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Are Christians Crazy?

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Overall the answer is no. They are like everyone else with their share of crazies and psychos. But claiming the earth is 6000 years old then resorting to endless claims of conspiracy theories, searching for Satan under every rock or hoping for the end of the world is crazy.

Some churches have allowed non-biblical nonsense, politics and the occult to invade the pulpit. Others grapple with fighting over fundamentalism and personality cults in their own ranks. Many older churches are breaking up while the ranks of the unchurched continue to swell. Many Christian churches openly attack each other. This leaves millions drifting around who become easy prey for cults.

Pelagius the Briton that almost saved the Church
Calvinism and Arminianism

The fact is many Christians are moral people but have allowed their faith to be abused as a political issue or have allowed immoral people to do all the talking. Christianity is not incompatible with reason but Christians need to speak clearly on what they stand for and deal with hypocrites, racists, and political opportunists who are doing massive damage to the Christian faith. Reason is still the only real defence against cults and churches need to address the issue.

Christians need to follow the moral teachings of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

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