Local activist working to help displaced trailer park residents

Local activist working to help displaced trailer park residents

Jun 12, 12:00 AM EDT

(above) Lewis Loflin is starting a fund to assist residents of Clear Creek Mobile Home park.
BY DAVID CRIGGER (Bristol Herald Courier)

BRISTOL, Va. As he shared the stories of the remaining residents of Clear Creek Mobile Home Park near Interstate 81's Exit 7, local activist Lewis Loflin raised his voice in disbelief.

"One man can't move to a new park because it doesn't take older-model trailers," he said. "But his trailer's from 2000!"

The man's only option may be to abandon his home, as many others in the park have done, Loflin said.

The 20 or so households left in Clear Creek must move out by July 20 before Trammell Properties begins construction on a shopping center that will absorb the park. Some residents can't find another park that will accept them, while others don't have the financial means to move their homes.

"It costs between $2,000 and $4,000 to move a trailer," Loflin said, his face reddening.

Loflin, an adjunct professor at Virginia Highlands Community College, said he plans to gather funds to cover the moving costs, which range from renting trucks to tow the mobile homes to turning on utilities in their new locations.

"I'm putting my money where my mouth is," the Washington County resident said.

Loflin said he intends to open a bank account for the fund-raiser, which he calls "Moving Bristol."

Loflin said he'll use any option he can to get what Clear Creek residents need.

Bank statements from the "Moving Bristol" account will be available on his Web site, www.sullivan-county.com, to legitimize his cause, he said.

"This city has one of the worst cases of class warfare," said Loflin, who has worked to draw attention to several social issues in Bristol. "We need to understand what poor people in this community go through."

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The shopping center failed.

I managed to save 1 home with a $1200 donation from an outside source.

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