Westergaard's cartoon of Mohammad with a bomb in his turban in order to show freedom of speech is the law in the West, not evil Shari ah fascism. Muslims make up 3% of Denmark. Even the left-leaning Politiken reprinted the cartoon, and "called the murder plot an attack on Denmark's democratic culture." Perhaps the left is getting the message.

But Reuters continues, "Danish Muslim groups criticized the move as divisive, but said it regarded the issue as a local one on this occasion. "We believe this is very foolish and does not help building the bridges we need," said Mostafa Chendid, an imam at the Islamic Faith Community, a religious Muslim organization at the center of the first cartoon controversy. It will make our young people feel more isolated," he told Reuters. "The printing of the cartoon is an insult to our intellectual capacity."

This Islamist group in 2005 helped organize via Saudi Arabia the waves of rioting and murder over the cartoons. "It's the same picture, so it's ... just a republication of what was published before," Chendid said. "In the beginning it was pure provocation to Muslims. It's two different situations." In other words it backfired and they are backing off this time. To quote Reuters, "The group said it had no plans to travel or export this problem abroad." See what standing up to Islamists can accomplish?

The cartoons were also reprinted in French and German papers. This includes Franch Soir and they "said it had published the cartoons to show that "religious dogma" had no place in a secular society...Yes, we have the right to caricature God." They ran a front page cartoon of Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Christian gods floating on a cloud. And the paper said it had decided to republish them "because no religious dogma can impose itself on a democratic and secular society...(the cartoons)... has done nothing to maintain balance and mutual limits in democracy, respect of religious beliefs and freedom of expression." Die Welt and the Berliner Zeitung also reprinted some of the cartoons.

In summery we must reject all aspects of Muslim culture and Shari'ah Law that conflicts with individual liberty and western democracy. We must end this pandering to Islam and treat them as adults, holding them responsible for their actions. If Muslims want to live in the west and enjoy the prosperity and freedom that's impossible under their primitive and barbaric cultures, they will conform or get the hell out.

Support Denmark

by Lewis Loflin

To the Bristol Herald Courier February 20, 2006

Regarding this Muslim rioting and killing over some cartoons, all freedom loving people must stand with Denmark against Islamic fascism. This is further proof Islam is incompatible with civilized society and we must reconsider Muslim immigration into the West. It's time we start being "offended" by their barbaric behavior. Don't play the race card or political correctness with me. I have no problem with Arab Christians or Indian Hindus, often victims of Muslim violence as well. A play at a Christian Church in Egypt caused "offended" Muslims to riot and destroy seven churches.

I believe women have equal rights to men, Islam doesn't. In Pakistan a man murdered his stepdaughter who was accused of adultery, then murdered his other minor three daughters for "family honor." All legal in Muslim society, so where are the Liberals on this one? (AP Dec. 28) When a Muslim woman wanted to marry a Christian man, the so-called Palestinian Muslims murdered her and firebombed the entire Christian community. It's illegal for a Muslim women to marry a non-Muslim, but not vice-versa. Who says they just riot over pictures?

Muslims disseminate an endless stream of anti-Semitism and religious hate against Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists. Where's those yelling political correctness? The Left takes every opportunity to attack America, but makes excuses and blame us for Muslim violence. I don't see Christians or Hindus bombing subways or rioting.

Muslims come to the West to enjoy prosperity their own bankrupt culture could never provide, then sit in silence as savages in the name of Islam create havoc everywhere. They want us to apologize for offending them?

I posted those cartoons on my website and call on everyone to post them everywhere, including in the Herald Courier, in support of freedom. Freedom of religion, press, and expression are God-given rights, let's stand with Denmark.

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