Southwest Virginia Population decline 2010-2018.

Immigrant Children Hate

Racist Cartoon in the Bristol Herald Courier

by Lewis Loflin

Published September 8, 2014 Bristol Herald Courier


The racist cartoon was published in my local newspaper the Bristol Herald Courier and this is my reaction.

Re: your racist' cartoon July 23 - Depicting those of us opposing this deluge of illegal migrant children as being fat-stupid hillbillies aiming AR15s at children crossed the line. The problem is criminal employers and liberal racism.

Liberals decry growing income inequality yet their policies are directly responsible for it through mass immigration and single mothers.

The New York Times admits over half these "immigrants" are on welfare. Mass immigration has driven black-white Americans out of entire industries and collapsed the wages of millions of low-skilled Americans. Cheap labor immigration policies have destroyed American workers and liberal racists helped big business do it.

Liberalism's welfare state - sexual liberation mentality is the real war on women destroying the traditional family and replacing it with single mothers. This ridiculous argument over women's health and publicly funded birth control is about keeping stupid-irresponsible women from getting pregnant as they sleep around. Try getting married first before opening your legs to dishonorable men.

The largest group in Virginia receiving welfare are white single mothers. Liberalism has destroyed the black family and one-third of white families.

Liberal racism has constructed this massive racial spoils system that penalizes work and achievement in pursuit of unearned racial equality. Liberals controlling our education system refuse to educate low-achieving non-Asian minorities - then call working-class whites racist.

Why should working-class whites-blacks pay for this endless deluge of Third World peasants just so liberal racists can grow their voter base while big business cuts our throats?

The moment these automatic "victims" become legal they're entitled to lifetime reparations because of the color of their skin under affirmative-action racism. Affluent white liberals in their gated-segregated communities are not the ones paying for this.

Don't blame these illegal migrants from failed cultures most of whom are good people. Blame the liberal racists and criminal employers that exploit them and us.

History of Local Poverty

Ralph Stanley Museum.

"The most corrupt region is Southwest Virginia...more indictments for political and public office corruption have happened in this region than all other parts of the state combined." Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Governmental Studies.

"It's a little-known fact that roughly 20 percent of the children in Southwest Virginia live below the poverty line and go hungry every night." Kevin Crutchfield, President Alpha Natural Resources, January 15, 2009

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