How to Make Money with God and

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It tripled our offerings... by Juan Gulloso, White Plains, NY (Church Size 1-500)

As a Pastor I committed $1,500 dollars for the cash offering before presenting the program to the leadership. 2 days later I received three times more. Testimonies like this became common after we started the campaign. Our church collected last year in Tithes and offering about $40,000. This amount has tripled and we are expecting by 2,001 to give the down payment for our building. By then our church will be only three years old.

We set a goal of 1.1 million dollars, and quite miraculously, we hit our goal, EXACTLY! by Tim Woody, Saint Joseph, MO (Church Size 500-1000)

My church averages about 950 in attendance. I began to serve as the Senior Pastor only 7 months ago and immediately found our church in great need for a new youth facility. I ordered the Time To Build kit and adapted the information to fit our church.

We set a goal of 1.1 million dollars, and quite miraculously, we hit our goal, EXACTLY! The congregation is exuberant and it has elevated me to a new level in their eyes. The small investment for the kit REALLY paid off!!

We raised $309,000! by Greg Doebler, Johnson City, TN (Church Size 1-500)

Our church just completed a Time to build campaign. I found the materials to be extremely thorough and easily adaptable. We went through and fully adapted the materials to meet our needs and followed the plan.

Our church was attempting to raise money for the purchase of land. Our attendance is 140 on average. Our goal was to raise $30,000 cash offering for the land and raise a total of $300,000 in commitments. On Commitment Sunday, we received a $39,000 cash offering and commitments in the total of $307,000. To God be the glory.

In one single offering over 180,000.00 in cash... by Jimmie Davidson, Abingdon, VA (Church Size 1-500)

We began time to build three years ago this past Easter. The church was averaging 230 in attendance at the time and was 2 years old meeting in a High School. In one single offering over 180,000.00 in cash and over 600,000.00 in three year commitments was given. As of Easter Sunday 2000, three years later over 1.5 million dollars in cash has been given, we are now in our new facility and are averaging 1200 in worship. Wow! What a wave and a big thanks to Rick and Saddleback Church!

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