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New Tennessee Law Protects Constitutional Rights

by Lewis Loflin

At what point do so-called 'nondiscrimination' laws become discrimination themselves and begin to violate our constitutional rights to freedom of association (including whom we choose to associate with) and right to privacy? At what point does a private organization or group of individuals lose those rights?

Both the Tennessee House and a Senate panel has approved the bill on banning onerous nondiscrimination rules and is advancing in the full Senate. The bill would prevent public colleges from forcing Christian and other groups from admitting those hostile to their beliefs from joining their ranks. Our Marxist' dominated campuses are hostile to Christian and conservative groups in general and this bill recognizes that fact.

More important is this protects our constitutional to freedom of assembly and association largely stripped away under the guise of civil rights legislation. (How is stripping citizens of their rights about protecting rights?) The original view of rights as inalienable and from God as applying equally to all has been redefined under secularism as a privilege for selected groups at the discretion of the government and courts.

Forcing Christian groups to pander to homosexuals and non-Christians is simply a violation of the group's right to privacy. The fact this is never equally enforced smacks of the very discrimination the advocates of this nonsense claim to end.

To quote the AP March 20, 2013:

The measure sponsored by Republican Sen. Mae Beavers of Mt. Juliet was approved unanimously 9-0 by the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday. The companion bill passed the House 75-21 earlier this week...the measure is aimed at preventing colleges from creating policies requiring student groups to open membership to all students and allow all members to seek leadership posts.

These policies in the past have never been equally enforced allowing say whites to seek a leadership position in Latino or black organizations on campus. In fact anything that promotes the interests of white people on anything is attacked as racism and banned. We can have all of the minority supremacy organizations they can invent (and fund), but any white organization believing the very same things for whites is all but outlawed. Anti-white racism is rampant among our liberal dominated college systems.

See Political Left is Racist

Here we have a system of group entitlements and group privilege (unless non-homosexual whites) crushing individual rights.

Note this applies only to state institutions and not private institutions such as Vanderbilt. Because whites and Christians pay most of the taxes in Tennessee perhaps the government should ban any public funding to any institution promoting affirmative action racism and religious discrimination/hostility towards Christians. Again a right to privacy and association is the right to choose who to associate with.

As a non-Christian myself I have no right forcing a Christian organization allowing me into the group when I would likely be hostile to their beliefs. Jewish organizations don't allow believing Christians to join and express their beliefs. Oddly the atmosphere of Leftism and it's undercurrent of anti-white racism and anti-Semitism (disguised as anti-Zionism) should have these stupid leftist' Jews who are also white concerned.

The State of Tennessee should look into banning any state funding to private colleges that continue to operate a hostile agenda against conservative white people, Christians, etc.

Vanderbilt under fire

A bill going through the Tennessee legislature would take away the right for Vanderbilt University police to make arrests. The Tennessee Family Action Council, an Evangelical Christian group says that the University's nondiscrimination policy discriminates against religious Christians and they have no right to arrest citizens refusing to follow such dictates. To quote Professor Carol Swain who says we can't have institutions acting as bullies,

"This university is operating in a way that's counter to everything that many of us have believed about America and about our freedoms, and I think they have to be held accountable. We cannot have situation in this state where there's an institution that's a bully that gets away with whatever it wants to get away with."

Local campus police should be barred for arresting any citizen based on what the campus faculty dictates. Laws are made in the legislature, not a deans office.

Tennessee governor signs ban

NASHVILLE (AP) - Legislation to bar public universities and colleges from implementing nondiscrimination policies for student groups has been signed by the governor.

The Senate unanimously passed the measure 30-0 and the House approved it 75-21.

The legislation does not include private institutions like Vanderbilt University - a provision that caused Republican Gov. Bill Haslam to veto last year's version.

Sponsors say the measure is aimed at preventing colleges from creating policies requiring student groups to open membership to all students and allow all members to seek leadership posts.

Christian groups have protested a similar policy at Vanderbilt, saying it forces them to allow nonbelievers and gay students to join. Officials say about 15 student groups have refused to comply with the policy, while 480 have accepted it. Apr. 23, 2013