Where is My Golden Parachute?

November 2, 2008 (IsraelNN.com) It's been several months since I stopped writing. I tried to tell myself it was because of several health issues that I had going on, not the least of which was (is?) a brain tumor that I've decided I'm going to have to coexist with and hope for the best. There is no Plan B, so, like the Israelis and Arabs living in a very small area called Israel are going to have to get along, "she" (my tumor) and I are going to have to share a space in peace in harmony.

Actually, now that I think about it, the State of Israel has less of a chance of getting through the future. It's not going to happen - the peace and harmony part, that is. Of course, the feeling of futility is doubled when I look at the situation of the Israelis and the total lack of leadership that is now making the decisions in that country.

I tried to tell myself that I had to learn to live cluelessly, like most of the others living in La-La Land, and save myself the stress. But it's not working. We are living in a rudderless ship and I realize that not only is there no captain, but the crew are pirates. We're in the middle of the Perfect Storm and told by idiots to "stay the course."

What course? I don't think I've ever been more alarmed or concerned about what is happening in my country or in Israel. What happened to the leadership? Going further, what happened to the press? Truly, there was a time when I was proud to tell people that I was a columnist. And, as far as my nationality, I now tell people I'm a Canadian. Especially waiters, so they won't spit in my food.

No wonder I don't want to write. Hell, I don't even want to read the newspaper. Actually, I wish that I were back in the days of Lindsey and her latest rehab trip, or Paris and her booking into jail. Or maybe I could complain about the lack of morality, with Britney and her underwear or lack thereof. Instead, I find myself refinancing my property to pay for the raise in taxes they've hit me with.

What really amazes me is how the groups of corrupt and inept politicians and bankers who got us in this mess in the first place are now touting what should be done. Immediately! We have presidential nominees who don't know diddly-squat about finance telling us, along with Congressmen and Senators, how to run the Treasury Department. Worse, President George W. Bush, who probably has a popularity rating of about 10 percent, is saying how he is for the 'plan' (whichever the one of the moment is).

With his track record, if he's for anything, then how good could it be? If I were going to trust anyone with making the decisions for us folks on Main Street, then where is Bill Gates or Mr. Walton from Wal-Mart? It just seems to me that discussions should be with those who have some sort of track record. Governor Bloomberg, are you working on it?

There was a time when I actually felt proud telling people that I was a columnist and journalist. I thought it a field that people might even look up to. Ah, that was before, in the days of Edward R. Murrow, Huntley-Brinkley and Walter Cronkite. These were smart people and they actually did a little investigative reporting. Today? What do we have?

A battalion of Barbie Dolls who all look gorgeous and even know how to read from a teleprompter; providing of course that the words they repeat aren't longer than two or three syllables. We have so dumbed down that those who are supposed to report to us haven't a clue as to how to do so.

We, the public, have our 'special needs' too. And it's not another road to nowhere or pork barrel sugar coating to allow the government to turn us from democracy to communism. Which, folks, it where we are rapidly heading today. Wasn't that what we learned in the Karl Marx manual, let the 'government' take over our banks and lending institutions, and give them unfettered control?

I will have to admit, however, that I saw a recent special about the Friends of Barak Hussein Obama on Fox by Sean Hannity which blew me away. It was one of the few investigative stories that I've seen which went into detail about the corrupt and dangerous background of the Manchurian Candidate, or The Man Who Would Be President.

It doesn't matter though. At least not in La-La Land. Everyone around me is walking around as though hypnotized by the Obama aura. Did Hitler get his start like that? He could speak to large crowds as one of the people who would bring "change". G-d forbid if I even suggest that the election of this man scares the living bee-gees out of me. Immediately, I'm accused of being prejudiced.

If I say, "It's not about race. I just don't want a Muslim as my president," either the people give me a glazed look or put their fingers in their ears and say, "La-La-La.... I'm not listening." My mother, Queen Mollie, was quick to point out, "Where's there's smoke, there's usually fire." Out here, in Los Angeles, the mass hysteria is so bad that you could show them a picture of Obama hugging Osama and they'll find an excuse for it.

In the midst of all the destruction of the political scene, deep down on the news lineup was the information that the corruption at Fannie and Freddie was widespread and commonly known as far back as 1999. Where was the Senate or House, or even the press outrage, then? Why would they be outraged? That might have upset the free ride that the CEOs and corrupt government leaders were getting during the neve rending days of golden parachutes and 'earmarks' for their 'special needs'.

As a single woman, I remember the hours spent with other women talking about how they've been mistreated by some man. They'd lament, "He made me lose my trust." We didn't know how lucky we were. Now, I walk around muttering, "I had trust in my government, my country - in both of them. What happened?" When did we outsource our future to Third World countries? I remember that I laughed when I found out the phones of both the White House and the IRS were being answered by residents of India or the Philippines. Well folks, I'm not laughing now.