Arab Muslims Angry at Cartoons attempt mass murder in Germany

compiled by Lewis Loflin

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Sept. 2 2006 (AP extract) - Two Islamists from Lebanon tried to blow up two German trains and were partly motivated by anger over the publication of Prophet Muhammad cartoons. The cartoons were in a Danish newspaper in 2005, then republished across Europe months later, setting off violent protests and riots across the Muslim world.

20 year-old Jihad Hamad told Lebanese interrogators that his pal Youssef Muhammad el-Hajdib (21) considered the publications "an attack of the Western world on Islam." They are suspected of planting crude bombs July 31 on two trains at the Cologne station. The bombs were found later in the day on regional trains in Koblenz and Dortmund. Authorities have said that the detonators went off, but failed to ignite the devices. It would have been another slaughter if the bombs had worked.

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Islamist Gets Life Sentence for Failed Bomb Attempt in Germany

December 9, 2008 New York Times

Youssef Muhammad el-Hajdib, was convicted on multiple counts of attempted murder for leaving two suitcase bombs on the trains in in July 2006, which failed to explode. The unsuccessful attack, reminiscent of the train bombing that killed 191 people in Madrid in 2004, deeply rattled Germany. Hajdib and his lawyers "argued that the propane gas devices were never meant to explode and that the attack was staged to incite fear."

German officials said that Germany "never stood closer to an Islamist attack. The fact that it did not result in a devastating bloodbath with a multitude of dead was only thanks to a construction error by the culprit and his accomplice in building the detonation devices...It was their explicit aim to kill as many nonbelievers as possible." (My God, the term 'Islamist' used in the New York Times?)

Germany has not suffered a successful Islamist terrorist attack (yet), as Britain, Spain and the United States have, but security officials say there have been several narrow misses. The Sept. 11 attacks were planned and organized in part in Hamburg. The bombs were found in two suitcases. The two Arab Muslims were fingered with video from surveillance cameras showing Hajdib and fellow jihadist Jihad Hamad boarding trains with large suitcases at a Cologne train station. A Lebanese court convicted Hamad last year and sentenced him to 12 years in prison for the failed bombing. He should have gotten a rope along with Hajdib.

There must be serious efforts to curb Muslim immigration in particular Arabs and Pakistanis.

Western denial: The fact that terrorist fish are swimming in a hospitable Muslim sea nearly disappears amidst Western political, journalistic, and academic bleatings. Call it political correctness, multiculturalism, or self-loathing; whatever the name, this mentality produces delusion and dithering. D. Pipes