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A Salute to Arlene Peck

by Lewis Loflin

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist, television talk show hostess, and most important, she tells the truth. She is the queen of political incorrectness in a world awash in lies and double-talk that often passes for journalism today. Arlene, I salute you!

Arlene Peck was born in Atlanta, Georgia, attended the University of Alabama and graduated from Columbia University. She majored in Real Estate and Business Law, not journalism. This I believe gives her several advantages over other journalist. First, many get brainwashed in politically correct Ivy League universities more interested in leftist' social causes than truth. Second, Southern born Jews often have a different perspective than those in say California or the Northeast. She isn't poisoned by the usual Leftist/Liberal "blame America first" crowd nor is she some right-wing zealot. She currently lives in Marina Del Rey, California.

She travels extensively worldwide, reporting on a variety of political events, social happenings, etc. Her syndicated column is read weekly by millions and her television show ("Wow! It's Arlene Peck!") can be seen throughout Southern California every Monday night. Arlene has traveled extensively in the Middle East more than twenty-five times to hot spots such as Beirut and Gaza. In 1993 she was with the Israeli Defense Force covering "Operation Accountability." She did in 1993 what American journalists are doing in Iraq today in the war in terror Israel has fought since 1948. She has been a journalist since 1976 when she ran afoul of the KGB for smuggling prayer books.

Her article Arab Women and Farm Animals is tyical of her direct, hard-hitting style. She calls a terrorist a terrorist, and dares to tell the truth about Muslim/Arab culture that led to the murder Theo van Gogh in Holland when his film revealed the abusive way Muslims treat women.

I have seen this myself when I was stationed in West Berlin with the US Army in the early 1980s. The large numbers of "guest workers" (often Turks) kept their families locked up and isolated from the general public. They rarely allowed them out by themselves, and most refused to learn German or adopt western customs or even give up their Turkish citizenship. The deluded multiculturalists of those days thought this was fine, but today even the European Left is alarmed at the vast self-imposed Muslim ghettos often breeding grounds for terrorists.

When I ran that article on this website, the attacks from Muslims came hot and heavy. Many times it was western women married to Muslims going on how wonderful they are. No doubt there are some decent Muslim men, usually the ones that gave up Islam. But when I asked them did they live in a Muslim country or in the West, just silence. No doubt if they lived in a Muslim country they wouldn't even be allowed access to the internet. The mutilation of women and girls is well documented, so why not come out call it the savagery it is?

Arlene also pulls no punches with Israeli and American politicians leading us down the road to ruin. This most recent attempt at Muslim/Arab appeasement is the forced removal of Jewish residents of Gaza hoping to buy peace. No doubt it will lead to more Muslim/Arab violence as they see this as weakness on the part of the West. (Just as we predicted in 2007) She is correct that Israel shouldn't "kowtow" to the pro-Arab US State Department anymore than the US "kowtows" to the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia. She is correct the US does overlook terrorism for oil.

Visit Arlene's website at She is also listed in the 100 greatest American Jewish women.

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On Israel:

Jewish Refugees of 1948 The Palestinian refugee issue has festered for 70 years and remains a major stumbling block in reaching an Israeli-Palestinian accord. At the same time, there has been little discussion of the larger number of Jews that were forced out of Middle Eastern and North African countries where they had lived for thousand of years.

Who did what for Israel in 1948? America did nothing The universal belief, never challenged by the media, is that the United States was wholly or largely responsible for fully supporting Israel on the ground from the very beginning of its independence in May, 1948. It's a lie, in fact we and the British supported the Arabs.

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