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Israel Storm

By a Hindu who supports the cause of Israel.

Israel is indeed in a tough neighborhood...the only Jewish state in the entire Arabian Gulf. Israel was established in 1948, much to the dismay of Arabs who had settled in Israel. Yet, stories of Jewish "atrocities" against Arabs are exaggerated to make the Israelis (Jews) look like thugs and bullies. Arabs white wash themselves to look like innocent sheep who have never hurt anyone, but are being persecuted because of their religion.

A simple glance of Arab/Muslim history reveals a long story of relentless killing of non-Muslims. The duty of Jihad, Islam's "Holy War" against non-Muslims is perhaps the only thing that Muslims want to fulfill. An entire civilization in India was brought to an end upon the arrival of Muslims. From that point in history, the course of Indian civilization took a tragic turn... mass murders of Hindus, destruction of temples and conversions by the "Sword of Islam" filled the pages of India's destiny for the next 1000 years.

Islam, founded in 570 AD by a "prophet," went on to be practiced in ALL of the Middle East and most of southeast Asia. In the modern age, Islam has led to the partition of several countries... India lost a third of her homeland to Pakistan and Bangladesh, Russia broke up into several Islamic states and an Islamic insurgency is taking place in Israel, the only true Jewish state. Can they (the Jews of Israel) also be called upon to risk a partition of their tiny nation?

The Palestinians Campaign For a Homeland (In Someone Else's Home!)

Suicide bombings in crowded Jewish CIVILIAN areas! Sniper fire on Jewish children! Gun attacks on Jewish settlements! And then the Arabs say, "We are fighting for independence from the Jewish bastards!"

Arabs use the popular rhetoric that Jews "grabbed" or "stole" their land through force and thus feel it is justified to terrorize Jews in return. Everybody plays a part in it... from kids to adults. Stones, flaming bottles, iron rods, stabbings, beatings, bullets and bombs. Everything goes. If it makes a Jew bleed, that's fine. If it kills him....that's even better!

You've seen it on TV. Youngsters hurl rocks and glass bottles at Israeli soldier or policeman. But the moment the Israeli shoots a bullet into the air , they flee like chickens and shout "We are being oppressed!" They ought to learn that people shouldn't throw stones at armed men unless they are wearing bullet proof vests (or have a death wish). The Israelis are accused of using excessive force in dealing with Arab rioters.

"We use rocks and bottles; the Jews use guns! Its not fair," whine the Arab rioters. Well, if Arabs continue throwing stones while expecting the Jews to stand with their arms crossed, it wouldn't be very fair, would it? Anyway, why are the Arabs sending their kids out to die?


You've heard 'em say, "Freeze the building of settlements... Return ALL of Palestine to Muslims... Screw you, greedy Jews!" Greedy? Who's being greedy? Israel occupies just of 1% of the entire land mass that Arabs control. Who lives on the 99 %? Arabs do! Arabs are fighting tooth and nail to take away that last tiny portion of land not controlled exclusively by Arabs and they call Jews greedy? If Arabs are so concerned about their brethren facing "oppression by an evil Jewish "Nazi-like government," why don't they make room for Arab-Palestinians in their own countries?

Pro-Arab hypocrites have some nerve calling Israel an expansionist state. If Jews cannot build homes for their people in their own land, where are they supposed to build them? Jordan? Iraq? Germany? Uganda?

And what about Judaism's holiest city, Jerusalem? Here's what has to say about it. "Jerusalem in general and the Temple Mount in particular. Islam's holy(?) Koran mentions Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) hundreds of times. It mentions Medina (also in Saudi Arabia) countless times. It never mentions Jerusalem and with good reason. There is no historical evidence to suggest Mohammad ever visited Jerusalem! And if he did visit Jerusalem, it could not have been until 6 years AFTER his death. Therefore, the notion that Mohammed ascended to Heaven from a rock in Jerusalem is even more ridiculous!

From 1948 to 1967, when East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were under Muslim (Jordanian) rule, they were ignored by the Arab world. No Arab leader ever paid a visit, not even to pray at the al-Aqsa Mosque (located on the Temple Mount). Palestinians placed so low a priority on Jerusalem that the PLO's founding charter, the Palestinian National Covenant of 1964, makes no reference to it. Only when the Jews returned after the Six Day War did the Arabs SUDDENLY grow very passionate about Jerusalem!"

If Arab aggression were to involve only stone throwing and street riots, things wouldn't be that bad. Aft3er all, weren't Jews put on earth to get beaten!#%#! But, in reality, Arab aggression involves the use of guns and bombs much as it is used by their Kashmiri counterparts. So while Israeli leaders patiently wait for "peace negotiations" to begin, screw-loose Jihadi outfits sends wave after wave of suicide bombers to murder Jewish Israeli men, women and children.

Pound for pound, the Israeli army will respond appropriately to ANY amount of Arab aggression but the only thing that stands between Israel and an all out war to flush out Arabs from their land is the obligation to "solve things peacefully!" Oh brother! Give us a break! The UN negotiators aren't any closer to having a Middle East peace today than they were 40 years ago!

Strange how the Israelis are optimistic about peace talks while Arab militants are out having a field day terrorizing Israelis. So with whom are the Israelis really dealing? Who are the Arab partners in peace? Yasser Arafat and his PLO? That's just swell. One Arab terrorist sits at a table lying through the three teeth he has left while 100 of his men are out on the streets prowling for Jewish victims!

The Jihadis want war, do they? That's fine by me. Pakistan could use a few mushroom clouds about now. As I've written on my other web site, "When the Indian or Israeli government tries to protect her people from Muslim extremism, the Muslims are quick to drag the reputation of the country through the gutter by saying, "Here is an oppressive government and people!" If Arabs and Muslims is ready to detonate a bomb and murder Jews or Indians, they must also be ready to eat some lead as well.


The propaganda machines roll on...the Jew is portrayed as the evil oppressor...the Arab with guns and bombs strapped onto his body is depicted as a brave hero... a freedom fighter worthy of everyone's support. Arab and pro-Arab media carry out vicious attacks on Jews. These blatant acts of anti-Semitism go unnoticed while a simple call by Israel to self-defense themselves become an act of evil. While Israel at least seeks peaceful co-existence with Arabs, the Arabs want the complete extinction of Jews from the Middle East! No one says anything about the Arabs' methodical indoctrination of their children to hate Jews and to carry out the murder of Israel's Jews yet, incredibly, the term Zionism is looked upon as a form of racism.

Arabs conveniently say that the terror attacks that Israel is absorbing is the result of Israel's own policies in the Middle East. Simply stated, THIS is a big load of camel crap! When Adolf Hitler murdered 6 million European Jews during the WWIII Holocaust, how many Jewish terrorist groups popped up in Germany to wreak havoc in revenge and said, "Germany asked for it?" When Jews are made targets of brutal terrorism in their own country, how many armed militias have the Jews formed to get even with the Arabs and then said "The Arabs asked for it?"

When Pakistani terrorist groups butchered Hindus in Kashmir, how many Hindu terrorist groups sprung up in Pakistan to inflict revenge attacks on Pakistan and then said "The Pakistanis asked for it?" The answer - zero. Terrorism is not a trait of civilized people! Sadly, this bloodthirsty lust seems to be the "doing business as usual"for Arabs and Muslims everywhere!

JOKE OF THE YEAR...Israel Guilty of State Terrorism

Why you ask? Because goes after and terminates terrorists using ANY means necessary. This includes searching and eliminating terrorists individually, creating strict border zones in an attempt to keep terrorists at bay and, most importantly, taking the job of protecting Jewish citizens seriously.

Has anyone ever noticed how Arafat can preside over a land teeming with practicing terrorists, terrorist wannabes and terrorist supporters and yet get away without being branded as a rogue entity? Arab states have a zero tolerance policy towards Jews and other non-Arabs and no one protests. The May-April 2002 IDF retaliatory/preventive incursions were invited by Arafat himself. He alone is responsible for the deaths of his own people. Had he heeded Israel's warnings and dismantled the terrorist infrastructure instead of helping it grow, Israel would have never had to do what it did. How much longer do Arabs expect Israelis to live in fear, unsure whether they will even return home in one piece.

The Palestinians whine that it is really unfair whenever the Israeli army retaliates or takes preventative actions. But was it fair when several Arab countries attacked Israel during the wars of 1948, 1967 and 1973? People don't understand that it's not just a bunch of Arab-Palestinian terrorist thugs that Israel is up against, but also the entire Arab world!

So the Arab/Muslim Jihadis want war with Israel and India, do they? That's fine! Pakistan could use a few Indian mushroom clouds to bring them back to reality. As I've written on my other web site, "When the Indian or Israeli government tries to protect her people from Muslim extremism, the Muslims are quick to drag the reputation of the country through the gutter by saying, "Here is an oppressive government and people!" If Arabs and Muslims are ready to detonate a bomb and murder Jews or Indians, they must also be ready to eat some lead (radioactive or otherwise) as well.

Learn From Our Mistakes, Brother Israel...

Co-existence with Arabs and Muslims is a nightmare. Indians learned that the hard way and, in the process, lost a third of our homeland to separatist Muslims. We are now faced with Pakistani Jihadis out to take Kashmir away from us! We Indians are faced a Muslim minority that is out to bring Hinduism to its knees. The lesson to be learned is that if you give a Muslim the inch, he come back expecting the mile!

We let them integrate into Indian culture and now they're intent on converting us to Islam. We gave them one-third of India to make way for Pakistan and Bangladesh; Today they've come back for Kashmir. We let them enjoy the same rights as Hindus do in India and now they want to take over our land!

Let an Arab-Muslim park in your driveway and the next morning you'll find him having a barbecue party in your backyard (and eating YOUR food, to boot!)

Be Sure To Elect the Right Leaders!

In 1947 ,every self respecting Hindu was betrayed by the leaders of that time, Gandhi and Nehru. These minority-appeasing Leftist weasels led our country into shame by not even showing the remotest sign of standing up for Hinduism when it needed support the most. A spineless Leftist leader is all it takes to bring shame upon a country. What Rabbi Meir Kahane said was indeed right, "If you don't chose Kahane, you'll get Arafat! You should have heeded his warning 20 years ago!