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Racist' Mob Attack is Simply Black Manhood

by Lewis Loflin

This is just the latest in a spree of racist' attacks on whites and one can bet the chances of hate crime charges being pressed are remote.

Police in West Allis, Wis., say some attacks by black teenagers on white people outside the gates of the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug. 4 were racially motivated and should be prosecuted as hate crimes...

One African-American teenager arrested Wednesday confirmed witness statements suggesting that the large group of black teens, who had originally fought among themselves, specifically targeted white people as they spilled out of the large fairgrounds on the outskirts of Milwaukee at closing time...

While racial motivations have been suspected in several other mob attacks, the recommendations by the West Allis police department appears to be the first time that specific hate charges have been cited in relation to recent attacks. Two similar attacks earlier this year in Milwaukee did not result in hate crime charges against the suspects...

Of a total of 36 race-related hate crime prosecutions in Wisconsin in 2009, 27 of the alleged crimes were antiblack, two were antiwhite, and the remainder were against other ethncities or nationalities, according to the most recent statistics from the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance.

Ref. August 12, 2011 www.csmonitor.com

The fact is hate crime charges won't be charged here again. As far as cross-racial attacks blacks attack whites/others at a ratio of 10 to 1, but most hate crime charges are against whites. As Attorney General Holder made clear at a Congressional hearing on Federal hate crime legislation, the legislation is not designed to protect whites, but only "historical" victims. I watched this idiot in July 2009 before the Senate. 90% of the cross-racial violent attacks are black on white.

Typical again is the disproportionate number of violent crimes committed by blacks in this case Wisconsin. According to The Sentencing Project in July 2007 the incarceration rate per 100,000 is 415 for whites and 4416 for blacks a more than ten-fold ratio. Of 247 murders (2010) including 16 unknown, 157 or almost 64 percent were committed by blacks at 6.3 percent of the population.

Yet racist Leonard Pitts Jr. who regularly adorns the the editorial pages of the Bristol Herald Courier (Sep. 2, 2011) noted in an article Young, male and black: A trifecta that leads to tragedy too often noted all this black savagery was due to manhood issues even for wealthy successful blacks like Javaris Crittenton:

You'd think having a chance at some sort of future would insulate you from those forces. You'd be mistaken. Crittenton, young, male and black, struck a dangerous trifecta...it also suggests something we see all too often in violence-scarred urban hellscapes: young black men trying to validate their manhood on the cheap, trying to find it in the barrel of a gun.

A man or boy has a psychological - perhaps even biological - need to prove his capability, durability, fearlessness, toughness. Recognizing this, it would be a worthwhile mission for families, schools, worship houses and other community institutions working toward violence reduction to formulate means that allow boys to fulfill that imperative constructively.

At the very least, teach them that a gun is not a symbol of his manhood, nor does it prove his masculinity.

Crittenton murdered Julian Jones, a mother of four as she stood outside her home with two other people. She was not the intended target, Crittenton was enraged because he thought someone else had stolen his jewelry and they were the target.


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