Immigration welfare high cost families with children.
Fig. 1 Families with children collecting welfare by race.

Red States Higher Standard of Living

by Lewis Loflin

The Washington Post wasn't fake news for once when on November 13, 2015 stated,

"Actually, Mr. Trump, Iowa is one of the smartest states in the union."

Trump won Iowa 51% to 41% over Hillary. They got something right for once, partially. While Iowa was 8th the other 7 were split with Trump wining Wisconsin and Kansas, nearly winning New Hampshire and Minnesota, lost Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. All are overwhelming white states.

On the bottom 5 Trump won Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, while the bottom 2 Nevada and Hawaii went Hillary. All five are plagued with huge immigrant, Hispanic, or black populations. California the home of Silicon Valley oligarchs where Hillary massively ran up her "popular" vote totals by millions, ranked 34th, below Hillbilly Tennessee, at 33rd which Trump won.

We also hear the false claim all of the poorest states vote Republican. Really? The Census Bureau "at the urging of the National Academy of Science and others, the Census Bureau in 2010 began calculating a Supplemental Poverty Measure as a way to create a more nuanced picture of poverty in America...the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) - that uses a wider range of factors than the official federal measure to determine poverty status." 28.2% of Hispanics and 25.4% of Blacks live in poverty. (PEW, USA Today)

What is more interesting is the states with the HIGHEST real poverty rates also have the highest racial income gaps, lowest minority achievement rates, and greatest social, racial, class segregation and many are not red. The top poverty states above 18% are:

California 23.8%

Washington DC 22.7%

Nevada 19.8%

Florida 19.5%

Arizona 18.8%

Georgia 18.2%

New York 18.1%

In particular Blue states have huge welfare programs that account for disproportionate level of income for the poor and is counted in the SPM, which fails to measure how substantial the level of dependency is. Mass immigration in New York City greatly depresses wages of millennials and distorts the local economy.

When the coastal liberal elite refer to racism, poverty, etc. they are projecting themselves onto the rest of us. For comparison: all white West Virginia 12.9% also has lower crime rates than far wealthier Virginia!

Also see Illegal Immigration Success in Arizona and Trump can make this success national!

New Jersey the wealthiest state per capita in the nation has a Supplemental poverty rate of 15.9% higher than West Virginia, but a staggering income gap. But it gets worse. Most of the wealth over the last 30 years has come from business, finance, etc. and drained from working people via mass immigration (costing workers $500 billion annually in wages in addition to $300 billion in welfare costs) and globalization that benefits the "coastal elite" at the expense of working people.

Most of New Jersey's wealth flows from New York City, but little from New Jersey and it's crime ridden failing cities. Trenton, New Jersey has a 59% dropout rate while Camden has a 61.4% dropout rate. Want to guess the race? Other "Blue" but non-wealthy strongholds dominated entirely by minorities include Baltimore dropout rate 65.4%, Cleveland 65.9%, and Detroit at 75.1%. These captive "Blue" communities help guarantee a socialist-Progressive voter base that receives nothing in return.

Rich Progressives also engage in practices that benefit themselves and their social-cultural system at the expense of the poor. Restrictive zoning, excessive environmental regulations, high taxes, etc. achieve racial and social segregation outright racism couldn't legally do. Yes they have plenty well-funded welfare programs that allows these people to live without working, but leaves them resource poor and trapped. Let's not forget mass immigration with California as the worst example with the highest real poverty rates - and growing. Mass immigration leads to mass poverty.

The state has been swamped with mostly unskilled welfare prone Latino migrants legal and illegal. This drives up inflation on everything - yet only 8% of Hispanics have a 4-year degree, but make up over 37% of the population. Besides all of the racial and minority violence in Oakland and Richmond, let's look at the Los Angeles school meltdown.

Also note except for Washington DC and somewhat Georgia all of the high real poverty rate states have been swamped by Hispanics and illegal aliens and along with Blacks creates massive educational failure in even well-funded school systems. Trenton, New Jersey whose schools are 80% Black/Hispanic spends $20,663 per student yet has a graduation rate of 41%!

Yet here in low-wage Bristol Virginia with a median income of about $32,000 we spend about $11,000 per student and have a 90% plus graduation rate. We also have nowhere near the income gap or crime of big Blue urban America even with massive gun ownership. We are not swamped with Hispanics and have a Black population of about 10% and even they don't engage in Blue State urban crime waves or Obama riots.

We also have a 70% plus home ownership rate with over 50% paid off. Many people fleeing the Blue urban hell holes are moving here - now we have to make sure they don't recreate their old culture they left behind.

We don't want the failed education system of Los Angeles. The LA Times noted a 70.2% graduation rate in 2014, but the number is a fraud. The LA Unified School system is only 9.2% white and 73.7% Hispanic. The LA Times (August 24, 2016) reports that only 29% of students can do math and 39% can read/write and celebrate this as an "improvement". It's obvious many of those graduating are functional illiterates.

To quote, "The vast majority of our students are going out into the world without the literacy skills they need." This will set the stage for more poverty, unrest, and Democrat votes - such as the overwhelming voter margin for Hillary. This is even after they have been tampering with and teaching the test. Let's take a real test from say Utah and see if they can pass it. That's what happened in Florida and some scores fell to a 80% failure rate.

The presence of as many as 3 million illegal aliens besides wrecking schools and filling jails drive up the cost of living by exploding welfare costs and competing for housing. Most high costs a.k.a. lower standard of living Blue States are swamped with immigrants legal and illegal.

Brenda Gazzar, Los Angeles Daily News and Stephen Wall, The Press-Enterprise August 24, 2016 noted statewide 52% of California students failed English and 63% failed math. I don't even want to see how bad they did on science. I'll take our "poor" schools over those rich Blue State urban schools any day.

But how can this be? Forbes in Solved: Why Poor States Are Red and Rich States Are Blue (January 4, 2015) has the answer:

If we measure by consumption patterns then it's the blue states that are poor, the red states that are rich:

Blue states, like California, New York and Illinois, whose economies turn on finance, trade and knowledge, are generally richer than red states. But red states, like Texas, Georgia and Utah, have done a better job over all of offering a higher standard of living relative to housing costs. That basic economic fact not only helps explain why the nation's electoral map got so much redder in the November midterm elections, but also why America's prosperity is in jeopardy.

Red state economies based on energy extraction, agriculture and suburban sprawl may have lower wages, higher poverty rates and lower levels of education on average than those of blue states — but their residents also benefit from much lower costs of living. For a middle-class person , the American dream of a big house with a backyard and a couple of cars is much more achievable in low-tax Arizona than in deep-blue Massachusetts. As Jed Kolko, chief economist of Trulia, recently noted, housing costs almost twice as much in deep-blue markets ($227 per square foot) than in red markets ($119).

...And thus is our conundrum solved. The red states aren't in fact poorer than the blue states. They're richer: that's why they vote more conservative and more right wing.

I'll also add we have more freedom and will fight to preserve it. Massive government meddling and control only leads to poverty.


Alexander E.M. Hess and Thomas C. Frohlich, 24/7 Wall St. Nov. 1, 2014 notes:

In no state was the gap between the official poverty rate and the supplemental poverty rate wider than in California. Between 2011 and 2013, an average of 16% of residents earned incomes below the poverty line, one of the higher rates in the nation. Once taxes, cost of living, and non-cash income were taken into account, the poverty rate rose to 23.4%, the highest supplemental poverty rate nationwide.

California's high cost of living is the largest force pushing state residents into poverty. The cost of rent relative to the rest of the nation was higher than in every state except for Hawaii in 2012. Every day items are also more expensive in California than in the vast majority of states. And despite a wide-ranging need for government assistance, just 9.4% of households received food stamps last year, one of the lowest rates.

And that's why we vote Trump because we don't want to be Blue State poor and have riots in our streets.