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Exposing the UN Climate Change Panel and Its Politics

by Lewis Loflin


Original article by Peter Heinlein United Nations 28 February 2007. Remarks in bold by Lewis Loflin

Climate Panel Recommends Global Temperature Ceiling, Carbon Tax

A panel of scientists has presented the United Nations a detailed plan for combating climate change. VOA's correspondent at the U.N. Peter Heinlein reports the strategy involves reaching a global agreement on a temperature ceiling. A group of 18 scientists from 11 countries is calling on the international community to act quickly to prevent catastrophic climate change.

In a report requested by the United Nations and partially paid for by the privately funded U.N. Foundation, the panel warns that any delay could lead to a dangerous rise in sea levels, increasingly turbulent weather, droughts and disease.

The UN Foundation was created in 1998 by far-left billionaire Ted Turner's historic $1 billion gift to support UN causes. They call themselves, "an advocate for the UN.." Why are private groups funding and controlling the UN? They are not impartial. Ref. Their agenda is political and they shouldn't be funding anything at the UN.

To quote, (Tim Worth) worked with Vice President Al Gore...A supporter of the proposed Kyoto Protocol, Wirth announced the U.S.'s commitment to legally binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Wirth left government to head the United Nations Foundation...
See Why the Union of Concerned Scientists has Nothing to do with Science Turns out the head of the UCS was a Gore/Worth hack.

The report was issued three weeks after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that global warming is real and caused in large part by human activity. But unlike the IPCC report, this latest document makes policy recommendations.

Panel member John Holdren of Harvard University says the world must be mobilized immediately to avoid catastrophe. "Climate change is real, it's already happening, it's already causing harm, it's accelerating and we need to do something about it, and we need to do something about it seriously, starting now. Our specific conclusions are that if the world were to go past the point of an increase above pre-industrial temperatures greater than 2 to 2.5 degrees Celsius, we would be in a regime where the danger of intolerable and unmanageable impacts on well-being would rise very rapidly," he said.

Holdren is a paid hack of Clinton-Gore-Kerry. John P. Holdren is the Teresa (wife of John Kerry) and John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy and Director of the Program on Science, Technology, and Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. From 1994-2001 he was a member of President Bill Clinton's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Since 2002, he has been Co-Chair of the left-wing National Commission on Energy Policy (more below), and from 2004 to the present he has served as a coordinating lead author of the Scientific Expert Group on Climate Change and Sustainable Development, reporting to the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Commission on Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

He is a UN employee with a direct interest in the revenue going to the UN through a carbon tax. Holdren is not a climate scientist. Ref.

The panel's recommendations include a series of steps to cut the rate at which temperatures are rising. Chief among them are a global agreement on an acceptable ceiling for temperature rise and finding ways of adapting to cope with the damage already done. Holdren, however, says even these measure will achieve very little unless they are accompanied by a global tax on greenhouse gas emissions.

"We don't think ultimately society will get it right in terms of the full range and scope of activities needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, until there is an additional incentive in the form of a price on greenhouse gas emissions, either through a carbon tax or a cap and trade approach," he said.

This "global tax" will give the UN funding outside member states and allow it to function as a self-supporting, world government. See Only a carbon tax can stop global warming

The United States is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses, but is not a party to the cap and trade system contained in the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. Nevertheless, the Bush administration has set a target of cutting U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 18 percent by 2012, and is spending $3 billion a year on climate change research.

Yes, $3 billion a year is a funding bonanza for the climate change industry.

Peter Raven, the head of the Sigma Xi Scientific society and co-author of the latest report, says success in limiting the effects of global warming will require private sector leadership, and a combined effort by the U.S. and the international community. "The private sector is doing a very good job, and kind of leadership we're calling for from the United Nations and international organizations and the kind of leadership the United States is moving towards will both be key ingredients in that," he said.

Peter Hamilton Raven (born June 13, 1936) is a botanist and environmentalist, notable as the longtime director of the Missouri Botanical Garden according to Wiki. So why is a non-climate scientist doing a report on a climate change? This has been a big problem with the IPCC in general where most of the "scientists" have nothing to do with climate anything and were political appointments by their governments. See How Alarmists undermine Science and Theology

A U.N. spokesman says Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is considering calling a summit meeting on climate change later this year. Environmental activists are calling on Mr. Ban to play a leading role in the process of negotiating a successor to the Kyoto agreement, which expires in 2012.

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Note that the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP) is another far-left private-funded organization. To quote, "It was founded in 2002 by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and four "partner" foundations: Pew Charitable Trusts, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the Energy Foundation.

According to the Capital Research Center, a philanthropy watchdog organization, all five foundations fund primarily left-of-center causes...The Pew Charitable Trusts is even farther to the left than the Hewlett Foundation. On its scale of 1 to 8, with 1 being "radical left," the Capital Research Center ranks Pew a 1.

Besides giving millions of dollars to the Tides Center, Pew is a major financier of Ralph Nader's Public Interest Research Group ($3,475,000 in 2001 alone) and the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund (previously the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund; $5.5 million in 2002 and $4.7 million in 2001). The director of Pew's global warming programs is Eileen Claussen, who was President Bill Clinton's chief negotiator on the global warming treaty."

Eileen Claussen is no neutral or disinterested person. She heads the Pew Center on Climate Change and career government hack. According to Pew; "Ms. Claussen served for three years as a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Global Environmental Affairs at the National Security Council. She has also served as Chairman of the United Nations Multilateral Montreal Protocol Fund.

Ms. Claussen was Director of Atmospheric Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she was responsible for activities related to the depletion of the ozone layer; Title IV of the Clean Air Act; and the EPA's energy efficiency programs, including the Green Lights program and the Energy Star program.

Ms. Claussen is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Singapore Energy Advisory Committee, and the Ecomagination Advisory Board. She is the recipient of the Department of State's Career Achievement Award and the Distinguished Executive Award for Sustained Extraordinary Accomplishment. She also served as the Timothy Atkeson Scholar in Residence at Yale University.

As a final note, Claussen has an MA from the University of Virginia and a BA from George Washington University. She is not a climate scientist!

Many of the people in these foundations have direct links to Gore and Clinton.


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