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My Thoughts on Religion

by Lewis Loflin

"Everybody has a religion, and that view of religion determines their view of the world." One of my teachers brought this up in a class on the Constitution and he is exactly right. The many articles on religion on this website I've written or accumulated over the last two decades reflect that view. When I use the world 'religion' I use it only as a noun, not in any manner to belittle any faith.

Separation of religion, science, and politics - may none of these mix with the other. Complete separation of religion and state.

As a classical Deist I see Deism as complementary to faiths such as Christianity and Judaism and yes many traditions once attacked as heresy. I'm a heretic. Reason is a counter balance to irrational extremism and classical Deism serves as a bridge between these various monotheistic belief systems. Thus how one conducts his/her life is more important than theological correctness.

"We can not command religion, for no man can be
compelled to believe anything against his will."

These words from Theodoric the Great are my motto. Liberty I believe is a God-given right - at the same time personal responsibility is an obligation of that liberty. Fail the latter lose the former. I use the word "religion" as a noun and not in any manner as disrespect. My beliefs as a classical Deist and ethical monotheist are stated as follows:

I believe in God sustainer and creator of the universe and all that is in it.

God is unitary or One and has no sons, relatives etc. God is neither male nor female as we understand it, but perhaps has "sides" of both.

All men and women are created equal in the "eyes" of our Creator. All people regardless of race, sex, etc. are to be treated equally.

That we are to be judged by God alone based only by individual merit, character, and conduct.

All people are "made in the image of God" in the sense that we are conscience beings. We exist above nature for that very reason.

God transcends Creation and is beyond time and space in the material universe we inhabit. Thus God doesn't inhabit matter nor is matter in God. I reject all forms of New Age nonsense such as pantheism or Panentheism. Conflating God with matter is defacto atheism regardless of how good it feels.

The soul is immortal and the next life will be contingent on our conduct in this one. (Classical Deism, Judaism, etc.) Based on discoveries in science such as dark matter, dark energy, etc. proves there's more than the simple material realm we see around us.

God alone is creator and sustainer of the universe is to be worshipped alone. Worshipping matter is nonsense.

God does not perform magic tricks or suspends the laws of physics - God has no reason to guiding the universe as is.

God is present and active in the universe, but is non-controlling. Humans have free will and the ability to choose their own path within limitations of the world we live in.

I reject wholesale concepts such as Original Sin, eternal damnation, any form of Satan or a Devil, prophecy, etc. The idea little children killed by abortion or die as infants are going to burn in Hell for not converting to Christ is repugnant and irrational.

The idea humanity is collectively condemned for the alleged actions of two people is repugnant and I reject it. We are responsible for our own actions - not that of others.

While I believe divine revelation is more than possible, these claims are unreliable and unprovable. Reason must overrule blind faith or else one can get sucked into cults and extremism.

The political specturm.

I'm a classical liberal no relation to modern liberalism better called modern Progressivism or regressive Leftism. They believe that through government force we can "fix" people or whatever crisis or problem real or invented.

Thus my political and religious views reflect the following: liberty first and always over material "equality". The interest of the individual overrules special rights for manufactured victim classes - our rights derive from God and tradition not the whims of political activists abusing the court systems or legislating from government agencies. Government is to secure individual liberty, not wet nurse our personal problems.

Don't think I'm a "conservative" as in Republican Party they're sometimes worse than the regressive Left. They too believe in differing rules for different people and won't hesitate to use government force to promote their "values". Like the Left they want government meddling in our affairs and treat people unequally. Corporate welfare good, food stamps bad. They like using government force for their own ends.

Equal treatment under the law without regard to race, social position, etc. Merit and character only matter. Government sanctioned racism and discrimination (affirmative action, etc.) is strongly rejected. Unequal treatment through the tax code is rejected. Political correctness is a violation of free speech and political intimidation silencing needed discussion on important issues.

This is a skeptic website and I question lots of things. If you want to take offence at everything go to the Disney website or find a safe space at the local daycare with the other children. Grow up!

Since I'm forced to address racism the Left screams at everything so let me be clear how I define that. The Progressive definition is the belief that one "race" is superior to another. I agree, but people as individuals are not equal. I reject this definition being expanded to culture, religion, national origin, etc. Rejecting barbaric, backward, or dysfunctional religions, cultures, or belief systems is not racist. The concept of all cultures being equal is irrational nonsense. Reason doesn't care about your feelings.

I reject all forms of religious fundamentalism including Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. I follow classical deism and while I respect other religions, I reject any form of magic, prophecy, etc. Complete separation of religion and state in particular Muslim Sharia Law, Christian fundamentalism, and religious Environmentalism. See Why Christian Morals Need to be Rejected.

I reject political environmentalism as being poisoned by socialism and pantheist' theology. It has become a belief system and ideology unrelated to science and reason. This I consider far more dangerous than fundamentalist' Islam, which I believe is over blown. See Defining Religion in American Politics 2016.

Let me be clear on climate change - it is 100% real and has been for 4.5 billion years.

There's no such thing as outcome equality because individuals are not equal in talent or ability. This is simply a fact of biology influenced by environment. Half the population is below average and what to do with those people where there's no real jobs or opportunity for their skill sets must be honestly discussed.

A quick word on Muslim terrorism in America - the threat is way overblown even with the Orlando night club killings. More people are shot in a typical weekend in Chicago (about 1100 as of May 1, 2016) by black and Hispanic criminals and gangs than all the Jihad attacks in 2015-16 on American soil combined. Islamic nations are violent and dysfunctional, but don't reflect many individual Muslims.

I have a positive view that many medical, environmental, and other problems can be solved through technology and science, but can't function under the thumbs of oppressive big government social engineering. But science must stand outside our humanity and social engineering based on a misuse of science has proven to fail. Thus we have to take a hard look at human nature as it is, not how we want it to be.

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