Pied Piper of Islamic Terrorism

Pied Piper of Islamic Terrorism

by Lewis Loflin

July was a big month for Islamist' terrorism. The victims included 55 British commuters, 22 Iraqi children, about 88 tourists in Egypt, and 5 Israeli teenagers to name a few. For at least three decades the West, India, and Russia have been attacked by these savages while we treat Muslims as privileged citizens. After London, even the pandering British seem have had enough. Well, almost.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair "waffled" again on terrorism. He excluded Iraq and Israel, the two primary victims of Islamist terror as being victims. The rabid hatred of Israel in the British Left, its near anti-Semitism in the British press, and endless pandering to the Arabs/Muslims didn't stop homegrown Muslims (three second generation Pakistanis, one a convert) from murdering 56 innocent people in the London mass transit system on July 7.

Nor did it stop four more Muslim terrorists two weeks later when their attempt at mass murder failed. Spain's surrender and removal of troops from Iraq after the Madrid Islamist' terrorist attacks didn't stop later foiled attempts at mass murder.

The problem is that the widespread secularism/atheism and pseudo-religion of socialism (the basis of multiculturalism) in the West has left many people unable to understand religious fanatics. Religious fanatics of this kind are oblivious to reason while the Left is obsessed with America bashing and blinded by political correctness.

They can't understand why these fanatics can't be reasoned with, bought-off, or appeased. No amount of political correctness will change the fact many of these people follow a 7th century religion designed to control every action and thought. We also ignore widespread intimidation within the Muslim community from these fanatics.

While Saudi Wahhabism is the main problem, most Muslims refuse to denounce it. Here below is an example of the stupid Muslim thinking from our local press here in Bristol, Virginia. This Muslim I believe is typical of the mindless nonsense of denial and reliance on conspiracy theories in the Muslim community. Many Muslims aren't able to reason no matter how much education or privilege they are given. This blind devotion to a manufactured religion and its "Pied Pipers" of hate and intolerance must be confronted directly.

Tell the truth about Islam

The cartoonist of the anti-Islamic cartoon (July 25) turned the art of caricature into a "hate crime." In this age of the Internet, anything published here reaches the world over. Why feed the vicious circle of hatred, bloodshed and counter-bloodshed? How unfortunate for humanity that we are opting for promoting "our values and way of life" through vilifying Islam rather than through the example of practicing the glorious principles of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In interest of world peace, we should let the real truth about Islam reach our public. For instance, the Islamic Shariah (religious law) has for centuries taught Muslims to wash hands before touching the Bible, out of respect for the holy text of Christians. Had the guards at Guantanamo known this, they might not have desecrated with urine the holy book of Islam, provoking worldwide riots that took scores of innocent lives.

Islam is a stream from the same wellspring which gave Abraham the Covenant, carved for Moses the Ten Commandments, gifted the melody of Psalms to David, made known the Scripture through Jesus and finally revealed the Holy Koran to Muhammad. So what to say of "suicide bombers?" Islam does not allow suicide in any form, does not teach violence, and categorically condemns killing of the innocent.

Because some misguided Arab youths committed wrong acts, the anti-Islamic propaganda machine is pinning every bombing on a "Muslim suicide bomber." Iran and Iraq fought a 10-year war, Pakistan and India had three wars, Muslims fought Russia's Afghanistan invasion, not a single Muslim suicide bombing took place in any of these periods. Why would Muslim suicide bombers now start popping up everywhere, killing even their own brethren in faith?

When a bomb goes off, it also blows up the so-called suicide bomber into smithereens. So how does one know there was a suicide bomber or not? It does make, however, a convenient claim for the pressured authorities and a profitable shock item for the media. And the public? Thanks to unending anti-Islamic propaganda, it has become thoroughly conditioned to preferring its ears over its intelligence.

Dr. A. Norton, Va.
July 30, 2005

Let's answer some of his claims.

How many terrorists?

By Daniel Pipes. How many Muslims support terrorism or the rule of a world Islamist' state? The estimates run from 1 percent (14-20 million) or as high as 50 percent. Middle East expert Daniel Pipes estimated 10 to 15 percent (as high as 100-200 million) a few days after September 11, 2001. I have no doubt this number has grown.

A recent poll commissioned by the leftist newspaper The Guardian found that while 84 percent of British Muslims were against the use of violence for political means, this implies 16% (256,000 in Britain alone) support the use of terrorism. Two-thirds (over 1 million) want "no further integration" into British culture creating a huge breading ground for more terrorists. (New York Times July 15, 2005)

NYT whines on with the usual excuses that Muslims are discriminated against, war in Iraq, etc. Secularists so adamant in attacking Israel, America, or conservative Christians, are blinded by political correctness. Religious fundamentalists do not separate religion from politics and their violent politics is often driven by their violent religious interpretations. To pretend Islam has nothing to do with this is absurd. The Guardian poll shows this isn't just a few fringe dwellers, but the majority of Muslims refusing to accept Western values.

The four July 7 British homicide bombers were not Arabs, but three Pakistanis and a black convert. The same Muslims whining over Iraq were silent when a Sunni-Wahhabi homicide bomber killed a 22 Muslim children on July 10. They're silent when Sunni Arabs where gassing Kurds or murdering the Shiites, the other 80% of the population of Iraq.

NYT failed note that the cause of "discrimination" are Muslim's own self-imposed isolation and refusal to accept Western culture that gives them freedom and a standard of living no Muslim nation could ever offer."Discrimination" in their irrational minds is the refusal of others to live under Islam. The leftist' press makes matters worse by reinforcing every negative stereotype of Western culture to foster their own political agenda.

Again, according to a Pipe's weblog:

The War Goal? Saving Western Civilization An editorial in the British Daily Telegraph defines in "The fundamentals of law in this country..." Though Britain has no written constitution or pledge of allegiance, we have values which are immanent in our culture, and which every citizen should be expected to agree with..."

This would apply to any western nation. Finally, "Though these principles derive from what is often called the Judaeo-Christian tradition, no one expects all Britons to subscribe to the creed of Moses and Jesus. We simply point out that the institutions we inhabit are dedicated to the separation of the things of Caesar and the things of God. These institutions can embrace citizens of any faith or none: but all citizens must accept that they demand obedience."

What is it Muslims don't understand? If one wants to enjoy the advantage of living in a free nation, they must accept what makes that nation successful and reject the very things that make nearly every Muslim nation a failure. What is not acceptable is pandering to Muslim (or any other culture) in violation of our own laws.

Nothing illustrates this more than what is going on at Virginia Tech. Vile Saudi Islamists are demanding segregated male/female classes and the school is accommodating them. Other attempts include "Muslim only" days at amusement parks such as Six Flags. In no manner should the west pander to Islamist' religious or social apartheid. See Gender Apartheid at Virginia Tech, Six Flags, and Honor Killings Muslim gunman

Denounce terrorism

This is in response to the July 30 letter, "Tell the Truth about Islam." If this letter was designed to provide some of that truth, it seemed extremely mired in contradictions.

The writer claims that "Islam does not teach violence, and categorically condemns killing of the innocent," but informs us that desecration of the holy book of Islam by guards at Guantanamo provoked worldwide riots that took scores of innocent lives. Who exactly participated in these violent acts that resulted in the killing of the innocent?

This "truth" is followed by another profound revelation: Since Islam does not allow suicide in any form and since not a single case of Muslim suicide bombings was reported in any of the previous wars involving Muslims, therefore it is highly unlikely that these media-covered-incidents were in-fact caused by Muslim suicide bombers but were more likely caused by "some misguided Arab youths committing wrong acts.

I believe (and hope) that these acts of terrorism are committed by Muslims that are not practicing the writers particular brand of Islam. But when such fantasy-driven acts are committed under the guise of a particular religious belief, the subscribers to that belief have an ethical duty to openly condemn the acts and the individuals and/or groups that are distorting and corrupting the religious teachings. They should not ignore it or claim that it did not happen, but is some sort of conspiracy, or chalk it up to misguided youths.

In the U.S., when a malevolent act is committed under the guise of religion, the religious leaders not only are quick to condemn the act, but also provide assistance in apprehending the perpetrator(s) even if they are members of their own congregation. Those "religious leaders" who fail to do this are shamed in the press and often ostracized by their flock.

Many people are tired of hearing "this is not the teachings of Islam." Show us the teachings by condemning the acts and those committing them and helping us put an end to terrorism for the sake of civilization.

C. J.
August 3, 2005

What is a fatwa?

A fatwa is a Muslim religious decree that carries the force of law. It is very specific, such as ordering the death of Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses in 1989. Very specific for Rushdie, but here is one on the July 7 Muslim attacks on London from Muslim Council of Britain website:

Deepest sympathy is expressed ... victims of this terrible atrocity ... condemned in the strongest possible terms ... repudiate the use of such violence. ... completely contrary to our teaching and practice ... minority who claim falsely to represent us ... affirm our common humanity ... strengthen our determination ... to grow together in mutual understanding ... pursuit of peace, justice and respect for difference.

The only problem is this one, like all the announcements from nearly all Muslim groups is unspecific. They never single out any specific terrorist group or person. In fact some are worded blaming everyone else for the attack. In fact it's Muslim nations that block the UN from defining terrorism!

Quoting "Undercover in the academy of hatred," by Ali Hussain on the Saviour Sect in June 2005, a few weeks before the 7/7 bombings,

dead people

Photo : Sunday, July 10 a few days after the Muslim terrorist attacks in London murdered 56 civilians, a Muslim homicide car bomber sped to American soldiers as they distributed candy to Iraqi children and blew them up for betraying Islam. A total of 27 people including One U.S. soldier and 22 Iraqi children were murdered.

"The explosion was mainly on the children," resident Abbas Ali Jassim said. In September, 35 Iraqi children were murdered in a string of bombs that exploded as American troops were handing out candy at a government-sponsored celebration to inaugurate a sewage plant in west Baghdad. One distraught Muslim woman swathed in black cried, "May God curse the mujahedeen and their leader."

Other terror attacks from "misguided" Muslin youth since the July 7 attack in London:

attack at Natanya

(Above) Netanya, Israel where five girls were murdered by Muslim homicide bomber. This was within days of the Muslim terrorist attacks in London. British Prime Minister Tony Blair didn't include Israel or Iraq as victims of Muslim terrorism.

NETANYA, Israel, July 12 - A PLO Arab homicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday evening outside a shopping mall killing two women (the toll later rose to 5) and wounding more than 50 people according to the New York Times. This doesn't include rocket attacks from Gaza Arabs that killed another Israeli woman as she sat on her front porch.

In another incident Islamic Jihad tied a fellow Arab to a truck laden with gas canisters that exploded just inside the main entrance of a Jewish town. The Arab driver was rescued from the burning truck by Israelis. The terrorists claimed the man was collaborator and as punishment, kidnapped him and forced him to carry out the attack. Most killings of Arabs are at the hands of Arab terrorists, not Jews. In one case, several Arab children were killed in Gaza when fighting broke out between Arab terrorist groups and the PLO leadeship.

Proud mother of suicide bomber.
This is the mother of the Netanya terrorist.
She isn't in denial at all, in fact she hopes her
14 year-old son follows her 18 year-old son.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 15 - A spate of suicide attacks in Baghdad continued as insurgents struck at American and Iraqi security forces around the city using at least eight suicide car bombs, killing at least 22 people and wounding scores more. New York Times

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Sunday, July 17 - A suicide bomber wrapped in explosives detonated himself next to a gasoline tanker south of Baghdad on Saturday night, creating a devastating fireball that killed at least 59 and wounded 86. New York Times

LONDON, ENGLAND, Thursday July 21 - a second Muslim terrorist attack wounded one when the bombs failed to detonate. Blair calls for stiff laws dealing with hate-mongering Muslim clerics and organizations. He still says nothing about the massive attacks on Iraqi civilians or Israelis in the previous two weeks.

SHARM EL-SHEIk, Egypt, Saturday July 23 - Muslim terrorists, likely Pakistanis, attacked the popular resort area killing an estimated 88 people according to the AP. The Egyptian state-controlled media puts out an endless tirade of anti-Western hate and wonders why they got attacked. See www.memri.org Saudi terrorism

Tell the "real" truth about Islam

August 15, 2005

Regarding "Tell the truth about Islam" the writer refuses to take responsibility for his violent and bankrupt culture while resorting to evasions and conspiracy theories. I'll answer his questions without the lies of political correctness.

Christians, Jews, etc. do not bomb buses, subways, and elementary schools. We can disagree with each other as civilized people, Muslims riot and murder in the streets over a holy book then claim "hate crime" or "racism" to evade factual criticism about Islam.

Saudi Arabia has spent $70 billion promoting Wahhabism that has infiltrated most of Sunni Islam. Their Leftist-Liberal allies in the press, academia, etc. because of their hatred America will side with anyone to bring us down. Notice how terrorism escalated after Muslim attacks in Madrid?

Quoting Stephen Schwartz, author of The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror, "Unfortunately, the U.S. is the only country outside Saudi Arabia where the Islamic establishment is under Wahhabi control. Eighty percent of American mosques are Wahhabi-influenced...Islamic organizations in the U.S., particularly the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) are Wahhabi fronts..."

Islam means submission, not peace and jihad means holy war, not some spiritual experience. From the Koran, [5.51] Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends...whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them..."

Leaving Islam is death, this includes any association with the West. Anyone attempting to civilize or reform Islam is killed. Ibn Warraq the author of Why I Am Not A Muslim calls Shari'a or Islamic Law, "a fascist system of dictates designed to control every single act of all individuals..."

[5.33] "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle...they should be murdered..." Islamic clerics declare in a democracy people elect their government, as part of the government they can "murder" us. In Iraq the Shiite and Kurdish victims of Sunni-Wahhabi homicide bombers is justified because Kurds are often pro-Western and non-Arab, Shiites are not Muslims under Saudi Wahhabism

Freedom of religion doesn't include teaching violent overthrow of society or inciting murder. Let's tell he truth about Islam so Muslims can reform it before we are forced to destroy it.

Lewis Loflin
Bristol, VA

In fact on Lou Dobbs Tonight about two weeks before the July 7 bombings, I watched as they reported hundreds of Muslims on London streets shouting death to Blair, America, etc. even though this is a crime under British law to incite violence. Britain has a long record of pandering to Muslims and London has become a terrorist hub in Europe. See Pictures and News from Londonistan

Here are the entire quotes from the Koran I had to shorten:

[5.33] The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,

[5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

From the book "Why I'm not a Muslim,"

There are enormous differences between Islamic fundamentalism and any other kind of modern fundamentalism. It is true that Hindu, Jewish, and Christian fundamentalists have been responsible for acts of violence, but these have been confined to particular countries and regions.

Islamic fundamentalism has global aspirations: the submission of the entire world to the all-embracing Shari'a, Islamic Law, a fascist system of dictates designed to control every single act of all individuals. Nor do Hindus or Jews seek to convert the world to their religion. Christians do indulge in proselytism but no longer use acts of violence or international terrorism to achieve their aims.