White Father of seven killed by Muslim, whites blamed for it

Keith Brown, father of seven, was an activist for the British National Party. 49-year-old Habib Khan , a Muslim, didn't like that at all. Having been in arguments with his neighbor before, he rushed from his house with a knife in his hand.

As security cameras showed, he jumped a fence stabbed 52-year-old Brown in the back. (That part was blocked by a van.) He bled to death in front of his daughter. Khan gets eight years in prison, Brown gets smeared as a racist. All whites are racists according to the cult of multiculturalism in Britain.

They will yell the BNP is racist, but why is black pride not racist? Or why is Asian pride not racist? Why is white anything racist? The only problem is Mr Brown's Jamaican neighbor said he wasn't a racist. One defender of Khan said, "8 years for defending your family and your property after suffering years of racial abuse and hostility....is a miscarriage of justice. Free Habib Khan."

Brown was stabbed in the back. Another asked, "If the BNP supporter had killed the Muslim would it have received such low key coverage? Make your own mind up but in multicultural Britain I think we all know whose lives are worth more."

His daughter Bianca Barker testified, "she saw her father bleeding to death on the pavement outside...in the yard next door, Habib Khan, his wife and a teenage girl were laughing." She came back inside and went out again to see her brother, Ashley Barker, being hit over the head with a metal bar by one of Khan's sons.

Did I forget to mention that two of Khan's sons, 24 and 26, were also involved? That the judge decided Khan really didn't mean to hurt him, thus the light sentence is proper. Or that one of Brown's sons was also injured in the attack? Others claim he was attacking one of Khan's sons on his property, but that son was armed.

According to Judge Simon Tonking, "Both Mr Brown and his son were involved in acts of racial aggression towards members of the Khan family, one of which led to Ashley Barker being convicted of an offence of assault causing actual bodily harm against Mr Khan in August 2006."

As he further said as he reduced the charges, "It should be said that the jury's verdict was entirely respectable and understandable on the evidence." Khan should be facing death, instead will be out in three years.

To quote the press, (May 13, 2008)

Mr Brown's death was recorded from security cameras at Khan's house. The footage was played to the court and showed an altercation near Mr Brown's front gate involving him and the Saddique brothers. It then shows Khan jumping over the fence between the properties and going towards the struggle. The alleged stabbing is not shown because of a parked van, but around 20 seconds later Khan is seen coming around the back of the van and handing what Mr Davis claimed was a knife to a woman.

I won't bother with the biased press reports. Here are some press highlight minus political correctness.

Grieving widow lashes out at eight-year sentence for Habib Khan

August 30, 2008

THE FAMILY of a BNP activist knifed to death by his Muslim next door neighbor has slammed his killer's eight-year sentence...Khan had been cleared of murder following a two-week trial at Stafford Crown Court but convicted of manslaughter on the grounds that he did not intend to kill or seriously injure 52-year-old Mr Brown...

Ms Barker said: "There has been no justice done, we knew it wasn't going to get done. Mr Khan had a panic button put in, Mr Brown didn't. Both should have been treated as equals. When it was our family, nothing was done. The police let our family down. The Khans can get on with their life, me and my children will never be able to forget what happened that day. It is a disgrace."

One of Khan's sons, Khazir Saddique, aged 26, of Trentham Road, who admitted wounding Ashley Barker by hitting him with a wheel brace, was yesterday jailed for two years. One bet if Khan was dead it would be a race crime and death penalty.

BNP stages rally to protest at jail term

August 30, 2008

BRITISH National Party leaders in Stoke-on-Trent have accused the Government of pandering to ethnic minorities after one of their activists was fatally stabbed in the street. "This sentence bears no relationship to any form of justice. We are outraged at what we see as a betrayal of justice. The BNP are not going to take this.

We will campaign and have a massive impact. We are going ahead with plans for a rally on September 20 in the city. There will be up to 400 members turning up to give out leaflets about what has happened here. The whole regime in this country favors ethnic minorities. The police need to shake their heads and get out of a political agenda where they go softly on ethnic minorities and hard against the indigenous population of this country. This will be the start of a national campaign."

Hundreds turn out for BNP rally, the rally was peaceful. The BNP has nine seats on Stoke-on-Trent City Council. Yes this peaceful protest again was attack by the cult of multiculturalism. Mick Temple, professor of journalism and politics at Staffordshire University, said the rally gave the area a bad name.

"In the north, Oldham and Burnley for example, there have been a number of violent demonstrations and conflicts over the last decade - that has not been the case in Stoke on Trent. In my opinion and the opinion of most people here, despite the BNP's success, the incident in which Habib Khan killed Keith Brown was an isolated racist incident. We have not seen this tension."

Brown being white, had to be racist. Ref /www.timesonline.co.uk August 29, 2008 Visit the BNP website at http://bnp.org.uk/ This website doesn't endorse the BNP.