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Liberty More Important Than Equality

by Lewis Loflin

Extracts Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream

See Letter on Liberal Racism

Anti-white racism was concocted by Marxists in the 1960s that so loathed their own culture and "privilege" they developed an irrational hatred of their own race. That hatred in particular was aimed at working class whites who often resisted their Marxist' agitation. To quote,

As it happens , the term "white skin privilege" was first popularized in the 1970s by the SDS radicals of "Weatherman," who were carrying on a terrorist war against "Amerikkka ," a spelling designed to stigmatize the United States as a nation of Klansmen.

Led by presidential friends, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, the Weather terrorists called on other whites to renounce their privilege and join a global race war already in progress.

Horowitz, David; Perazzo, John (2013-01-02). Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream (Kindle Locations 21-24). The David Horowitz Freedom Center. Kindle Edition.

The only problem is they and their fellow travelers never renounced their own "privilege" as they enjoy cushy protected jobs in academia, the press, law, and government. Most have been professional agitators or occupy unproductive jobs producing nothing for decades. And they are far from alone as this attitude permeates modern American intellectualism on the Left.

Intellectuals are those that produce "ideas" the only problem is they are never held accountable for them. They are held accountable to other intellectuals - and this group is largely closed to outside reality or membership.

While paying lip-service to "equality" they will have none of it. Demanding differing treatment for differing groups shows their utter hypocrisy. They agitate for "freedom", but work to deny freedoms to those that don't meet their ideological litmus test.

Leftism is one name for the collection of incoherent and irrational causes and beliefs the Left proselytizes with the fundamentalist' fervor of religious fanatics. Their hypocrisy is further played out as they see themselves superior when in reality in the real world they couldn't hold an average job.

Thus they hate those of real talent and accomplishment taking that resentment out on the general society. Their desire for "social leveling" is a desire to protect themselves from having to compete on an equal footing with those they revile. In reality this is a cover for their racist' attitudes:

In a free society composed of unequal individuals, the drive to level the playing field is a totalitarian desire and a threat to freedom because it empowers government to confiscate the talents and earnings of some for the benefits of those it favors. The expansion of governmental power into every individual sphere whatever its justification entails a loss of freedom for all.

Since the targets of the levelers are the creators of society's wealth, an inevitable result of social justice is generalized poverty and economic decline. The desire to level the playing field is also the creator of the new racism...

Horowitz, David; Perazzo, John (2013-01-02). Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream (Kindle Locations 320-321). The David Horowitz Freedom Center. Kindle Edition.

People are clearly unequal in beauty, intelligence, character, upbringing, and other vital aspects of personhood that lead directly to inequalities of celebrity, power, wealth and social standing. Because these inequalities are rooted in human nature, there can never be a level playing field.

Moreover, the efforts to produce one must lead (and historically have led) led to the loss of individual freedom. This is because the field can only be made equal - and then only superficially - by governmental force as an all-powerful state takes the earned fruits of one person's labor, intelligence and talent and distributes it to those it prefers , and does so in the name of "social justice."

Horowitz, David; Perazzo, John (2013-01-02). Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream (Kindle Locations 308-311). The David Horowitz Freedom Center. Kindle Edition.

Outcome "equality" is the foundation of this irrational thinking where they make a mockery of equality themselves while working to implement it elsewhere by government coercion.

A parallel concept favored by progressives was "institutional racism." This was the idea that even in the absence of actual racists, the values and standards of American institutions by their very nature discriminated against non-whites.

These two sophistries made possible new battles and continued the life of campaigns that annually lured millions of dollars into the deep pockets of "anti-racist" organizations and movements, even as racists were no longer detectable in the institutions...

Horowitz, David; Perazzo, John (2013-01-02). Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream (Kindle Locations 39-43). The David Horowitz Freedom Center. Kindle Edition.

In summary to create an artificial outcome equality means the implementation of a totalitarian state that crushes individual liberty, freedom and initiative. This comes from a class of people resentful of personal achievement and lusting for power only for themselves.

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