Willie Martin was a retired oil worker that passed away a number of years ago. For whatever reason he became infatuated with Christian Identity a manufactured cult based on a complete rewrite of Christianity. As if many claims in the Bible was not irrational to begin with.

In simple terms Identity teaches God's covenant with Abraham was racial and the people we know as Jews were never part of it. The "true" Israel were white Europeans. I kid you not. Another follower of this nonsense was Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge fame.

I got to know Wille over several months of correspondence and while his ideas borders on "crazy" in most ways he was normal - I liked him as person and tried to reason with him. Complete blind belief in something even the most minute use of reason could debunk.

His real anger was the social changes the regressive Left or Progressives or whatever they are this week blatant destruction and attacks on our culture and traditions. Through the 1980s to 2000 this was boiling at a fever pitch. Waco and David Koresh and the Y2K hysteria also played into this. Many believed President Clinton was handing the country over to the UN.

Willie and others could read passages of Scripture and manufacture meanings and ideas on the spot clearly outside the textual meanings. (Just as liberals on the Supreme Court do today.) If the passage was vague and many in the Bible are, this left an opening for every form of mystic or intellectual out there.

The most discredited self-appointed Bible mystic was Hal Lindsey whose "prophecy" failed every few years like clockwork.

Also see Hal Lindsey Makes a Fool of Christians.

Something called the EBible Fellowship predicted the end of the world to 2011 - didn't happen. See End of the World October 21 2011 Fails Again

Regardless of the claims from the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, both far-left racial hate groups themselves, all of the Identity, KKK, Nazi, etc. based groups-individuals are few and totally powerless. Estimates for all of them combined is less than 10,000 out of a population of 320 million.

The struggle of Christianity for cultural dominance in the past, it's end times paranoia, and its "us versus them" dogma set the stage for centuries of violence and irrationalism its founders never envisioned. Christians were murdering each other over petty theological debates on even the nature of Christ - was he a god, co-equal to God, a created being, how human was he really if at all? See Nicene Creed and Truth about the Trinity.

One gross misconception of most folks is the idea of a "Jewish race." This is total nonsense because the covenant with Abraham was a religious covenant, not racial. Abraham was probably an Amorite and in any racial sense was the same genetic stock as the other surrounding people in his part of the world. He had relatives all over the place and not all ended up in the 12 Tribes of Israel.

By the first century more Jews lived in Alexandria Egypt than Jerusalem and most Jews didn't live in Judea at all. Judaism has always accepted converts and didn't even require circumcision of adults. In fact Hellenized (Greek) Jews often mixed with Greek Christians who were still monotheists. (Before the pagan Trinity and Nicaea.) The problem of conversion to Judaism was so bad the church had to outlaw it and murder anyone who tried.

EVEN THOUGH THESE PHYSICAL JEWS MUST HAVE INTERMARRIED with Gentiles, that does not invalidate their Jewishness, any more than all the intermarriage that was practiced in the OLD TESTAMENT: Joseph, Abraham, Judah, Moses, Solomon and many others married Gentile wives. IN THE MESSIANIC LINE you find Rahab and Ruth and Tamar (Gentiles)... see also Deuteronomy 21:11-12.

Also see The Khazars

More absurd is the claim of hate groups such as Christian Identity that the British and Germans are the children of Abraham. I'm proud of my white heritage and don't have to concoct silly race theories or belittle my fellow human beings to be proud of it.

Finally this "Jews for Jesus" is some of the worse nonsense I've ever seen. These people are Christians parading around as Jews to sucker Jews into converting to Christianity. This is done because fundamentalists like the Southern Baptists think that if all Jews would convert to Christianity their long missing Messiah will finally appear. If you are Jewish stay that way because there is nothing to be gained by conversion. Jesus was just a man with a mainly Jewish message that got hijacked by madmen and tyrants.

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