Messianic Bloodline, Jews, and Freemasonry

Extracts from A Messianic Bloodline, the Jews and Freemasonry by Patrick Byrne MA, Enrique Bozzo, and Ray Hudson. This book posits that Freemasonry originates in Judaism.

To quote,

...we know that Freemasonry is a "system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols." So it was not only essential to be sure that our findings were correct, but to be confident that our interpretation of any allegory was reasonable and realistic. What then were the possible consequences of pursuing a line of argument that was pointing towards Freemasonry as an organisation that had most likely been created by Jews?

For at least two hundred years it has been perceived wisdom that Freemasonry was, originally, a Christian creation, and no one seemed concerned by that observation. Why should the revelation that it was actually a group of Jews who started Freemasonry make any difference to anyone, apart from those with anti-Semitic views? On the one hand, Christianity developed from a sect of Judaism: indeed, Christianity is sometimes referred to as Judeo-Christianity. Freemasonry, on the other hand, is an institution, which encourages and inspires self-discipline and a deeper appreciation of the spiritual value of life: it should have nothing to fear from the truth.

We neither had nor have any problem with this new reality, or with Judaism as a faith or a culture: for that matter, none of us had or have any problem with Freemasonry as a social belief system. This investigation started out as a search for the truth and ended as just that. As questions arose, we have strived to answer them using research rather than offering our own views. It soon became clear that our research was bringing the non-denominational argument seriously into question.

Chapter 3,

Of the various Masonic allegories, which we are suggesting are metaphors for the process of conversion to Judaism, it is this last ceremony, of spiritual rebirth equating to a ritual bath that is arguably the most contentious and so we will spend a little more time explaining our case. In using a mikvah the proselyte is immersed completely in water to wash away past sins. In the Masonic ceremony the candidate is lowed into a grave - quite literally a recess in the floor in some lodge rooms.

He is then raised from a "figurative death to be reunited with the companions of his former toils." There can be no doubt that this ceremony represents a spiritual rebirth and that would necessitate the leaving behind of past sins, for one cannot be born again with any sin other than "original sin." In fact, the concept of rebirth is a requirement for Christians as well as Jews...

Chapter 9,

The Inquisition was bitterly opposed by the crypto-Jews especially those who held high office. Tit-for-tat killings occurred, the Constable of Castile, Miguel Lucas de Iranzo, was assassinated by Christians in the cathedral of Jaen. The revenge murder of the inquisitor Pedro Arbues followed twelve years later in the cathedral of Saragossa.

Alongside the introduction of the Inquisition an order went out that Jews must live within their defined area and be separated from the crypto-Jews. This law had little real effect and the authentic Jews continued to communicate with their crypto-Jewish brethren. The Jews were anxious to return the crypto-Jews to their faith and so they coached the crypto-Jews in Judaic ceremonial and Mosaic Law. They provided unleavened bread for the festival of Passover and kosher meat at other times.

From chapter 11,

...the Exodus as described in the Bible did not take place. These findings have profound implications for the Jews because it implies that Middle Eastern males all share the same male ancestor, or bloodline. This later research also supported the earlier work mentioned above - Origins of Old Testament priests - carried out by Drs. Thomas, Skoreckiad, Ben-Amid, Parfitt, Bradman and Goldstein.

The "Origins" conclusion was that, except for the Cohanim, the Jewish diaspora population displays evidence of intermarriage with their host populations. In contrast, the Cohanim have, to a remarkable extent, kept their biological identity. It is now clear that this debate ends as a classic "catch-22" problem. You can have Jesus Christ as the Son-of-God or you can have Him in your family tree, but you cannot have both.

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