East Tennessee hospitals go bankrupt.

Illegal Aliens Hurt Poor Tennessee Workers

by Lewis Loflin

The region is already poor. Importing illegal aliens that take every job in the community for less money makes matters worse. Note due to lack of income many hospitals are in danger of failing.

Morristown Tennessee is another example as government allowed 6000 mostly illegal aliens to be brought in and fire American workers.

Hamblen County Tennessee and Morristown have suffered a deluge of illegal aliens brought in by the defunct Garcia Labor Company in from 1999-2006. Garcia was shut down by Federal prosecutors in Ohio and paid $12 million in fines. No effort was made to remove the illegal aliens in Tennessee or Ohio or prosecute criminal employers working with Garcia Labor Company.

The 8000 illegal aliens and their families have not been good for the community. Crime has exploded with police commented about "tons" of drugs moving through the community. Removing the illegal aliens and their families the county didn't gain 3.3% in population instead fell 10% or more. Per-capita income is an appalling $21,962 and an official poverty rate of almost 17%. The real rate is far higher.

Cheap labor policies often shift social costs of welfare, schools, jails, interpreters, etc. onto the public.

From KIM COBB, 2006 Houston Chronicle Published October 25, 2006 notes:

Chambers (a local farmer) said his vegetables would rot in the fields without (illegal) immigrant workers... "White people, the local people, won't do it any more," Chambers said.

Well, maybe they would if the money was good enough, Bill Kidd countered.

The retired Immigration and Naturalization Service supervisor spent 15 years trying to enforce the law in Tennessee.

(They don't just pick tomatoes they take jobs across the entire community knocking the bottom out of the local labor market.)

You can still hear the frustration in his voice when he talks about his staff's investigation of the Morristown chicken plant before it was purchased by Koch Foods.

"We put two agents in there. They bought (phony) documents from people the (plant) employment office told them to see, they arrested illegal aliens we'd arrested three times at the plant before — (but) the U.S. attorney's office found problems with the case."

Phony green cards and Social Security numbers (felonies) are so common and easy to produce now, Kidd said, that many employers are being truthful when they say they don't know whether they are hiring illegal workers.

Hamblen County jailers usually call the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office if they suspect someone they have arrested on criminal charges may be an illegal immigrant, too. The "hands-off" policy of other communities doesn't fly here.

Public defender Ethel Law Rhodes meets with her (illegal) immigrant clients on Thursdays for what county officials call Hispanic Court Day. A translator is available to help explain the proceedings to suspects who speak little or no English.

Rhodes warns her clients they may face deportation once their state case is resolved.

But if ICE has run out of leased jail space in Maryville, about 70 miles away, (illegal) immigrants who were never deported may be released in the United States while awaiting a deportation hearing.

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