Captive Virginia Press Peddles Racism, Propaganda

"The media serve and propagandize on behalf of, the powerful societal interests that control and finance them. The representatives of these interests have important agendas and principles that they want to advance, and they are well positioned to shape and constrain media policy." -Chomsky

Re: No free press in Virginia

The front page of the Bristol Herald Courier proclaims: "Truth. Accuracy. Fairness." The Opinion section proclaims, "Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of this newspaper..." Rubbish. The level of bias, censorship and liberal hate expressed in this newspaper is appalling and seems to represent the views of this paper in my opinion.

Herald Courier opinion writer Dana Milbank ran a half-page rant how Trump supporters are Nazis and racists in regards to numerous threats to Jewish Centers, etc. It turned out a black liberal ex-journalist and an Israeli-American Jew was behind most of this. Not a word or retraction on this lie and inciting more violence against white working class voters. Day after day much of the same.

Typical was March 11, 2016, A11, "Rally attendee charged with hitting a black man... A white Donald Trump rally attendee was charged with assault..." The dishonest press turned this into a race issue when race had nothing to do with it - why bring it up? It's called yellow journalism and even if it's an AP report, BHC owns it if they print it.

What about the part where it was later revealed these agitators were paid DNC thugs? Why isn't that being printed in this newspaper? I never saw it.

Contrast 5 people including a pregnant woman gunned down at a backyard cookout. (A4) Race was hidden and it turned out to be another gun control rant, avoiding the fact the black victims were killed by a black thug. Want to bring up race? Stop censoring minority violence and criminality.

The Bristol Herald Courier is not an honest newspaper. Between Mr. Buffett owning most Virginia newspapers and Mr. Bezos owning the Washington Post, we have no free printed press in Virginia. I'm waiting on an apology for calling their readers Nazis.

This "newspaper" hides behind disclaimers and weasel words but never mentions anything it really stands for. It's time to strip the "press" of its legal protections until they figure out what and who they represent.