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Five Illegal Aliens Nailed for Quarter Ton of Marijuana

A major drug bust involving Hamblen County investigators along with Johnson City and Elizabethton Police, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Federal drug agents stop a drug load valued over $250,000. The five Hispanic males are connected with the large illegal alien population in Hamblen County and Morristown. They have busted people for "tons" of drugs there in the past. They grabbed a van and $110,000 in cash. Hamblen County Sheriff Esco Jarnigan said all five are illegal aliens.

Five people charged in connection with the bust:
Leobard Benitez-Zunica, 29,
Angel Israel Cruz-Montes, 24
Adrian Leonide-Artenga, 29
Ignacio Gregorio Moreno-Serrano, 30
Jesus Pantojas Mulero, 22

All are in the Hamblen County jail. Ref. Johnson City Press September 2, 2011.

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