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Scientific Case for a Transcendent God

by Lewis Loflin

So what do I mean by transcendent? Wouldn't a transcendent God be an absentee and uncaring God? That is what radical French deism, in reality, secular atheism would have us believe - that is not classical deism. For modern atheists, science has become a huge liability - empirical science never supported their position, to begin with.

Just as modern science has discredited the atheistic French deism of Voltaire, modern science also brings into question atheistic materialism in total.

Nobody today doubts the Big Bang: the material universe started somewhere and was never infinite in time. An unknown force created the universe dominated by time and matter.

The foundation of secular atheism is the belief that nothing beyond our senses can exist. Without proof, materialistic atheism claims our existence can be readily explained by self-organization. Much to the grief of atheist dogma, science has now called this a question.

It's called dark matter and dark energy. It's called "dark" because it can't be seen, felt, or measured, even with modern scientific instrumentation. NASA claims that as much as 90% of the physical universe can't be seen or measured by the senses. Dark matter-energy transcends our senses and physical science.

Though dark matter and dark energy transcend the physical laws and our senses, according to scientists, do act upon our physical universe. Its power is such that it can move the orbits of entire galaxies. Suddenly atheist materialism and its insistence on nothing beyond physical matter must be rejected.

If most of the universe is, as science claims, transcends our physical universe, it's certain that something, be it a force or something beyond even that, would have to exist. This is what I call the Supreme Being. It also explains much of what we've been reading in ancient religious texts, which I take very seriously, and problems in fossil records.

Classical deism was the effort to reconcile reason, science, and traditional religious faiths. The idea was to sort through these traditions and philosophies to find common points and filter out superstition. With the discovery of dark matter and energy, we need to take a serious look at many traditional claims - and a new look at the science.

I am not here to revive traditional religions, so I will explain what I see as a transcendent Supreme Being.

In my electrical and electronics classes, I have taught my students capacitive and inductive reactance. I will connect a non-polarized capacitor to 120 VAC in one of my classical experiments. Power in an electrical circuit is the product of voltage and current. Current, in this case, is free of electrical charges (electrons) within an electrical metal conductor. Voltage is the push or, as they say, an electromotive force that will move the charges through the conductor.

Yet we have this capacitor connected to 120 VAC; we can measure the voltage across the capacitor, and it is there, and I can measure the current moving through the wire, and it shows a current flow - yet no power transfer and no work is being done. How can this be? That capacitor should be getting hot and exploding. If there is high enough capacitance, it should be a short circuit.

That is how transcendence works. Dark matter, energy, or the Supreme Being that controls and sustains our universe. The electric current and the voltage or out of phase are present, as proven by the measurements, but because of a "phase" displacement, they can never interact, at least directly.

They don't exist simultaneously - watt meters are designed to compensate for this. But they can interact if I begin to shift either agent's phase or time shift. If I introduce electrical resistance (say, a light bulb or resistive device), I will definitely get a power transfer to that resistance.

So the transcendent dark matter and dark energy that literally surrounds and engulfs us through an unknown force that can shift the positions of galaxies and control the assembly of atoms not only created our world but sustains it. A teleological agent must have literally "designed" our world for life.

There is absolutely no empirical scientific proof that life began by random chance or mere chemistry, but there is proof that a non-material force is out there and does interact with us.

This is not to be mistaken with pantheism, a form of atheism that conflates the Creator with physical matter. The Supreme Being is not and does not inhabit physical matter. Like the electrical reactance experiment, they exist together but on a different plane, thus are separate.

I've noticed these problems myself studying geology and earth science. There's no possible way all of this could be a random chance. What I did read, in fact, was "stories." One writer stated:

"(atheistic) evolution is not an empirical science; it is an exercise in storytelling based on changing fossil records."

There is zero proof of materialistic and deterministic evolution. With claims of transcendent dark matter and dark energy, logically, there is a transcendent force with both a purpose and a moral code.

The atheist masquerading as a deist would indeed have much to fear from this. The closet atheists are conducting an anti-theistic crusade based on feelings of rebellion, not reason or empirical science - nearly all of them I know are science illiterate.

Trying to get them even use reason is fruitless, as any religious fanatic. Like all crusaders, the crusade in itself becomes the goal, and without something to attack, it ceases to be their life's focus. Then they are back to being lost, which is their real problem.

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