Crying college student

Why Emory & Henry College Sucks

by Lewis Loflin

Emory & Henry College, located in Washington County Virginia, displays the blatant insanity that poisons our college campuses. For months students and faculty have been obsessed with nonexistent racism and hate on campus. This has led to the creation of "safe spaces" and committees dedicated to protecting these spoiled children from reality and reason.

The Bristol Herald Courier, while sliming and maligning its working-class white readers, has glorified and played into this utter nonsense. No surprise on November 11 they are reporting students having cry-ins and protests over the election of Donald Trump. This college, like the Herald Courier, is a bastion of hostility towards white working-class people.

They are also self-hating whites themselves. To these postmodernist crazies, worth is based solely on race (unless of coarse white) or gender, not individual merit. These childish automations completely lack an individual identity outside race, gender, or sexual dysfunction.

One college professor, a Dr. John Caputo in the New York Times, even equates reason with racism! I kid you not! Since even reason itself being a "white male social construct" is racist, it's banned as racism at campuses like Emory & Henry College.

They have been awarded thousands of public dollars for their radio station and other useless projects that should have went to actual economic development. Those needed public funds that should help poor and underemployed working people, instead goes to those that look down their noses at the same people. As a nonprofit they pay zero in taxes and recently laid off workers, but have money to build a new crybaby center.

Known as the "Inclusion and Dialogue Center", it was built to provide a "safe" environment for the little children to contemplate whatever fear they have this week, like a Donald Trump yard sign. But what you will not find at this "Center", is reason or diversity of opinions.

This is part of the fascist culture that dominates liberal college campuses. These campuses produce worthless degrees, leaves their students confused and irrational, and straddles them with massive student loan debt.

This came about after protests last year about some alleged racism that nobody has been able to prove. Never mind, reason and empirical proof have nothing to do with campus culture. They produced a ridiculous and rambling paper touting inclusion whatever that's supposed to mean. To quote, "We have community standards that are based around respect and our values are that we are inclusive to all." Really?

Everything they say or claim is an outright lie or hypocrisy! And they are so insane they don't even know it! That is how we know one is crazy when they lose touch with reality.

Does that include those of us that dared to vote for Donald Trump? Does that include believing evangelical Christians? Does that include Republicans? Or working-class white people whose community they leech off of? Does that include displaced coal miners and factory workers in their community that have lost their jobs due to onerous environmental regulations they celebrate and advocate for?

Or those that lose jobs when they and fellow liberals stifle badly needed economic development in the community? Presently they are trying to stop a Food City development at something called The Meadows in Abingdon, Virginia near I-81 Exit 17. Ever hear the term private property rights?

The answer is an absolute no to all of the above because elitism and snobbery are the worst forms of intolerance, something they daily tolerate from themselves. Not only do they display complete criminal indifference to the plight of common people, but promote out right hate and intolerance of them. Emory & Henry College, you just suck.