Bristol Herald Courier Corporate Propaganda Mill

by Lewis Loflin

According to critics over 90% of journalists support Hillary Clinton, while their trust factor with the public is 6 percent. 96% of government workers donate to the Clinton campaign. They know where their interests are at.

Date October 20, 2016. With a heavy heart I've been forced to terminate my subscription to the Bristol Herald Courier. I love my newspapers, but have dropped nearly all of them for widespread bias and yellow journalism. Concentration of national media ownership has compromised journalistic ethics and objectivity. These liberal billionaire media empires are inciting racial and political violence - manufacturing and promoting lies on one end, while committing censorship on another to manipulate public opinion.

Send the Bristol Herald Courier a letter at The use of the term "yellow press", etc. refers to the entire corporate press.

The Bristol Herald Courier does a good job on local news, what little they have of it, but most of their content including national, state, and opinion pages come right out other newspapers. They don't even do their own editorials and serve only as a propaganda outlet for Warren Buffett's politics. They are a window into the racial hatred and bias affluent white people have against poor and working-class whites that make up most of our community - which explains their total indifference to our problems.

I'll address these issues, which explains why we have so much poverty here, and why economic development is failing the vast majority of citizens. 50 percent of the population lives on government handouts in a culture that despises welfare. First, an example of what they do partially right.

Bristol Herald Courier Oct. 12, 2016. Just as I've noted on this blog since 2000 millions in government economic grants have been wasted and disappeared. It's been revealed that from 2008 to 2015 Bristol Virginia Utilities gave out $2 million in electric company ratepayer money to "economic development projects - many closed or bankrupt - with virtually no oversight or recording keeping." Really? This is new information after the same thing has happened with hundreds of millions of dollars in ARC, Tobacco Commission, and state grants?

This has gone on for decades! This going on now! Has anyone bothered to ask why the hell electric customers are even funding this nonsense? Hello Bristol Herald Courier! Why doesn't the press ask these questions?

In this case they "could find no applications, business plans, information about what grant money went for, any benefit to the electric utility or documentation of how many jobs were created." This was part of some agreement with TVA where they buy their electricity. Why is the Tennessee Valley Authority even involved in using public money for private gain? Hello journalists! Too busy trashing Donald Trump and calling poor and working class white people, your readers, deplorable, racist, rednecks, etc.?

Newspapers, etc. facing hard economic times have been bought out as a tool to extend the political power of their owners. They have become a weapon with paid advertising not to confront power in government, but to grow it.

And this is where the Bristol Herald Courier fails even in local reporting: they don't ask the hard questions when this nonsense is proposed, but only report on the mess. The above is part of a widespread corruption investigation by the Federal government of criminal activity at the utility that's sent at least 9 contractors or board members to prison, but local and state agencies often involved in similar activities remain silent. They are silent because the press isn't doing its job to question and expose government corruption and waste. Hello Bristol Herald Courier!

They used to do just that until they fell into the clutches of Media General, then got sold to George Soros clone Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway Media Group. Buffett owns 32 Virginia newspapers which also includes the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Roanoke Times giving him a stranglehold on Virginia news. At least in Bristol his newspaper has been a one-sided hate machine against Trump and the "deplorables" poor and working class whites that read this newspaper or did. I'm not the only one to unsubscribe.

Perhaps it isn't fair to blame the Bristol Herald Courier for not working in the public interest like the press once did, they don't even have an editorial writer. Perhaps they are scared of losing what little access they have, or perhaps protecting their advertising revenue?

Weasel words or fear?

Editor Jim Maxwell of the Bristol Herald Courier, who is white, says, "Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of this newspaper staff and management. In support of the First Amendment right of free speech...publisher reserves the right to reject any submission." Then who the heck is responsible for what goes in your newspaper? Total weasel words Mr. Maxwell.

This is the typical hypocritical nonsense that passes for journalism today. Journalists walk a fine line between towing their corporate owner's agenda or being fired. One newspaper editor in a small town in Iowa was fired from his job because the big corporation that owned the paper didn't like his Facebook comment opposing gay marriage. What pressure is being put on the employees of the Bristol Herald Courier?

The yellow press is a master at inciting racial and political violence, engaging in outright racism, then censoring the parts they don't want discussed. It's called propaganda and sometimes borders on yellow journalism. The Bristol Herald Courier as a propaganda outlet for our ruling class gives us a glimpse at the hate-filled fantasy world they live in.