Victims of the Duke witch hunt
Victims of the Duke witch hunt.

Duke Lacrosse Versus Interracial Rape Statistics

Compiled by Lewis Loflin

"On Saturday January 6, 2007 Hugh Christopher Newsom, age 23 and Channon Gail Christian, age 21, both students at the University of Tennessee went out on a date. They were driving in Channon's Toyota 4-Runner when they were car-jacked at gunpoint. Suddenly the crime turned far more savage than an armed car theft. Chris and Channon were kidnapped and driven to 2316 Chipman Street where they were forced into the home at gunpoint..."

These two kids ended up murdered in the most brutal way imaginable. This got almost no reporting outside Knoxville and a few scattered local AP reports. For the rest of this story, see Channon Christian - Chris Newsom Murder Trials Versus Liberal Racism.

Update: Duke Lacrosse Whore Crystal Mangum Faces Murder Charges

By all appearances the press played down race with the Christian-Newsom murders, but we certainly knew the race of the Duke Lacrosse Players as their names and pictures were splattered all over the media for months. Because my website often tracks and publishes many issues on Bristol Virginia-Tennessee, I did see a growing pattern similar to Knoxville. Only if we see a picture of the criminal (or if they have a Spanish name) do we know their race. Unless the perpetrator is white and can be tied into some attack as whites all being racist, their race is never mentioned. Let's look at some facts.

April 18, 2006 New York Times to quote,

The woman, a 27-year-old single mother of two and a student at a nearby university, is black. She was hired to perform as an exotic dancer at an off-campus party held March 13 by members of the team. She said she was attacked by three white players...Forty-six team members submitted DNA samples to the police on March 23 under a court order.

Results of those DNA tests were released April 9 by defense lawyers, who said the results failed to link any of the players to the woman. The 47th player, who is black, was not required to submit a sample because the woman said the attackers were white...

All of this was nonsense. So she was a poor college student stripping on the side to pay tuition? Yet while this went on, to quote:

"Durham was recently the site of a rape at an off-campus party at which men from Duke were present. The national news media ignored it, and the Raleigh News and Observer eliminated race in its description of both the party and the suspect. A black fraternity hosted the party.

The suspect is black; the victim is white...The leftists who run the national news media know what they are doing, and they won't confront the truth about race and crime; that would require reforming their thoughts about the world and undermine their declared agenda. The news media are obsessed with diversity..." Ref: R. Cort Kirkwood May 2007 issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

Checking around the Net, it seems a lot of the liberal news media are getting upset with something they see as another random crime and that racism is behind the "white outrage" as they call it. From me, "No Mr. Liberal, it's your bias and political agenda along with the useless and savage murder of two young people."

In about every publication I googled (with over 1 million hits for "duke lacrosse players") race was constantly brought up, the stripper's name/picture withheld while the players names/photos were everywhere. (I still don't know her name or what she looks like.) As for that lone black player on the team in an interview on ABC News Oct. 31, 2006:

...his three white teammates who have been accused of sexually assaulting a black woman had been stereotyped by class and skin color..."

Even on so-called conservative Fox News (March 23rd, 2007) to quote, "The remaining charges against three Duke University lacrosse players originally indicted for rape may be dropped sometime within the next few days..." still refused to name this discredited "stripper" and still refers to her as a "student." Again they emphasize black and white, along with the pictures of the rail-roaded, white lacrosse players.

Update April 12, 2007. I finally saw her picture and got her name from FOX as they were talking to Greta Van Susteren, who made all kinds of excuses to defend her. She said she was too "uneducated" and "unsophisticated" to understand what was going on. The women whom the New York Times admitted works for an escort service, I hope isn't typical of the all black college she claims to attend.

Hard Facts on Interracial Rape

To quote Joe Hicks the former executive director of the L.A. chapter of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Southern Christian Leadership Conference and currently vice president of Community Advocates Inc. and a KFI-AM talk show host:

In case you wondered, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Affairs, out of the 1.2 million cases of interracial crimes each year, 90 percent involve a black perpetrator and a white victim. Ref. 2-16-2007

To quote an extract from The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States by Lawrence Auster, May 3, 2007:

When the Duke University lacrosse players were accused of raping a black stripper last year, liberals everywhere treated the accusation as fact...let us take a look at the Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005.

In Table 42, entitled "Personal crimes of violence, 2005, percent distribution of single-offender victimizations, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender," we learn that there were 111,490 white victims and 36,620 black victims of rape or sexual assault in 2005...In the 111,490 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white. The table explains that 0.0 percent means that there were under 10 incidents nationally.

The table does not give statistics for Hispanic victims and offenders. But the bottom line on interracial white/black and black/white rape is clear: In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man...

I got a copy of this document and it's exactly correct. As noted, these pages don't go into Hispanics, a growing crime wave in themselves. In other words, 55.5% of rapes of white women were by non-whites. Asians have very low crime rates over all, so I'll assume mainly Hispanics commit around 22% of the rape of white women. With their exploding populations from illegal immigration they could overtake blacks in a few years.

But what the New York Times never said even now, the New York Post did on April 12, 2007:

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum, and she should not escape the world's scorn because she is poor, or because she is black, or because her life circumstances led her to work as a "stripper." Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum, and she does not deserve to lick the underside of the shoes of hardworking and honest people of color and modest means who somehow manage to get through life without attempting to destroy and defile the lives of others. At his press conference yesterday, Attorney General Roy Cooper said something odd about the liar Crystal Gail Mangum. He said she would face no charges for her false accusation.

In January 2007 five blacks most convicted felons carjacked and murdered a white Knoxville couple. This came at a time of hysterical press coverage over Duke Lacrosse lynching. Rage exploded over press refusal to cover the Knoxville killings. The press claimed concern over the Knoxville killing was racism and white supremacy.

The press has created a hysterical circus when three white men were wrongly accused of raping a black prostitute. Yet virtually nothing on the brutal Knoxville carjacking, rape, and murder to two white kids. Even my local paper the Bristol Herald Courier wouldn't cover the killings 90 miles away while running reports on nonsense across the country. They were angry when I called them on it. They started carrying the reports.

Regardless of the level of violence inflicted on the white victims the five members of the gang dodged the death penalty they deserved.