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Voltaire's Legacy of War on American Values

by Lewis Loflin

"I don't believe in God, but I hope my valet does so he won't steal my spoons."

These are the words of arch atheist and religious bigot Voltaire. This is the "taproot" of Enlightenment Deism according to Arthur Herman in his book "The Cave and the Light". (P233)

In a 1913 article, Joseph Stalin a member of the Bolshevik party at the time defined a nation as:

"a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture."

There's a direct line from Voltaire, to Stalin, to the liberal war on our traditional culture that Stalin defined with the attack on culture merely a tactic of the war. The far left or liberals know this and use this tactic daily.

In an earlier essay I discussed how Voltaire became an atheist and his atheism and religious hate came to wrongly define deism.

See How Voltaire's Atheism Overthrew Deism

In this essay I'm going to discuss Voltaire's observation of his valet that despite his livid hatred of of Christianity he knew that for many people traditional faith would help hold society together particularly for the poor and the lower classes.

To liberals hoping to radicalize the poor they simply destroy those things that give them stability with religion in particular in the bulls eye.

Those wanting a repeat of the French Revolution in America see Voltaire's spoon observation as a possible weapon. Liberalism wants to assimilate and destroy every liberty we have in the name of "social justice."

Like the mythical Borg of the Star Trek series they seek to remove individual merit and liberty and replace it with a uniform secular-socialist "collective." The attacks and tear downs come fast and furious.

I asked earlier how could the French Revolution based it seemed on brotherhood, equality, liberty, and all kinds of nice-sounding talk descend to the horror that it did with the beheadings and the mass murder of tens of thousands?

"Jacobean rationalism was represented by Voltaire" - the Jacobins "drowned France with the blood of some 100,000 victims, during the period known as the 'Reign of Terror.'"

To quote,

In line with this perception and due to their view of social processes as struggles between good and evil, the Jacobins' rule started the darkest period of the French Revolution...this was only an introduction to the events that humankind was to experience a century later, when other arrogant "good people", the Marxists, took over large parts of the world...

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Today those ideas are alive and well among liberals and their war on the evil people that dare hold traditional values. Traditional values of liberty and merit are "evil" and Borg like "collectivism" with mindless egalitarianism is good. They are at war and they mean it and it's time the rest of us wake up.

While it had the right ideas on paper it had no religiosity as a foundation thus reason could justify anything. Because our concepts of individualism derive partly from Christianity and Christian culture both are to be destroyed.

The result is social chaos, broken homes, single mothers, substance abuse, etc. have exploded since the radical secularizing of the 1960s.

The American elite today seem to have missed both points in their relentless pursuit of their undying belief they can engineer a utopia based on science and reason, but are mental cripples when employing empiricism to test their claims. They create problems then demand the power to fix them.

Science best belongs in the realm of technology and has nothing to do with the human condition. That is why the so-called social sciences have nothing to do with science and their social theories are always proven wrong.

Deism gets sucked into this war of propaganda. The idea is the false claim that deism is essentially Voltaire's near atheism, the American founders were Voltaire style Deists thus Christian hating atheists, and thus our traditional culture and institutions based on belief in God are now illegitimate and can be overthrow.

This is the view promulgated by those that believe in statism over individualism - the American concept of individualism derives from traditional culture not Voltaire and the Jacobins.

They harp endlessly about "rights" yet completely oppose individual liberty - without individual liberty there are no true rights. They have redefined rights to material outcome not liberty. All we have then are narrow privileges given and taken away by the state.

Progressive leftists have developed their own religious trinity of of race, class, gender. Refusing to believe people differ in ability thus differing outcomes are part of the natural order they manufacture dogma and fantasy while suppressing empirical proof disproving the dogma. And we think Six-Day Creationism is a problem.

Exceptionalism and merit are today called racist and must be crushed in the pursuit of the magical and cherished term of French style "equality" that everything must be subjugated to.

As stated in the Harvard Review by writer Sandra Korn any scientific studies on questions of genetics or climate change or anything else intertwined with "social justice" must be suppressed.

Let me discuss the foundation of America and our civic culture prior to the breakdown and chaos we suffer today that originated in the 1960s with its roots in the French secular Enlightenment and a pessimistic atheism of Voltaire.

Referring to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy in their definition of Deism that in particular English and American Deism posited a transcendent Creator, maintained its religiosity, and a positive outlook on religion.

Contrast this with Voltaire and the French secular humanist version. This became a form of angry anti-religion that shaded into atheism, pantheism, and intolerance. This also became the basis of the French Revolution.

Nothing illustrates this more than my earlier essay on Voltaire with his pessimism, religious intolerance and hatred, and eventual atheism.

This angry elitist snob would come to wrongly define Deism because in most cases the modern Deist completely identifies with Voltaire.

See How Voltaire's Atheism Overthrew Deism

A good indicator of this attitude is whether one attends college or not where students are often integrated into a mindless secular progressive Borg collective and act like drones.

To similar closet atheists Deism exists only as a collection of tools and weapons to attack theism and through that dismantle the culture and everything connected to it.

I don't want to paint every atheist or secular minded person as being a destructive Progressive leftist - many are not but the former are the most vocal.

They are completely ignorant of the fact that many of their rights and privileges they enjoy today derived from very culture they are helping to destroy.

Voltaire's Deism was not even the Deism of Thomas Paine who was imprisoned by and almost died at the hands of the French atheists-Deists. His book "The Age of Reason" was written in response to the extremism created by what is essentially a closet atheism.

In a discussion Dr. Charles Murray the author of "Coming Apart" he noted that the American founders to a man understood that no constitution or nation could stand without virtue.

As John Adams noted or to paraphrase the Constitution could only survive with a virtuous and religious people.

As Dr. Murray said American virtue stood on four pillars: Marriage, industriousness, religiosity, and American honesty.

Now religiosity is not the Bible thumping fundamentalism of the religious right or the feel-good spiritualism of the atheist left.

It's believing in something higher than bland philosophy or one's self.

It encompasses universal values handed down by our Creator tempered by reason and centered on individual liberty.

Those values can be derived from empiricism, tradition, and reason - not reason alone.

Going back to the Declaration of Independence authored mainly by Thomas Jefferson he noted that our rights came from God and can't be changed or overruled by man. Natural rights are at odds with modern manufactured rights of the radical Progressive leftist.

Contrast that with the modern secular atheist progressive the stepchildren of Voltaire. There is no God and rights are now a privilege of the state that can be altered, reinterpreted, and even taken away at the whims of man.

Thus rights according to Jefferson and other founders came from God and applied to the individual. To the Voltaire atheists and with JJ Rousseau we have the rights of man which applies only to a collective entity not to the individuals that compose it. Freedom had been redefined as existing voluntarily within the collective.

As for those outside the collective...

Any collective entity or special interest can petition for special rights that when awarded by the state overrules the individual liberties of other citizens outside that collective entity.

So the state can dictate or create rights on a whim to suit a Democratic majority or simply the whims of an unelected elite.

These manufactured rights overrule individual liberty being a reward to a collectivist entity or special-interest - in many cases a destructive special interest determined to bring down some facet of traditional society.

With the overthrow of individual liberty by state-mandated manufactured rights they can now use state power to even redefine entire institutions.

In 1958 a statement was read into the Congressional record from a book written by an ex-FBI agent titled "The Naked Communist." One of the goals of American communism was to quote, "use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights."

This tactic over the last three or four decades has been a devastating success. As I mentioned elsewhere European socialism, pessimism, and statism have poisoned the minds of many of the American elite. Nowhere is this more so than in academia, the press, and law.

It's one thing that the educated and wealthy became more atheist, the problem is they concoct a new tyranny with the mental force of a religion complete with its intolerance and dogma. They have the power to impose it on the broader society and can cause massive damage.

This new system of secular dogma would develop a livid hatred of all traditional and competing American institutions. They are evangelical and fundamentalist to the core.

Now let's turn to a discussion on homosexual marriage on a Facebook Deist chat board. The discussion started out on the subject could a Deist date an atheist, etc.

One participant was celebrating the Supreme Court decision on homosexual marriage another manufactured right that has no possible relation to the Constitution. This issue like everything else is used to attack and undermine the rights of Christians, believing Jews etc.

Nowhere is this more brazen than in the state of Massachusetts that legalized homosexual marriage. The state's school system is being swamped with homosexual literature and propaganda being forced off on school children.

Parents that have protested and demanded that their children opt-out of this sickness are now being told that because it's legal the school system is not even obligated to inform them when classes are being taught.

Parents that have protested this have been thrown in jail and if they attempt to pull their children out could face jail time or have their children removed from their homes. Can you spell police state?

I tried to bring up once again the concept of individual liberty and that they don't have a right to force their beliefs on other people. That this claim of equality is completely hypocritical coming from the same people that manufactured affirmative action racism (also called positive discrimination) which treats people unequally based on race.

They just can't cross the mental void that treating one group one way and another some other way runs counter to claims of "equality."

One member of the group a militant lesbian immediately went on the attack. Her hysterical screeching about equal rights and I should go to a fundamentalist Christian chat board and my views were not welcome here, blah blah blah.

This illustrates another tactic used every day by these liberal Borg drones is they browbeat and intimidate their opponents into silence. So pervasive is this stamping out of free speech the mere mention of something considered politically incorrect on a private Facebook page can get one fired from their job.

This happened to one newspaper editor in Illinois and to the CEO of the Firefox Web browser foundation was forced out for making a donation to a group opposing homosexual marriage. Even for an opinion one will face retaliation.

The Nazis used very similar tactics against the Jews eventually escalating to physical violence and worse. Today anyone that doesn't march in lockstep with "liberal" Borg ideology are being treated as enemies of the collective.

And don't kid yourself there's a Harvard professor that openly advocates white genocide with complete impunity. As an atheist non-Jewish Borg Jew he also advocates the destruction is Israel. Yet a harmless song on a bus got an entire fraternity expelled from a university.

Already we have reached the stage of physical violence particularly as white people are becoming the victims of racial violence resulting from liberal race-baiting.

According to the Chicago Tribune ratio of black on white violence is 181 to 1 (2006) yet at the same time two thirds of hate crime charges are leveled against whites. Flash mobs, gang attacks, etc. are ignored.

Another example is the racist and anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center - oppose gay marriage or illegal immigration or anything else the liberal Borg collective advocates one will be listed with neo-Nazis and the KKK.

Yet Louis Farrakhan notorious racist and anti-Semite can parade around at the NAACP to hundreds of cheering Negroes - yet silence. Same problem with the numerous Moslem hate groups - none will ever be listed at the Southern Poverty Law Hate Center.

In the above examples those constantly yelling for equality in practice treat different groups completely different. This comes back to our fundamental problem that liberals have changed the meanings of words to total nonsense.

Their definition of quality is equal material and social outcomes, not to treat people equally as individuals. Another is their re-definition of racism. Racism properly defined is treating people differently based on their race. Common sense, right?

No it is today defined as believing one race or group is superior to another. This is how they can get away with racist nonsense like affirmative action that discriminates against people based on race, but it's not racist according to that definition.

The same kind of thinking applies to marriage were homosexual marriage is some special protected right, but conventional marriage has become a target for censorship and denied any form of protection or equal treatment.

Does anybody think a Christian group would ever be allowed to circulate in a public school literature promoting conventional marriage?

This is the kind of mindless nonsense our colleges have programmed into the Borg drones they graduate.

Yet the SPLC can incite violence against a Christian organization by a homosexual activist - silence. In addition this endless drumbeat of racism, imperialism, etc. on our college campuses is radicalizing young Muslims into committing acts of terrorism. This could have been a factor in the Boston marathon bombing.

I could not even get this Facebook group to even acknowledge the concept of individual liberty because they have no idea of the concept. They have no concept of equality as it was once understood because they've never been exposed to it. The younger they are the more Borged they seem to be.

They culturally and mentally are unable to grasp certain concepts, this seems to be by design. They seem to have no ability to employ critical thinking.

It's not that they don't know facts they do not know how to quantitatively sort them into a coherent whole. They simply have no understanding of those things that are being removed from the culture and our education system.

One participant seemed to get it right, "deists believe in nothing." Perhaps that's true, but it's real easy to find out what they hate which is what defines them.

In addition this militant lesbian went on how superior her lesbian marriage was that her partner was allegedly Jewish and they were raising their alleged children as Jews. Let's look at several issues that this angry individual brought up.

Just as Voltaire abandoned Deism her so-called spouse in my view is not a Jew. Living in a lesbian relationship runs completely counter to the Jewish faith.

Today many former Jews are atheists as I'm sure her partner is, but for some reason want to retain the name Jew while rejecting everything Judaism historically stands for. Judaism is not social justice or being Borg.

Like the Voltaire atheists these once Jewish (if they were even exposed to it) atheists want to play a charade of redefining Judaism as atheism or simply a collection of social positions. They make a mockery out of the Jewish faith. Judaism is based on the Torah and HaShem and is not some race.

They claim to be a people even though there's nothing that makes these Borg Jews distinguishable from any Borg Gentile - they're mostly just agnostic white people that are destroying true Judaism.

In his book "The Vanishing American Jew" Alan Dershowitz laments how the Jewish people are dying out. Secularism, intermarriage, and what I would add self-hatred of those members within the group that want to destroy it are the primary causes potentially more deadly than the Islamic fanatics.

Some of these non-Jewish Borg Jews go as far as to make common cause with those wishing to harm other Jews.

Essentially this comes down to a complete loss of religiosity the spiritual core of the Jewish people. Any people shorn of their spiritual roots is a tree that will gradually die. Jews are not alone and are the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

The secularizing of the culture and traditional institutions is simply a cancer with negative outcomes - it's destroying the people as well in particular the poor.

Jews and liberal Protestants and other affluent people have the wealth and position to protect themselves from the destructive effects of the immoral choices they have made. It seems they are seeking to legitimize something they know inside is wrong - they demand approval while displaying intolerance.

Perhaps something is bleeding through from their pre-Borg assimilation?

Let me be clear that communism or what ever it has mutated into today cares nothing about homosexuals, women's rights, or anyone else's rights - the idea first and foremost is to bring down Western culture and capitalism. Our universities are intrinsically hostile to the broader American public.

This is not the intention of the militant lesbian from the Facebook chat group, she is simply an unwitting tool with an ax to grind - another useful idiot.

What we have is an organized effort to radicalize and motivate those people in society with real or imagined grievances into collectively tearing the system apart. Just looking at the assault on traditional marriage alone shows the results have been a disaster.

Dr. Charles Murray in an interview related to his book "Coming Apart" discusses how society is coming apart at the seams as traditional values that once created stability are being deliberately destroyed.

While Dr. Murray discussed white people I'll detour slightly and address black people. Back in the days of segregation the pillar of the black community was the black family and the black church.

The stability these institutions gave those living under adverse conditions be it political or economic formed the survival tools they desperately needed.

Let me turn here to white Appalachia. In Bristol Virginia where I live it's a small city of 17,000 people in the most impoverished region of Virginia and America.

In the past before we had massive government Borg social engineering and the welfare industry the traditional family and the church gave poor people the tools they needed to survive. Traditional values have been eroded and destroyed here as well.

Like the black community out of wedlock births, broken families, and other social ills we suffer today were relatively rare in the past. Both communities worked within themselves to help each other and provide the strength to live civilized lives despite adversity.

Let's turn to today. 73% of black children today are born to single mothers and the foundation of the black community the black family, the heroic black father, and their belief in God has been shattered.

Rampant criminality and sexual promiscuity have reduced much of this community to a perpetual underclass unable to achieve anything.

Local drug indictments and roundups net as many as 40-50 people at a time several times a year.

In Bristol Virginia which is 90% white we have 11 public housing projects and 75% of the public school children live at or below the poverty level most of it due to the same family breakdown.

At the root core once again just as in the black community the breakdown of traditional marriage and church that once supplied the bedrock of stability for those facing adversity.

Since the 1960s the children of Voltaire have launched a relentless war against traditional marriage and traditional values. At the same time they were working to destroy the culture they have largely segregated themselves from the ill effects.

Let's turn back again to Dr. Murray and his discussion was on white people. In 1962 84% of the blue-collar white working class was married as was 94% of the white upper-middle-class.

By 2010 the rate of marriage for the white working class had plunged to 48%. At the same time the rate of marriage for the upper-middle-class remained high at 84%. That 84% mainly smart and college educated are the same ones shoving secular leftism off on the general public.

They along with the so-called 1% run the country and they are socially and economically isolated from the vast majority of Americans. While they constantly harp on equality and racism this and that, they are overwhelmingly white and live in segregated, often gated communities - it never applies to them. Their wealth and privilege protects them from this disaster they have created for others.

The breakdown of these traditional values and religiosity has had other terrible effects. Dr. Murray notes that one out of eight white males between the ages of 25 and 50 are completely shiftless and won't work a job. This is another ill effect of the breakdown of traditional society. It's far worse in minority communities.

And there's no denying the corrosive and destructive effects this has on children regardless of these sham homosexual marriages. Don't believe me? Go to any black inner-city neighborhood and watch the bullets fly as children kill each other.

So let us put this in perspective: Deism was hijacked and reduced to atheism by Voltaire which when stripped of its religious roots led to violence and even murder of the secular French Revolution.

The claim of doing away with religion and going to a secular society would produce freedom and toleration is another manufactured myth.

What we call today liberalism a.k.a secular Humanism, postmodernism, etc. originated from that era and is completely at odds with American and Western culture in general due to its livid hatred of any concept of God or universal values based on that belief. In seeking to overthrow God they must overthrow the related institutions.

The result we see today as an indifferent spiritually and morally bankrupt elite swimming in a enormous wealth and privilege. The rest of society are victims of social experiments designed to cement the power of the elite - this has nothing to do with left-right or liberal-conservative.

The masses their traditional institutions shattered for many their resulting dysfunction will make them a permanent underclass more easily controlled and milked for votes.

Those who remake or corrupt our traditional institutions and beliefs do so to fulfill their own narcissistic and elitist visions. To quote Dr. Murray: "The elite is already smart. It needs to be wise."

Classical Deism its reason and religiosity and emphasis on individual liberty was once the bedrock of American culture has now been overthrown by Voltaire's atheism and European Enlightenment pessimism. They emphasize the use of reason and science in a completely distorted and irrational way.

We must restore that foundation of reason, God, and liberty and push back against the Voltaire atheist and their hatred of all things good.

Resistance is not futile.

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